CryptoDroid App Review (Read this Warning First!)

The Crypto Droid App is a relatively new trading app, which is advertised as “the most advanced automated signals platform that generates consistent profits from cryptocurrency fluctuations.” These trading signals allegedly take advantage of market momentums in order to help user generate quick profits.

The following review will look into this app and try to determine whether the CryptoDroid app is a legitimate software or a SCAM.

The CryptoDroid app is currently hosted at

At the time of writing this review, was 173 days old.

Here’s some basic information regarding this domain:

  • Registrar: MainReg INC.
  • WHOIS Server:
  • Registrar URL:
  • Updated Date: 2021-03-03
  • Creation Date: 2021-03-03
  • Registry Expiry Date: 2022-03-03
  • The domain is protected by CloudFlare.

The fact that this website is so new could be a problem for us, but fortunately it isn’t for the reasons we shall explore below.

Popularity of the CryptoDroid App

The Alexa Rank of at the time of writing this review was 968,643, indicating the website is quite popular and receiving a relatively large volume of traffic.

This is great news because it means that there should be plenty of online reviews regarding this site. If it is a scam, we should be able to find out easily.

Safety Checks has an active SSL certificate, which is required to create a secured connection between your browser and the server. Submitting personal information over unsecured connections may result in identity theft since third parties can potentially view the information transmitted over unsecured connections.

Moreover, the website is not currently blacklisted or flagged as a spam site.

In fact, according to, the trust score for the site is 20 (only because it’s new), but will rise to 99 by 2026.

The Customer Support Score is 99/100.

According to Google Safe Browsing, no unsafe content was found on this website. There do not appear to be any viruses or malware on it.

According to, the site’s trust score is 85%. Why not 100%? Because the website has not been optimized for search engines and because it’s about cryptocurrencies. None of these are indicative of a scam. Someone even posted a review in July 2021 that says:

This is a good and legit website. Easy to trade and earn more profit hare.

Moreover, contrary to similar websites which turned out to be scams, lacks the normal characteristic of such fraudulent offers, such as fake testimonials or misleading promises.

Never trust anyone who offers you a guarantee. Investing always incurs a certain amount of risk.

What is CryptoDroid?

OK, has passed our initial tests and now it’s time to find out what exactly CryptoDroid is and how it works. Then, we will look at customer feedback and reviews.

CryptoDroid was developed based on the latest algorithmic trading technology. It generates market predictions, or trading signals automatically.

This app was designed to be used by investors and traders of all skill and experience levels, including complete newbies.

It works on any device with an internet connection and a web browser, including mobile devices and tablets. You can access the software from anywhere in the world and at any time.

It basically takes advantage of the cryptocurrency hype, to reap profits. For example, the software can detect crypto coins that have a history of going up and down consistently. When the price of these coins is low, the software will generate a buy signal while if the prices are relatively high, the signal generated would be a sell one.

The thought of creating such a software has crossed our minds many times, however we lack the technical skills to execute it. Which is why we were so happy to hear about the CryptoDroid.

With the price of Bitcoin reaching $65,000 per coin recently, which later went down to almost less than half that, we have advised all our readers to jump on the opportunity and purchase Bitcoin while it is low. We are pretty sure it will go back up to $65K. (Currently it is almost at $50K.)

But for people who cannot afford to trade such large amounts, you can simply use virtual trading platforms such as the CryptoDroid, which allow you to buy and sell for profit with a minimal investment. (You can also buy and sell altcoin on a platform such as Binance.)

The CryptoDroid algorithms were designed to act fast in order to take advantage of the very brief market inefficiencies which often happen multiple times daily. This provides traders with the opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency market with a professional platform that helps generate accurate trading signals and manage your risk wisely.

This is also very valuable to people who due to being unable to constantly monitor the markets, consistently miss the opportunity after opportunity of profiting from the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets.

Free Demo Account

If you just want to try the software first before making any commitments or risking your money, you can with their demo account.

To do so, simply open a demo account which will be loaded with virtual money. This will allow you to learn how to software works and to verify the quality of the signals.

Note that the prices in the demo account may not reflect actual market prices. The demo is intended only to get familiar with the platform before making a deposit.

Starting to Trade with the CryptoDroid App

Once you are ready to move on to trading with real money, open a regular account and fund it with a minimum of $250 (depending on where you live, this may be a bit higher). This money is yours to trade with. For example, you can place $100 on a signal according to which BTC is expected to go up relatively to the USD (the BTC/USD pair). If there are no interfering fundamental factors and the signal is correct, then your balance will become $350.

The software itself is completely free and is sponsored by the brokers it works with (with which you will open your account).  This is also why it is NOT possible to sync an existing broker account with the software. It’s mandatory to open a new account and to fund it.

The broker you will be assigned (e.g., LexaTrade, Tradelax, Primotrade, or Eiro-Group) should be legit and regulated.

You can always withdraw your balance.

After you register through, you will be redirected to a professional trader room, where your signals will appear and the investment activity will happen.

To login to an existing account, use this URL:

How exactly does CryptoDroid works?

This app analyzes the digital markets quickly and accurately and provides real-time data-driven market insights as well as a safe and secure trading environment allowing you to focus on generating consistent profits.

The platform looks professional, but at the same time it is simple, providing only the tools (such as market news and live charts) required for the smoothest trading experience possible.

It is not full of gimmicky widgets that serve no purpose, but offers the tools required to help with a smooth trading experience such as market news and live charts.

The CryptoDroid app is advertised as an automated software, however it is actually a semi-automated signal service. Basically, you will be provided with trading signals which you can choose to follow or not to follow.

We always recommend semi-automated services over automated ones because automated systems cannot take account of fundamental factors. All they do is to automate the technical analysis. But fundamental factors can sometimes have even more impact and thus must be considered when trading.

This feature allows you to turn off the software when your fundamental analysis indicates that that would be the best thing at the moment.

With fully automated software, there is always the chance that your entire funds would be wiped out in seconds.

If you’re a beginner investor, perhaps you’re wondering how you will know when fundamental factors are in favor of trading or not.

Worry not! The Crypto Droid app includes a professional trading room with the most relevant live market information.

The live chart presents historical in addition to real time data, advanced technical analysis indicators, as well as up to date economic events of importance.

The software and the signal it generates support multiple currency pairs, a wide variety of traded assets, including the most popular cryptocurrency pairs and also traditional fiat crosses.

You can choose which currencies are active for the purpose of signal generation.

Beginners will be able to utilize a team of experts to help you customize the setting options based on your personal goals and trading style.

CryptoDroid Customer Support

CryptoDroid offers support through the dedicated broker assigned to you by the software 24 hours per day, 5 days per week via email, phone, and even live chat.

The tech company behind the CryptoDroid app itself can be reached via the following email address:

It is unclear where they are located, but according to the Terms and Conditions document, the law governing their operations is of the UK and if “the Parties fail to agree on the terms of settlement, the Parties will submit the dispute exclusively to confidential arbitration proceedings by a sole arbitrator under the ICC rules in London.”

CryptoDroid Reviews

At this point, most readers are probably wondering how much money they can earn with CryptoDroid. Is it worth the trouble…

The money you can earn is based on what you deposit and how much are your trades. Obviously, the more money ones risks, the more money one stands to earn.

However, this is all very general. It is time to see what people that actually used the software are reporting.

On a review posted at, we found the following comment from April 2021:

The most professional crypto trading software I saw so far. I hope it will work also over long time

Another comment from almost 2 months later reads:

Now the BTC crashed so i was worried but the software offered some short signals on the ETH and Bitcoin and also one very profitable on the EUR/USD. I still like to enter some trades manually using my trading strategies but I must mention that the platform is surprisingly reliable

The most serious review however of the platform was from a site called While the review is written in broken English, they do in fact, take the software for a “test drive:”

our team has actually volunteered to evaluate its capacities in seeing if it can truly generate profitable outcomes for its participants. […] As you can see it was a successful experience where we were able to multiply our own funds exponentially. Obviously, earning over $75 in less than 10 minutes was actually interesting.

CryptoDroid Review Conclusion

Is CryptoDroid legitimate or a scam?

All indications point to CryptoDroid being a legitimate signal service.

Is it really possible to make profits with the software? It definitely is. That being said, you need to remember two things:

  1. Don’t accept any signals blindly. Always do your own fundamental analysis before trading. And never risk more money than you can afford to lose, because it is always possible that you will lose it.
  2. The brokers you will work with are OTC brokers, which means that any money you make, they have to pay from their own pocket. And they do pay (being regulated brokers), however, they can obviously not pay more than they earn, being a business. Therefore, traders who will withdraw large amounts of money may find themselves blocked. To avoid this, I recommend never withdrawing large sums at once. It’s better to withdraw $200 per day then $6,000 per month.

In conclusion, for people who like the thrill of OTC trading, CryptoDroid is an excellent option. For others who may be more conservative, we recommend buying and selling on an exchange such as Binance instead.

Thank you for reading our CryptoDroid App Review.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below this review and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.


  1. Karin Marie Hugo

    I’ve deposited money into the designated broker, but from there you’re on your own. My deposit did not reflect on the software.
    It’s like a movie when you watch the you tube videos, and a whole nightmare when you’re trying to do it on your own. LOL. The youtubers all made contact with crypto droid, but when you ask them for at least an email address, then they cannot remember or they just ignore you.

  2. Jose Jimenez Soto

    como se realiza el cobro de lo generado del profit?

  3. gary michael bennett

    too good to be true like thousands of others, only sure result will be your £250 funds will dissapere, i have tried many times and only one result

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