Infinite Alliance Limited Review – Definite HYIP Scam! is a worthless online platform constructed as a hybrid investment service that targets both the Bitcoin and Forex sectors. Accepting only Bitcoin deposits, the investment services allegedly rendered at Infinite Alliance Limited promise some of the most outrageous ROIs that we have seen to date. The deeper we investigated into the murky elements of this operation, the more we began to realize how absolutely futile of an operation Infinite Alliance Limited appears to be.

As you read our impartial review, it will become more and more evident that the creators behind this operation must be pretty desperate. Advertising returns between 140% to 5,000% reflects a cognitive thought process equal to that of a man suffering from enraged lunacy. None of their investment packages offer sane returns that are possible to obtain and that is just the tip of the iceberg with this illicit investment operation! - Infinite Alliance Limit

What is Infinite Alliance Limited? is an investment platform that specializes in the trading of Forex options. Relying upon the Bitcoin deposits of investors who foolishly embark with one of their investment plans in order to create “more capital turnover” is an outdated excuse and one that we have grown tired of seeing. Allegedly employing a network of investors on their platform, Infinite Alliance Limited doesn’t go on to verify that any of their investors are licensed or that their platform is regulated.

Who is Behind Infinite Alliance Limited? is owned and operated by a UK based corporation known as Infinite Alliance Limited. Filed under company number 10925554, this corporate entity was incorporated on August 21st, 2017 and has a registered office address of 18 Hand Court, London, United Kingdom, WC1V 6JF. The alleged director behind this company is Jax Foreman whose correspondence address on file is 96 Bertram Road, Hendon, London, United Kingdom, NW4 3PP.

Although Infinite Alliance Limited appears to be legitimate on paper it should be noted that the CompaniesHouse registry isn’t all that thorough in their registry process. Virtually anyone worldwide could register for a corporation between $15 to $40 while employing a fictitious address purchased through a virtual address service. While it portrays the image of being more credible, the site itself is not more legitimate. This has become a common practice amongst cryptocurrency related schemes and we advice investors to approach these sort of operations with caution.

How does Infinite Alliance Limited Work?

Investors who have bitcoins they wish to donate to an unworthy cause are able to deposit into the Infinite Alliance platform. Those deposited bitcoins are then allegedly invested by the Infinite Alliance Limited team of investors who specialize in day-trading the Forex industry. We assume that the investors on the site are not licensed and that is not regulated because no information regarding those characteristics are disclosed.

Infinite Alliance Limited

As you can insinuate for yourself, no transparent investment history is provided on the site so investors are only left to trust the creators behind the site. Prospective investors are able to choose between 8 investment packages that vary between 140% to 5,000% returns. Depending on which plan an investor selects will determine the duration of the package (between 1 to 25 days) and the minimum deposit requirements, which are between $10 to $1,000.

Red Flags and Complaints

An abundant number of warnings signs are present regarding the Infinite Alliance Limited operation. First and foremost would be how this alleged Forex platform is not a regulated by an regulatory body. Next would be how none of their investors seem to be licensed and how ridiculous their promised ROIs are. Lastly would be how the platform drags their corrupt option into the cryptocurrency domain by only accepting Bitcoin deposits. The reasoning behind this is obvious though, which would be because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once sent.

Can be Trusted?

The only outcome that will result from putting your trust into the Infinite Alliance Limited platform would be the theft of your bitcoins. Obviously the creators behind this site are willing to promise you anything, even the most outlandish returns, just as long as you are more likely to deposit into their scheme.

Popularity is a somewhat popular site and reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 446,603 as of December 2017. Review Conclusion

If you have bitcoins our recommendation would be to hold onto them and let them accrue value naturally by riding the bullish Bitcoin trend or only invest with reasonable and verified investment destinations. Weighing the disclosed points mentioned in the review above makes it just that more clear that Infinite Alliance Limited is not a trustworthy investment platform.

Review Verdict: Infinite Alliance Limited is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Mpho

    Yes as my first investment in bitcoin i invested $284 dollars worth of bitcoin and two and half weeks later i was shocked to find that the website has been shutdown with no communication whatsoever from Infinite Alliance Limited.

  2. Alexander

    Please let me know if MCX is Legit ICO ?

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