Unmined.io Review – Trustworthy or not?

Unmined.io calls itself as a reputable Bitcoin mining pool which provides a way for everyone to get started with the mining sector. Their entire organisation is led by a bunch of anonymous people which is a red flag. They also state to be operating from the UK, but we didn’t find any evidence or proof to verify them.

Moreover, they are not listed in the FCA database. The list of things wrong with them doesn’t end there. Cryptocurrency is definitely an exciting sector and making money from it is possible. Before you get lured in by the temptation, go through our review to know how this platform is structured and are looting the public.

Unmined.io Review

Company and Customer Support

Firms which take money in the pretext of investment have a lot of legal guidelines to follow. If any firms violates the guidelines for any reason, then they will face criminal prosecution. Traditionally, cryptocurrency have a lot of loopholes which is why it is something which scammers love.

As a general rule, to protect yourself do not indulge with an unregulated and offshore entities. Since this firm is not overseen by FCA, it is clear that they are a scam and as such it will cause damage to the investors in one way or another. On their website, they feature few contact details which will be listed below, use them in case you need to report them.

Address – 28 Old Kent Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5UU.

Phone – +1 2512740759

Email – info@unmined.io

How does Unmined.io Work?

Unmined.io claims to be just another Bitcoin mining firm. Technically speaking, their main goal is to provide an easy way for the crypto enthusiasts to get involved with mining without having to face all the hassles. Few years ago, many people considered this venture as the best source of passive income and some even went full time on it.

However, the landscape of the business model is completely changed now and it is very fierce too. If we focus on the little details, this firm hasn’t revealed the location of their mining farms or about the draw down they face.

So, without these crucial parameters it is not rational to risk your money. Moreover, considering the volatility of bitcoin, unless you are doing things at a scale, the odds of you making money are less.

Mining Plans and Profits

There are a number of different mining plans on their platform. Just like all the fake mining programs, this platform also pushes the people towards spending more money by promising them higher returns. If you do the math, they are offering more than 30% returns per month which is impossible to achieve through mining.

Unmined.io Plans

As humans we are naturally inclined towards picking the easiest way to do things. However, do not let your circumstance or sheer greed blind you from seeing the truth.

Affiliate Program

The marketers who push this platform are all heavily incentivised and this conflict of interest is the main part of the problem. All the shady affiliates who have collaborated with this platform are creating manipulative content to drive traffic and are even getting away with it.

If you come across anyone who publishes favorable content about this website or if you see any comment which is too good to be true, kindly ignore it as it is nothing more than a fancy lie. At the end of the day, refrain yourself from interacting with unregulated exchange because it just isn’t worth the risks involved.


Testimonials or customer feedback can do wonders for businesses and help them build healthy relations with the public. Nowadays, this concept is being meddled with and many fake services are using it to their advantage. This platform features many positive comments on their website, but the problem with them is that they all are cherry picked.

One glance at them is enough for you to understand the way the trap is structured. On the other hand, below are the comments made by the users on Beermoneyforum about this service.

1st withdrawal was successful. However, on my 2nd withdrawal it says “Multiple Free User accounts detected” and I have to “UPGRADE” my account in order to re-open and process my withdrawal request. I only have one account and I think they just want me to upgrade my account…. I’m sorry but I know these mining sites usually don’t last long… so goodbye unmined.io hehehe!

I have faced same issue 1 week ago and I got upgrade my package as they said and after that I received my payment.

In September 2023, we received the following complaint:

I found an advertisement for Bitcoin mining on unmined.io and tested it. After three days, I attempted to cash out my 0.0066 BTC and even covered the associated “fees.” However, I’ve yet to hear from their support team or see the funds in my account.

Domain Insights

We gathered the following data to figure out the demographics of this website. Sadly, we couldn’t find any significant clues which can help us trace the owners, but the following information should give you a rough idea about their operation.

Domain – Unmined.io

Registered On – 03/12/2018

Expiry – 03/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 81,503

Rank in Iran – 11,952

Audience – Iran, India and Nicaragua

Unmined.io Review Conclusion

Unmined.io is nothing more than an illegal high yield investment program. They might have paid few clients once in a while. However, sooner or later they won’t be able to find new investors which will force the to shut down and disappear with all the money. Cryptocurrency is definitely exciting and hot trend right now, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to make money through it.

Have you bought any mining contracts from Unmined.io? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.


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