FinancePrime Inc ( Review - Scam Review

FinancePrime ( claims to provide a way for anyone to earn decent amount of income online without having to do anything.  At first glance this website appears very vague in terms of design and yet they have put some attention grabbing returns claims.  

They are said to generate returns ranging from 8% to 14% per day through Bitcoin trading and mining which are highly unlikely to say the least.  

After going through all the information put up by these fraudsters, the facts that we are looking at bogus company was apparent.  Read our complete and unbiased review which will save you a lot of time and money.

License and Support Details

Firms which are indulged in any type of financial services always involves risk and since they work with retail clients they are required to follow certain rules laid down by regulatory authorities.  

FinancePrime is an ICO which uses funds raised from a group of investors for trading and mining purposes, in return depending upon the initial investment of the clients this firm promises them certain monetary rewards in the near future.  

When we were checking if this company was indeed authorized to carry these type of activities, we weren’t able to find any certificates they should hold which places them in direct violation of law.  This firm also has failed to put up any information about their registration or licenses they hold.

The sole reason why they are embracing anonymity is to avoid criminal prosecution.  The support team of this firm can be reached via a contact form provided on their website.  

Will you trust this firm which does not have any courtesy of providing at least telephone assistance to the clients?

How does FinancePrime Work?

This firm is said to be comprised of talented investment specialists who have knowledge about mining and trading cryptocurrencies.  Apart from this short introduction there is no information about anything else.

We are not aware of what machinery they are employing for mining and the names of the pools they are indulged with.  The details of their mining farms are not put up so there is no way for us to verify anything they say. As far as trading is considered there isn’t much to discuss either.  

They have not shared any information about their trading strategy and there are no demo account provided either.  After looking at their narration it is clear that they just want us to trust them blindly which we are obviously reluctant to do.

Returns offered by this firm

Just like many fake investment program we have seen in the past, this one also offers returns which are unbelievable.  For higher returns the investors are pushed towards committing more of capital.

Here are the details of the 3 investment plans this firm offers:

Plan 1

Returns – 8% Daily

Period – 25 Days

Min. Deposit – $1,001

Total Returns – 200%

Plan 2

Returns – 12% Daily

Period – 25 Days

Min. Deposit – $5,001

Total Returns – 300%

Plan 3

Returns – 14% Daily

Period – 25 Days

Min. Deposit – $10,001

Total Returns – 350%

Referral Program

Ponzi schemes depend heavily on their marketing team because the number of participants directly affects their revenue.  This firm provides high commissions to any individual for will drive traffic to their website. The affiliates are paid a float percentage of 5% of the cumulative deposits made by their clients. - Referral Program

It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active participant of this scheme to cash out their payments which is why you see many fake platforms on the internet, these faceless criminals make money at your expense.


According to this domain was registered on 30/9/2013 and it expires on 30/09/2018.

This website ranks 141,088 in India and has a global rank of 1,858,352.  Roughly this site gets 1 million visitors monthly.

The majority of the traffic landing on this website originates from India and Russia.

Deposit and withdrawals

The minimum deposit amount is $1,001 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The e-currencies accepted by this platform are PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.  

The deposits and withdrawals are said to be free but if the clients want to withdraw their money before the contract expires, there is 5% termination charges.  The withdrawals are said to be processed instantly.

Is FinancePrime a Scam?


Their website carries a lot of fabricated stories and they offer mining contracts wherein returns are not exaggerated but are simply fake.  They do not care to provide the investors with the legal documents and has no support team to address the need of clients.

Do you think any legitimate firm can operate in such way?  These fraudsters are not even trying to cover up their lies.  Our best guidance for you is to stay away from this platform because it is guaranteed to make someone rich but that person will not be you.

FinancePrime Review Conclusion

FinancePrime does not have anything to do with mining or trading bitcoins.  This platform is just a sales page in disguise which will promise you a lot of money and show you some fancy photoshopped screenshots as payment proof.  

While many people know that it is possible to earn a decent amount of money in trading and mining cryptocurrencies, it is scams like these which makes most people uncomfortable about starting their trading journey.  

Walk away from any program or software which promises to make you rich by clicking a few buttons because if that was the case everyone would be millionaires.

Have you lost your money to  Share your feedback by leaving us a comment.


  1. hyipinvestor

    Do you still think that is a scam when they have been online now for 3 years (1 year since your comment) and each HYIP monitor says that they are still paying after all this time?

    • Admin

      We don’t trust HYIP monitors… perhaps if some real user would send us proof of payment, then we would change the review to positive.

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