Double Bitcoin 24 Hours Review

Double Bitcoin 24 Hours ( is yet another Bitcoin doubler scheme which promises the investors twice their investment amount every single day.  On their platform they feature a registration number but do not let that change your decision or make you feel confused.

Doubling money everyday is no joke and it is certainly not something which falls in the category of realistic things.  Almost everything on their platform is either highly misleading or outright lie and you should never entertain them regardless of what they say to lure you in.  

Sadly many people have already lost their money to this scheme, to know how they actually work and why you should avoid any kind of interaction with them continue reading our full review. - Scam Review

License and Support

Any firm which carries on trading operations are required to be licensed failing which they will be deemed as illegal.  Double Bitcoin 24 Hours represents an ICO which basically trades cryptocurrencies and raises the funds required for doing so from the general public.  

In return the investors are promised some returns which in this case is 200% after 24 hours of depositing with them.  As usual we checked the database of FCA to see if this company is authorized but as it turns out they do not have a clue about this organisation.  

This firm features some sort of registration certificate on their platform but do not get confused by that.  They do not have any right to collect money from the public. Below we have listed the contact details of this company:

Email –

Phone – +44 7958780073

Address – 5 Rex Place, London, United Kingdom W1K 2HA

How does Double Bitcoin 24 Hours Work?

The presentation on this platform is literally the worst one we have ever seen, it looks like these crooks have lost their creative side.  They say that they have some sort of buy/sell software which tells them exactly what to do and when to do.

Timing the markets is never easy and can often be deadly if an individual is not attentive about the money management aspect.  Apart from one paragraph of irrelevant information there is no details about their actual plan of action which apparently might be because they do not have one.  

Trading requires two key parts which are knowing the odds and finding a way which gives you statistical edge without these two components how can anyone trust this firm with their money?  In case if you were wondering know that they have not provided any evidence to support their claims.


Do you like to double your funds everyday on complete autopilot?  Of course you would. There isn’t a single person who does not like to get access to free money stream but isn’t that a thing which happens only in dreams.  

If what they are advertising was indeed true then within a matter of months you would own the whole world.  The actual thing which is happening is that they are trying to implant an idea of making easy money, in other words they will do anything they can to convince you into sending them your money because that is the only thing they care about.

Domain Whereabouts

Thanks to we came to know that this domain was registered on 15/08/2017 and it expires on 15/08/2019.  This website has been around for nearly two years now but still have not made much progress in terms of popularity.  According to alexa traffic ranks this site currently ranks 5,370,487 globally.

Red Flags

There is a big section of their website wherein they talk about the benefits of choosing their platform.  If you go through that you will find the details about their so called employees. - Stock Photos

The most concerning thing about that is the fact that they have failed to mention the names.  Nonetheless we searched the web hoping to find something but unfortunately nothing relevant showed up which clearly proves that they lied.

They also feature logo of famous media outlets and other platforms but do not misunderstand them, those organisations have nothing to do with this platform.  The sole reason for showcasing them is to seem more trustworthy in front of the potential investors.

If they had truly achieved what they portray then they would have been a well know enterprise in the financial sector.

Double Bitcoin 24 Hours Review Conclusion

Double Bitcoin 24 Hours is another ponzi scheme which has been around for a considerable period of time and has looted a lot of investors.  Here are the comments made by real users about this platform on

Lol do you mean, make your bitcoin disappear in 24 hours. Haha this is a scam obviously, if there is such as thing as doubling your money in just 24 hours then no one would ever work for their lives hardly enough to earn money. Please people, if you encounter something like this one, just ignore it because you won’t gain something from this, but you would loss something from this.

Avoid depositing with them otherwise you will be their next victim.

Have you been scammed by  Feel free to share your experience by leaving us a comment.


  1. Dominique jean

    On 11/18/19 i sent 0.03548255 BTC to bitcoin doubler, at the bitcoin address provided to me 1CdrK3qvkLzJXPMdbmtHneDYdrK3qvkbLzJXPMdbmtHneDYNiQLnMTL i saw my transaction on i waited patiently 3 whole days for a so called 24 hrs transaction to end; i recieved nothing in my wallet. I sent several emails, they never answered; i notified bittrust no one cares. On 11/2/19 and 11/3/19 13 x did the same thing 0.054btc and .0697 btc stole both transactions . FBI wants all stolen bitcoin reported so they can investigate’,these thieves/cowards and their paying acting actors/ partners in crimes, are being exposed all over social media; since they have no shame.Refuse to work to earn an honest living, will be on all black lists; and in my investor beware book as #1 thieves in the bitcoin business. It’s satans like these, are making it hard for the few decent; honest sites owners that are doing the righteous things always.Very sad world we live in, you two vampires; blood suckers shall reap exactly what you sow and then some agreed.

  2. jasmin

    No comments as yet ? I will try the system put and will give feedback once I am done

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