Review is an investment firm which boasts of creating returns of up to 60,000% per hour with no risk associated which according to them is passive income.  This platform has been active for just a month as of writing this review and has already lost a lot of investors fund.

If you are considering to open an account with them then read our complete review which is intended to let you know all the misleading and fake factors because of which we advise everyone to stay away from them. - Scam Review

Company and Support

Since this firm provides investment advice and financial service to the retail investors they have to be regulated and licensed by local regulators or certain authorities depending upon their geographical location.  

This platform represents an ICO wherein the funds for trading or investing purposes are raised from general public, in return the investors are promised certain amount of money depending upon the contract they opted for.  

While we were trying to find any license they must lawfully hold, there simple weren’t any.  We have confirmed through the FCA Deposit Plan Limited has never been licensed which means the odds of you getting back your money is almost non-existent.  

The funny thing about this firm is that they claim to be a regulated entity in the United Kingdom but provide address of some place in Australia which should tell you a lot about their legitimacy.  

Here are some of the contact details of this firm:

Address – 45 Normans Road, Paschendale, Victoria, Australia.

Email –

How does Work?

We have no idea.  Apart from the fact that they are involved with cryptocurrency they have not specified about anything else.  Two of the most common ways to earn cryptos are from trading and mining.

Since there is no mining capabilities or audited trading records are published, the lack of clarity is a major red flag which makes is very alarming indeed.  So basically these scam artists are asking you to trust them with your money blindly.

What kind of returns does offer?

Due to the volatile nature of cryptos majority people think that they can make huge sums trading it but remember it is not as easy as it might seem.  This firm claims to generate returns ranging up to 60,000% per hour, there was no typo error the number you are seeing are actually put up by them.

The return claims is an obvious lie, any rational person will never believe them.  Here are the complete details about the investment plans offered by this firm:

Plan 1

Returns – 500%

Period – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $45

Plan 2

Returns – 5000%

Period – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $450

Plan 3

Returns – 60,000%

Period – 1 Hour

Minimum Deposit – $4500


According to this domain was registered on 18/05/2018 under the name of Deposit Plan Limited and it expires exact after a year.  

This website has a global rank of 483,586 and it ranks 7,197 in Venezuela according to

The majority of the traffic to this website are coming from Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Russia and Taiwan.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $45.  The payment methods accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  We do not know whether there are any transaction fees on deposits and withdrawals.

The withdrawals are said to be credit to your desired e-wallet instantly.

Referral Program

The longevity of ponzi or pyramid schemes depend upon their ability to find new victims.  To find more people quickly they offers an affiliate program. - Referral Program

The affiliates promoting this service are paid anywhere between 3% to 10% of the deposits made by their clients and are provided with a bunch of marketing tools to make their work easier.  It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor in order to collect their commissions.


There are a lot of testimonies featured on this platform.  The alleged early users have expressed their views and explained how drastically their life changed after discovering this investment firm.  Do not believe any of them as they are all from bogus profiles.

Now the only question you should ask yourself is, why would they put up fake testimonies unless they are deliberately trying to hide something from us?

Is a Scam?

An Obvious one,

This platform has every trait of a scam.  They have not put up company registration certificate, names of the CEO or any of the other so called expert traders are put up, there isn’t anything to prove their credibility or reliability.  

This firm is nothing but a ponzi scheme which is currently paying some of their clients but eventually they will be gone and when they do that they will take a lot of investors money with them. Review Conclusion

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency craze is huge right now and the kind of volatility present in these markets are unlike any other financial instrument we have ever seen.  

However remember that unless you are on the right side of the market with the right timing, the chances of making money are very slim, even if you are equipped with the proper trading approach it is impossible to achieve these type of returns.  

Never buy any investment plans from these scammers as they are just hopes and dreams.

If you were scammed by, please let us know your experience and feedback by commenting below.

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