Review – Pathetic Crooks! claims to be a bitcoin doubler software which allegedly helps people earn up to 10 BTC per day using some form of proprietary trading system. Their platform contains all the tell tale signs of a scam and as expected the details of the creators were masked and hidden from the public. Any activity which includes offering risky investment products to the retail sector should be conducted by regulated entities only.

However, this platform operates without having a basic incorporation certificate and that makes them direct violators of law. The whole cryptocurrency sector is something which is for the most part unregulated and that is the main reason as to why it has turned into a scam hotspot.

At first, the idea of making easy money using the crypto sector might sound exciting, but just like every other business out there, it isn’t as simple as it appears to be. So, before you let the internet overwhelm you with information, go through our review which will expose all the dirty things you need to know about this platform. Review

Company, Licenses and Customer Support

The law around the financial sector is very strict and unless a firm has proper documentation and licenses, the consequences for their actions will definitely be severe. Unfortunately, a lot of retail investors do not realise the dangers involved in dealing with unregulated firms and quite often, they just look at the advantages.

This platform is offering a high risk investment opportunity to the retail investors and accepts people from all over the world. So, technically speaking they have to be under the radar of many regulatory authorities. However, when we conducted a thorough background check on them, we didn’t find any details about this firm. In short, the facts clearly prove that they are operating on the wrong side of the law and as such, your money will never be safe with them.

Moreover, they don’t provide any contact details apart from their email address which means, they want to remain anonymous and so far they seem to be covering up their tracks pretty well. Ask yourself, do you really believe any legit organisation would even consider operating without having a dedicated support team?

How does Work? claims to be using the arbitrage principle wherein they are trying to take advantage of minute price differences between various exchanges to make quick profits. In theory, their story makes sense and we are sure that many newbies would be inclined towards believing them. Sadly, trading bitcoin is not as simple as that and the arbitrage opportunities are very few nowadays and unless you are an institutional investor, it might be not worth your time to even wait for them to occur.

So, don’t believe in the empty promises made by them and understand that the narrative they are peddling is full of holes. For starters, if their accomplishments are true, then why don’t they publish a verifiable trading history on their platform? Unlike most legit alternatives, this firm does not share the details of the fund managers or the owners which is way too shady to say the least.

Moreover, they don’t offer any kind of free trials or demo accounts to clients which means you have to put your money at risk, if you choose to indulge with them. Since, there are so many question marks in their explanation, it is better to turn down any offer they throw at you or else it will burn a hole in your pocket.

Profits Promised and conditions

This platform promises 100% returns every 15 hours once which is absolutely mind blowing. We can all agree that making money by clicking a few buttons sounds amazing and everyone would love to be involved. Unfortunately, there just isn’t any easy way to get rich and whenever any platform or firms suggest otherwise, it is most likely to be a scam. Arbitrage trades nowadays do not occur frequently and even if it did, it is impossible to double your money in less than a day.

Considering the way this whole platform is designed, we strongly believe that they are exaggerating the claims just to lure in investors who are just starting out. After all, the only way they make money is if they cheat and if you make the mistake of trusting and indulging with them, then you will get scammed sooner or later. So, navigate around their traps cautiously and never interact with any of their so called exclusive offers for your own good.

Fake Testimonials

There are plenty of payment transactions and positive testimonials posted on their website. For many beginners, this kind of data might make them believe that they are dealing with a transparent firm which has high authority in the sector. However, the actual reality is more daunting and their real agendas are nothing, but outright cruel and highly unethical. Fake Payment Proof

All the comments they have featured are obviously from imaginary personalities and the payment proofs are only put up to earn your trust and create a sense of community. The crooks running this program seems to understand the psychology of buyers pretty well and they have put in a lot of efforts to make themselves appealing.

This kind of deception is the main reason as to why you shouldn’t believe random reviews and comments online. Hopefully, now you understand the way these fake platforms work and the traits they usually display.

Domain Insights

Using and, we gathered details about the key information about this website which are as follows.

Domain –

Registered On – 31/01/2020

Expiry – 31/01/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 4,596,254

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is obviously a fancy trap designed to loot money from the retail investors. They do not have any credibility and most of the information they present are either manipulated or outright false. Keeping everything we discussed so far in this review, one thing is very clear and that is under any circumstance you should never give them a reason to approach you or else you will enter a downward spiral financially.

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