Review - Scam Review is a cryptocurrency trading platform which promises to earn its investors tens of thousands of dollars without requiring any sort of effort from their side. Their website is a typical example of a scam wherein there is nothing of value but only desperate attempts convincing the visitors to deposit their money.

This service is only 6 days old as of publishing this review and within this short while there has been a lot of complaints and scam reports about them. At our first glance we quickly recognized that their scheme is an illegal ponzi type.

Before you proceed with them for any reason, go through our comprehensive review which will help you to take a clever decision.

License and support

Companies which offer retail investors with any type of high risk products have to undergo a rigorous amount of guidelines and policies set by the local governing authority. represents an ICO which issues tokens to the interested clients and according to the terms dictated by the contract the investor should get certain dollar figure returns.

As there isn’t a clue about this organisation in the FCA website, they are certainly operating illegally and all the fraudsters behind this grand fraud will be kept behind bars when caught. On their platform they state that they are officially registered company, if that was really the case then why don’t they feature the certificates.

Everything they say about the legality of their business is a bluff used to earn the trust of potential investors AKA victims. Here are the ways of reaching them but do not be surprised if you do not get an answer.

Address – 5 Great James Street, London, United Kingdom

Email –

How does work ?

God only knows what they do with the funds. Their only narrative is that they know where the value of the asset goes. If you are involved in trading for a while now you clearly know that no one can predict the direction of the market precisely.

They are so ignorant that they have not talked anything about trade management aspect such as moving the take profit level as the market advances in our favor and the profit are level where they will take a loss in case the market goes in the other direction. Also no performance reports of their self proclaimed traders are revealed.

At the end of the day there is no solid proof that they are consistently profiting from the market in the first place.

Promises and Investment Plans

If you take a look at the investment plans they feature then you can easily fire your boss today and live in total luxury for the rest of your life but unfortunately they are all fake. By mistake or for whatever reasons if you send your money to them say goodbye to it as the chances of seeing them again is non existent.

Plan 1

Returns – 144%

Period – 1 Day

Min Deposit – $4

Plan 2

Returns – 190%

Period – 1 Day

Min Deposit – $20

Plan 3

Returns – 280%

Period – 2 Days

Min Deposit – $50

VIP Plan

Returns – 460%

Period – 3 Days

Min Deposit – $100

Referral Program

Like most of the fraud investments, this firm also emphasizes on their promotional plans as the number of people involved has a direct effect on their revenue. These fraudsters pay 10% of the cumulative revenue to the affiliates who referred people to this platform. - Referral Program

If the affiliates have access to a large source of web traffic and are able to reach large audience they are promoted which means they get 18% of the revenue they bring in. Also it is not compulsory for the marketers to be an active participant.

Domain Insight

Thanks to we know that this domain was registered on 05/09/2018 and it expires after one year. We couldn’t trace the identity of the registrant.

A search reveals that this website has a global rank of 11,262,054. The detailed stats will be updated later as there isn’t much information about this platform now.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $4 and the payout threshold is $0.10. E-currencies accepted by this firm are Bitcoin and Perfect Money. We do not know if there are any fees imposed on transactions and they have not mentioned the time required for them to process withdrawals.

Is a Scam ?

An undeniable scam.

They do not even follow proper guidelines like KYC policy whenever someone opens an account with them which clearly upholds their careless attitude. Furthermore no fund management company can sustain delivering returns of more than 400% weekly.

This firm is a simple ponzi type scam wherein they create a little loop of money flow in which the deposit amount of clients are used to pay the old ones. The longevity of this type of model is too short. Do not rejoice if you get back your money once or twice but rather understand that the money did not come from trading. Review Conclusion

Major aspect we consider while investigating any platform are transparency, track records, licenses and trail or demo account to test them before investing the money but this firm fails all the test. They operate in an unethical manner and do not put up the names of fund managers which is apparently because they do not have any.

This company is not only unregulated but considered to be out right illegal in most countries. They are not even capable of providing demo accounts which means you should never waste your time bothering about them.

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