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Hourlycoine.com - Scam Review
Hourlycoine (HourlyCoine.com) claims to be an investment fund run by a group of well qualified experts in the field of Forex. Their website design makes us remember the standard layout of a scam. All the alleged benefits of joining this firm is put up but any information regarding the administrative side of the business is not disclosed.

They are said to generate returns of 150% every 5 hours. You might be quite intrigued by the returns this firm has to offer but let us remind you that it is not going to happen as they are all fabricated lies used to captivate your attention. There is no details about the owners of this company which showcases a lot about their transparency.

Read our detailed review to find out why you should never send your money to these con-artists.

Company and Support

Hourlycoine represents an ICO wherein the money is raised from the public as and when needed for trading foreign currencies. The investors are issued tokens which gives them the right to collect money from this firm after certain period of time. Firms which provide these type of services to the everyday people or the retail sector have to be recognized as well as authorized to carry out their activities legally.

We always go over the licenses of the platform during our investigation to see their level of seriousness and professionalism but unfortunately with regards to this company, we couldn’t find any legal documents. Even FCA and FTC does not have a clue about this firm’s existence which proves that they are operating illegally.

On this platform there are no information about license or registration. Seems like these faceless fraudsters are so confident in their ability to trick people, they do not even care to come up with believable explanation concerning their legal aspect.

If you ever register with them unfortunately then remember there is no dedicated support team hired by them which means your queries are all left unattended. The only way to reach the customer support is through a form provided on their platform.

Hint – Do not expect special attention instead keep in mind that they are known to help people till they deposit with them after that it is game over.

How does Hourlycoine work ?

The explanation provided by this service is very conservative and does not cover major aspects of forex trading. This firm states that the funds are handled by institutional traders who have the patience to wait for the opportunity and also have an exceptional ability to analyse. Their half baked narration does not make things clear.

We still have no information about what factors whether technical or fundamental affect their trading decisions. Since they do not publish their previous accomplishments or performance reports, there is now way for the investors to know how well this firm’s claims hold up. There is no verifiable historical data to support their accuracy rate.

Also they have skipped over most of the important activities of trading. We do not know if these so called professionals are trend traders, reversal traders or simply hedging to make profit. Despite all these uncertainties are you still interested in proceeding with them ?

Returns Advertised

The liquidity of the forex market is exceptionally. It does not matter if an individual is a aggressive risk taker who likes quick profits AKA scalping or he is a positional trader who treats trading as a hobby or looking to create a secondary source of income through forex, markets has something to offer to everyone.

Before you drift away thinking about endless possibility remember that in order to gain consistently a person needs a proper strategy and assuring you got one still it is not possible to match the returns these scammers are advertising.

Check out the couple of investment plans featured by this firm. Isn’t it a little absurd ?

Plan 1

Returns – 150%

Duration – 5 Hours

Min Deposit – $10

Plan 2

Returns – 25%

Duration – 5 Hours

Min Deposit – $10

Referral Program

This fraudulent firm houses an attractive referral program wherein any marketer and promoters working for this platform are rewarded heavily and are even given bonus to keep them motivated. The affiliates gets 10% of the initial deposit made by every member they bring on board and are given few effective marketing tools to make their campaigns profitable.

Hourlycoine.com - Referral Program

Also know that it is not compulsory for the promoter to hold their money in the scheme in order to qualify for the payments. In short almost everyone except the investors will be making money.

Domain Insight

Thanks to alexa.com service, we know that this website has a global rank of 2,697,645 and ranks 54,245 in Iran. This service has gained a lot of popularity in Iran and Nigeria.

According to the data provided by whois.com this domain was registered on 26/08/2018 and it expires on 26/08/2019. The registrant details are masked as they are using whois Guard Protection.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The basic investment plan starts at $10. Payment methods supported by this firm are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer. They state that the payouts are credited instantly but we do not know if there are any fees imposed.

Is HourlyCoine a Scam ?

An ugly one.

From the design of this website to their presentation of their platform everything we have seen has some sort of problem with them while some of the facts are outright lies which we know is intentionally placed to convince the potential clients.

50% ROI is impressive but that is not achievable within 5 hours unless you are gambling in the markets by over – leveraging. This fraud organisation is a ponzi scam which is like a cancer to the online world. Never believe any easy money claims as there is no such thing in the real world.

HourlyCoine Review Conclusion

HourlyCoine is a HYIP site which promises to basically earn you 2 X investment every day. They operate illegally and have no standards in terms of providing service. Their support staff follow shady marketing tricks and create a sense of urgency if you contact them for any reason.

Moreover they do not provide users with demo accounts. So to sum up you are told to send your money to them for quick returns and they are not showing an ounce of concrete evidence to back up any of their alleged achievements.

At any cost platforms like these must be avoided regardless of what telltale story they come up with. In case if you were wondering all the payment proof they have put up on their website are fake, so don’t base your decision on seeing that.

Did you get scammed by HourlyCoine.com? Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.

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  1. juliet

    I made a withdrawal at hourlycoine its been 3 days and theres no sign of my funds, they are not even responding to my querries, i invested $20 and the return was $10 after 5 days.

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