Review – Creative Bitcoin Faucet is a type of paid to click platform wherein the users can earn some satoshis for doing some simple tasks online or by playing the games. The owners of this website are unknown, but their motto is simple. They run ads and work closely with the advertisers while giving a reason(incentives) for people to stick around.

Nowadays, the internet is full of sites which claim to enable you to earn money quickly. While most services always exaggerate the returns, there are still a few that actually pays. If you want to know how this platform works and the ways by which you can get decent rewards for your time, then go through our review till the end. Review

How does Work?

On the homepage of their platform you can find the most common game of this niche which is dice roll game. The game is pretty self explanatory and basically there are different returns on the ranges. If you manage to get it right, then you will win big or else you will lose the initial stake you put in. Usually most of the faucets have an automated process for this game in which you can tweak the settings and get maximum efficiency out of it.

However, during our investigation we didn’t find that on this platform which is a real dealbreaker for some. Apart from the dice game, there is a lottery contest, but before you enter you should know that it requires certain real money purchases and the odds are way against you. Depending upon the number of coins you buy and the number of participants, the prize money will change.

If you want to just try out your luck, then it’s okay but do not be addicted to it because in the long run, the house always wins. After all, no considerable amount can be made by faucets and that is an undeniable fact. So, play as long as you like, but don’t invest your money into it. Occasionally, there might be other offers and games from time to time, just make sure you keep an eye on it in order to make some extra points.

Affiliate Program has grown a lot in terms of traffic in a short period of time and much of their success is due to their affiliate program. The creators of this program offer users a chance to increase their earnings exponentially by referring other people to the platform.

All the affiliates get 50% of the revenue their referrals make and if you have a good traffic source, then it will add up pretty quickly. Note that, you are not allowed to derive traffic though spamming or other unethical methods or else you might get banned.


This is the only segment which gave us mixed impressions. Almost all of the online services and platforms leave a trial of customer feedback which can be used to gauge the respective firms. However, with regards to this one, a few comments are positive, but a lot of comments are negative. Below are the discussions from Beermoneyforum, check them out and form an opinion for yourself.

Dude, its not gonna work. Theres absolutly nothing that seems legit.

Im currently testing a new litecoin faucet, with 700 coins every 5min, and its filled with ads, and seems more legit. If it works, i will probably make a new thread, and tell you


I see that they always change the minimum withdraw amount. It’s always getting higher.

This morning the minimum withdraw amount was about 0.00033500 BTC and now (about 10 hours later) the minimum withdraw amount is suddenly 0.00039450 BTC.

If they still changing the minimum withdraw amount tomorrow again, I will stop with this faucet. Have more people the same problem with the (changing) withdraw minimum amount?


Why is it fake? Did you ask for a withdrawal but don’t get paid?

I have now 0.00028200 BTC so within a few hours I reach the minimum withdraw amount. I will see if this faucet pays or not.

I will inform you as soon as possible.

Domain Insights

Below are the demographics of this website which clearly gives us a picture about the people they are trying to reach and their rankings on a worldwide scale.

Domain –

Registered On – 15/06/2019

Expiry – 15/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 12,932

Rank in Venezuela – 743

Target Audience – Venezuela, Brazil and Russia Review Conclusion

At the end of the day is just another PTC website and their main aim is to generate revenue from running ads. If you stick with them, then make sure to withdraw as soon as you reach the payment threshold and take advantage of the additional activities as long as it is present. However, for any reason do not spend money on it because it usually never ends well for you. 

Have you used Faucet? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. EW Esterly III

    I was testing this site to see if it’s legit and it’s not. When you get to the withdraw they claim that you have to send them Bitcoins before you can withdraw. Any site that claims that you need to pay to withdrawl are scams. They also keep upping the withdraw rate too.

  2. Madyv is a scam site.! Apart from the fact that their minimum withdrawal amount changes every day… It also requires that you make a deposit of $100 before you can unlock your withdrawals.
    Please if you are a new user… Don’t waste your time.

  3. Steve

    I just wanted you to know that I submitted a withdrawal for 48,000 with a fee of 1600 and a little window pops up asking me to deposit 100,000 to unlock the withdrawal of funds… BIG TIME SCAM!!

  4. Bitgirl

    I pray all false faucet sites and internet scammers that mislead people out of their time effor and money get their just rewards in googolplexian.


    • Rodolfo

      It is a scan. I reached the minimum to make a withdrawal and a pop in window appeared with a message saying that I have to deposit 0.001 btc to unblock the withdrawal. Scam

  5. Alexasi

    100% SCAM.
    I received this message when i tried to withdraw:
    ” To unlock the withdrawal of funds you need to make a deposit of 0.00100000 BTC.”


    Thanks for doing a review on coin, I asked about a few days ago. I have accumulated 0.0022 well over the minimum withdraw limit, If you go to withdraw a message will come up stating that people have to make a deposit of 0.001 to activate the withdraw process, that was my first alarm bell the 2nd was the bitcoin address, As there is nothing to state that it is my exclusive deposit address and the free hourly Satoshis rate is high at around 500 Satoshis minimum a roll on the hi-lo dice lucky number. The main alarm bell was when I emailed their support and it bounced back, Now you have done this review, plus looking on Beermoneyforum, It looks like no one has managed to make a withdraw with one person saying that he has made the minimum deposit but not received a payment, So, in my opinion, it is a scam site.

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