KiteBitcoin Review – Most Mysterious Crypto Exchange To Date!

Operating with blatant anonymity, functions as the most mysterious and inexplicable cryptocurrency exchange that we have encountered. Providing absolutely no information regarding their operation besides what is disclosed on their home page (which isn’t much by the way), Kite Bitcoin adequately functions as an unknown platform that allegedly enables investors to trade blockchain assets with ease.

Despite the lack of insightful information disclosed on their site, the focus of this unbiased review is to enlighten investors upon the opportunities that await them with this anonymous platform and whether or not this new crypto exchange is one that can be trusted. - Kite Bitcoin

About Kite Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency platform that claims to allow investors to exchange cryptocurrencies on their site. Apart from operating as an exchange platform, reference to their Active Market and Investment Tracking headings informs us that Kite Bitcoin also appears to function as a trading platform where they employ investment tracking tools to determine profit and loss values while supporting only the best cryptocurrencies and potential traders.

Operating with KiteBTC transaction, allegedly each transaction is secured and processed quickly. Although KiteBTC transaction is not a legitimate security protocol used amongst other platforms, it is difficult to determine if this security measure actually exists and if so if it is, indeed, effective. Claiming to provide support 24/7 is a lax statement to claim when their only form of support is their anonymous email address of

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The Kite Bitcoin Scam Test

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

No information regarding owners, operutors or a corporate entity is disclosed anywhere upon the site. In addition, we attempted to conduct a search through the sites Terms and Conditions, which is the sites only navigable page to see if the site was operating as a sole entity only to discover a statement claiming β€œThe Page is Under Process.”

How old is the website?

According to a WHOIS domain search, was created on December 26th, 2017. Privately registered through NameCheap Inc, we are unable to find any information regarding the registrars behind this questionable exchange platform.

Does the exchange provide competitive rates?

Unlike most verified and transparent exchanges or platforms, Kite Bitcoin provides no information regarding their operational rates. Found in the header of the site we were able to find some rates listed for supported cryptocurrencies, which when calculated, accounted for a buy or sell margin of 17.5%. Although we are unable to verify whether that is the fixed or variable rate supported on their platform, it was the most we could deduce from their vague insight.

Does the site have a physical address?

No office or corporate address can be found anywhere on the site. The only address provided on the site would be their support email address of

Does the site evasively portray their operational model?

Kite Bitcoin takes evasively portraying their operational model to a whole different level by not disclosing ANY information regarding their site. No About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Payment Methods and more need-to-knows are not disclosed anywhere on their platform.

Are any legitimate sites associated with Kite Bitcoin?

Kite Bitcoin does not possess any backlinks or shares any affiliation with any sites let alone credible sites.

How popular is the website? reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 8,366,907 with a Brazil rank of 1,031,749 as of January 25th, 2018. These poor domain statistics indicate that Kite Bitcoin does not receive much visitor traffic, if any, and is not a popular cryptocurrency site. Review Conclusion

Kite Bitcoin renders virtually no information of value regarding their operation. The elements that we disclosed in this review regarding their operational set up was generated from the minimum amount of information we could gather from their home page while deducing the rest. Operating with complete anonymity, Kite Bitcoin is a murky and puzzling cryptocurrency site but perhaps that is how the creators behind this operation want their site to be.

To conclude, we are not advising that any cryptocurrency investor utilize the Kite Bitcoin platform along with to avoid and report any review sites that are sure to likely endorse this untrustworthy operation in the future. With this in mind, we are also not going to completely blacklist Kite Bitcoin until more evidence can be provided from users who have personal experience with this platform and for the meantime are labeling Kite Bitcoin as untrustworthy.

Review Verdict: Kite Bitcoin is not SAFE!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. mankind1234 is definitely a scam. The site is closed due to illegal activity.

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  3. gary bennett

    do you recommend a site where novice investors can dip their toes into the crypto world without being scammed, thank you

  4. gary bennett

    hello, is binary robot 365 a scam. they are doing a lot of advertising, it will fall into the category of if it is too good to be true it probably is, your thoughts? thank you for your continuing advice on good or bad sites, (one good and 99 bad seem the norm) regards g, bennett

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