FXSoftworks Review – Ignorant Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

Community feedback from authenticated investors combined with our analytical review will illustrate how wretched an investment opportunity that FXSoftworks is. Hosting a variety of investment packages, FXSoftworks.com is promising investors that they can accrue instant earnings by simply depositing into their platform. No effort is required from investors besides depositing into their platform, which as we made known before is a perfect recipe for disaster. Obtain the truth regarding FXSoftworks and why you should avoid this moronic get-rich-quick scheme.


What is FXSoftworks?

FXSoftworks.com is an online platform that hosts a variety of money and Bitcoin generating softwares. No information pertaining to the accruement of fiat currency or bitcoins are disclosed upon the site which leads us to believe that the creators behind this scam are simply relying upon investors gullibility and inexperience to deposit into their platform. With a deposit into their platform and a few clicks of your mouse, FXSoftworks will instantly generate endless sums of cash and bitcoins then send them directly into your PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet.

Who is Behind FXSoftworks?

While the sites main pages fail to provide any information regarding ownership, provided in the Terms and Conditions of FXSoftworks would be Terry Klein, who is listed as the administrator behind the site. FXSoftworks.com is allegedly published by the FXsoftworks but searches across numerous business registers failed to turn up any corporate entity known as FXsoftworks.

Apart from offering a live chat, FXSoftworks provides the email address support@fxsoftworks.com along with their alleged headquarter address of 500 Terry Francis Street, San Francisco, CA 94158. When searched the address appears to be a venue and event space located at the Wix Lounge, no information regarding FXSoftworks can be found. Furthermore, a whois search will reveal that the domain was registered through a privacy company so no information regarding the true creators can be found.

How does FXSoftworks Work?

That is the million dollar question. No information regarding their operational protocols are provided to us on the site. We simply must rely upon their word and hope that they won’t screw us over once you have deposited into their platform. Featured below are the 4 packages available at FXSoftworks.

PayPal Money Adder 2017

The more traditional version of their PayPal software. Investors who are interested in this software are allegedly able to “create” and deposit $5,000 every day into their PayPal account. No information regarding how these funds are generated are disclosed.

PayPal Money Adder 2018

The latest and greatest version of the PayPal Money Adder software featured at FXSoftworks. Users who use this software are allegedly able to add $20,000 to their PayPal address with no hassles on an everyday occurrence.

FXSoftworks PayPal Adder

Bitcoin Adder 2017

Simply type in the number of bitcoins you want to add to your Bitcoin wallet and within a few seconds that number of Bitcoin will be deposited into your wallet. All of these software are web-based and have a ridiculous mobile apps too.

Bitcoin Generator 2017

Magically generate up to 10 BTC per day and have them deposited into your Bitcoin wallet. No information regarding investments, mining or any other accruement methods are disclosed upon the site.

FXSoftworks Bitcoin Generator

FXSoftworks Complaints

Here are some complaints from Repdigger.com:


FXSOFTWORKS.COM is A SCAM. I purchased a software one month back. In-spite of continuous followups they don’t revert to emails.”

“Don’t waste your money and time with fxsoftworks.com, it is a total scam!”

Can FXSoftworks be Trusted?

FXSoftworks is known as an Advance Fee Scam, which means that this operation clearly cannot be trusted. Promising some of the most outlandish returns as long as you deposit into their platform without providing a shred of evidence of their operational model is a text book example of how advance fee scams are created.

FXSoftworks Red Flags

Where do we begin with the red flags found at FXSoftworks? Claiming to generate ridiculous sums of cash and bitcoins through no applicable business concept is ludicrous at best. Sure they claim to offer a “free trial” but in order to obtain that trial you still must deposit into their platform to verify that you are a “serious user.” The complaints filed against FXSoftworks reveal the true nature of this advance fee scam and it appears their contact information is of little aid.


FXSoftworks.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,337,218 as of December 2017 which indicates to us that this operation is not popular and receives minimum amounts of visitors.

FXSoftworks.com Review Conclusion

After considering all of the information provided above it is clear to us that FXSoftworks is a ridiculous get-rich-quick scheme. Claiming to generate up to $20,000 or 10 BTC per day depending upon the package you select is absolute rubbish. Investor feedback has confirmed that the login access that they provide you does not work, that their support team is not supportive and that the promises featured on the site are too good to be true. Don’t fall for this bonafide investment scheme!

Review Verdict: FXSoftworks is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: FXSoftworks.com

Have you suffered losses to the FXSoftworks scam? Please share any thoughts, experiences or feedback you may possess in a comment below.


  1. James

    Unfortunately i also bout into fx softworks and was foolish enough to try every other one i could find beleiving tjey actually exist. I have lost count off all the money i have lost bit id i had it all now i wouldnt need rhe software lol. I just wanted to add a couple other sites that are similar i have personally tried. Depot money, bitcoin1free.work, any apie adder software and the most recent kloviaclinks. I am a fopl and broke to boot but have a whole list of sites,software and individual “hackers”that i have paid most of them more rhan once and are all bs. If anyone wants a complete list just mail me list is far to long to post here

  2. Robin Lauscher

    Does anyone know what the web address is to their newest platform(FXSoftworks)?
    Called V6 or something like that. They must have blacklisted my I.P. because i can’t even get to the site. My browser says “FxSoftworks refuses to connect with you” Lol.
    I have seriously left some massive long ‘hate’ messages to chat support. Brian Lam has all but gone underground. He is coward. I have contacted ALL the Brian Lam’s on Facebook. All but 1 has replied to me. HE is the Brian Lam I want to expose. And I am closing in on him.

  3. Hugo Ferreira

    Hello Christine, I would like to know if you used the coinsuitex software, because I was analyzing their website and I have some doubts, but for now I have no evidence that they are scam. Please give me your opinion. Thank you

    • Mike

      Hey I think too, its really different from this scam. I posted some message on the forum and everything looks real. But I will test their product soon and make a real review.

  4. Robin Lauscher

    I have even had replies from Brian Lam (account admin for FXsoftworks.com) where he tells me he can’t find 1 out of 3 seperate deposits I made to their system. My last deposit was September 17,2017. I have been diligently trying to get my money back but to no avail. I even have the script from a convo i had with a woman from the support chat box where she must have been new because she was going to refund me. Then she states in a reply ‘O.your account has been put on hold. That’s odd. Let me find out why.” Then another support worker comes on saying “We are still trying to find out what happened with your software” and then the chat was closed. That was the last real chat i had back in October. Currently I have dug deep into this because I am not rich by any means and was the main reason i even chose to try this software. Putting me further behind and from the value that BTC has jumped since September it would now be worth $2,136 USD. I could really use that now. But I have opened a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB and BOTH have returned my query and launched an investigation into FXSoftworks.com . I am also working on a class action lawsuit against the Domain provider as they willingly keep the registrars identity anonymous despite countless complaints their Abuse email address. I dont care how long it takes or how many emails and inquiries i have to make, Im going to continue to push to have this site atone for their unethical and scam platform. And at the very least have them removed permanently.

    • Eliezer DIAZ Andino


  5. Christine

    Have you checked out coinsuitex? Same scam..different site..

  6. Christine

    Fxsoftworks will not refund..ironically I’ve also been receiving emails essentially saying hey we’ve had a few problems with previous orders but if you buy a product..you we will treat right unlike the already paid saps we’re ignoring

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