245Livetrade.com Review – Confused Scam Portal

245Livetrade dot com is a platform that looks like a binary options broker. However, their business model is very confusing and they do not have any authentic vibe. For example, they mislead the public about what their platform is all about.

At first, they claim to be a broker, but in reality, they are just another automated unregulated investment portal. Secondly, license information is not featured by them. Moreover, the owner details are also not published.

The returns they advertise are around 15% daily and it goes without mentioning that the numbers are obviously fake. Things like verified trading reports are not put up. Plus, even the explanation is not that reassuring in any way.

Contact details are present, but they are also flawed. In other words, the more we look at them, the more flaws we find. Binary options and cryptocurrencies are risky ventures and to succeed one needs a good proven strategy.

More importantly, they need a reliable broker as well. If you want to learn more about this sketchy platform, then read the following paragraphs.

Preliminary Check

This platform does employ valid SSL certificate, but do not let that feature alone give you a good impression about them. We do not know how they deal with the data of the users and clearly, they are not the kind of ones you can count on.

245Livetrade.com is not flagged by any software or search engine. According to whois data, this domain has been around for 7 months. Also, note that the domain registrant details are hidden. Their website gets a low amount of web traffic.

Due to the kind of web volume they receive, it is almost impossible to find out more about their marketing campaigns and other key data. This platform does not have any authority score and only 3 websites link out to them.

In case you are wondering, their backlink count is also low and the site is not optimized for search engines.

245Livetrade.com Website

Once you land on this platform, the narratives you will witness are vague. At first glance, you might feel like you are dealing with a binary options broker. However, that is not the case. This platform asks money from the investors and promises them ridiculous returns in a short period of time.

Fund managers are unknown and even their license information is not published. So, ask yourself, do you really want to take chances with them?

Moving on to the evidence part, we did not even find any shred of verifiable data that enhances their image.

Plus, the explanation is also not inspiring and regardless of which angle you look at them, there is an undeniable question mark present. Due to obvious reasons, no rational person would ever proceed with this firm for any reason.

This whole platform is set up to only benefit the creators and that is a fact. So, do not try to get into their ecosystem or else you will lose a lot of money. Crooks behind this firm also claim to be involved with cryptocurrency mining.

Funnily enough, they don’t even mention the coins they mine and information regarding other associate things are also not present.

Investment plans

Both binary options and cryptocurrency mining can be profitable, but the returns will not be stable and it is by no means a quick way to accumulate wealth. This firm supposedly generates up to 15% per day.

Generating double digit returns in the market is possible, but it just can’t be done on a frequent basis. Numerous quant funds and investment banks have tried their best to enhance profits, but guess what?

No one has been able to achieve sustainable double digit returns. In other words, it is safe to assume that this firm does not make anywhere close to the kind of profits they promise. Not to mention, there is no proof of any kind or form.

The investment plans on their interface keeps on changing from time to time. Regardless of what fancy things they say, do not be naïve enough to hand them money. After all, there is nothing about them that instills trust, right?

Contact Details

We did find a couple of contact details of this firm and they will be listed below. Looking at the way their platform is set up, most of the conversation between the client and the staff is bound to happen via email.

Email communication allows them to stay anonymous and when they decide to flee, they can cover up their tracks online easily. Also, if you shoot them an email, then do not expect speedy replies.

Plus, keep in mind that they entertain you only till you deposit with them. As soon as you have made the deposit, they are not worried about anything and it will be nothing short of a miracle to hear back from them.

Hopeless customer support along with an obvious attempt of maintaining anonymity should give you a good idea about their real character. Due to the conflict of interest present, never blindly trust the words of the support staff of this firm.

  • Address – 77 Massachusetts Ave,Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Email – support@245livetrade.com

245Livetrade.com User Reviews and Feedback

On the official website of 245Livetrade, there are a lot of testimonials posted. All of the comments are extremely pleasant and picture perfect in nature. The comments act like advertisements and it encourages people to invest with them.

If you notice carefully, the identities of the users are not verifiable and the worst part is, the images used are all stock photos. In simple words, the fact that they are bluffing is proven and that kind of knockout punch is shameful to say the least.

On Reddit, few people are talking about this platform and the consensus is not something that is noteworthy. Here’s a comment made by a victim on the BBB platform.

This site will let you sign up and add money to the account , but when u have any issues from withdrawaling or trading . There is no one that can help you. They say to Email or live chat , but no agent to Answer any questions. And you must send 10% of your winnings to withdrawal your money.”


245Livetrade.com is not a broker. The whole platform is a big hustle that makes the retail investors bleed money. They have no real skills to monetize.

Anyone that associates themselves with them apart from the affiliates and founders will lose money eventually. As the end of the ponzi scams cannot be predicted with accuracy, it is a safe bet to avoid them altogether.

In case you have already deposited with them, then act quickly and click the link below to know more about the recovery process. Remember, the sooner you act on it, the better the odds of recovery are going to be.

If you have any additional queries about them, then feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you have something to say about the 245Livetrade.com scam, then use our platform to voice your opinion.


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