Luxxis Options Review

Luxxis Options ( is structured to appear as a legitimate online investment platform.

Their investment site is well-designed while their investment plans fail to arouse suspicion amongst newbie online day traders.

However, as legitimate as Luxxis Options may be, the findings we share with you below greatly rival and swiftly dissolve any legitimacy that Luxxis Options projects.

To find out more regarding Luxxis Options, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Luxxis Options


Luxxis Options is presented as an online investment brokerage that professionally manages a traders investment.

To our knowledge, Luxxis Options does not provide a trading platform for independent investor trading with options such as contracts-for-difference or forex.

According to, they are entirely web-based while during the time of writing this review they offered 3 separate investment plans ranging from $500 to over $10,000.

Investment Plans

Third Class

Deposit: $500 – $1,999

Weekly ROI: 6.25%

Monthly ROI: 25%

Second Class

Deposit: $2,000 – $9,999

Weekly ROI: 7.5%

Monthly ROI: 30%

First Class

Deposit: $10,000+

Weekly ROI: 8.5%

Monthly ROI: 35%

While these investment plans may sound appealing and a great opportunity, the reality of the matter is that their income assertions are highly exaggerated.

These unrealistic income assertions are meant to entice and mislead inexperienced investors into believing that if they invest into Luxxis Options that they may receive thousands of dollars in return with no effort on their end besides their initial investment.

According to the footer of Luxxis Options, they are “one of the leading binary options and Forex brokers in the industry.”

Just a little reminder for those who are behind on times or new to investing in general, binary options are highly scrutinized investment options that are illegal in MANY demographics across the globe.


Who is Behind Luxxis Options?

Luxxis Options does not provide any insight in regards to an overseeing or corporate entity.

Shared Addresses

Ground Floor, Pavilion Buildings, West Bridgford, NG2, U.K.

116 Hungton Avenue, South End, Boston, MA, USA

When you search the “physical addresses” of Luxxis Options, things just don’t add up.

The first address for example takes you to the address of a tattoo studio, we could finding no buildings that seemed ideal for the headquarters of “Luxxis Options.”

We browsed through LuxxisOption’s Terms of Service only to find that Luxxis Options appears to be operating as their sole entity.

Meaning that they are operating without corporate supervision to our knowledge.

Luxxis Options Red Flags

No Corporate Transparency

As we briefly just touched upon, Luxxis Options does not share any ownership or active operator information.

The only way to reach out to Luxxis Options would be through one of their physical addresses, which we don’t believe are genuine or through

Regardless, the outcome is still the same, Luxxis Options does not appear to want to be identified.

To add, Luxxis Options only accepts Western Union, Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, Bitcoin and PayPal.

No Licensing or Regulation

Luxxis Options claims that they are one of the leading binary options and forex brokerages in the online investment industry, yet they lack regulation and licensing.

For any brokerage to be considered a top-rated brokerage this day-and-age, regulation and verifiable licensing documentations are a must!

It should be noted that investing online with brokerages that are NOT regulated or licensed for your residing jurisdiction may be deemed illegal depending where you reside.

Unrealistic ROI

The income assertions promoted at Luxxis Options are unrealistically high.

Promoting annual returns between 300% to 420% while failing to disclose a verifiable portfolio history of investments or real insight into how they achieve these asserted ROIs is not only ridiculous but unprofessional.

Fake User Testimonials

As if the blatant lack of ownership and operational information wasn’t enough, the creators behind Luxxis Options thought they could further entice investors at their site by employing phony testimonials.

These user testimonials are not legitimate and, as you can see below, are nothing more than stock images taken from an online image bank.


Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on December 23rd, 2017 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

As of February 3rd, 2019, Luxxis Options failed to secure any web-rankings amongst market intelligence sites indicating to us that receives minimum sums if any traffic at all.

Is Luxxis Options Trustworthy?

Given the information that we have shared throughout our review above, we do not believe Luxxis Options to be a credible nor a trustworthy online investment brokerage. Review Conclusion

Luxxis Options is an unregulated and unsupervised investment brokerage operating without corporate oversight.

It is obvious that the creators behind Luxxis Options wished to remain anonymous which is a trait that you DO NOT want to encounter when seeking legitimate investment brokerages.

Let’s not forget the unethical and phony ‘user testimonials’ employed by Luxxis Options either.

Why put your time and faith with a brokerage that deceives and lies to you?

Our advice on the matter is quite simple.

Avoid the Luxxis Options scam by any means necessary!

Verdict: Luxxis Options is NOT Trustworthy!

We invite you to share your insight, experiences and feedback below!

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  1. Danny

    They need outing like Kontofx in Hungary and Coinbrokez in Cyprus , scammers ,criminals.

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