MunsBit Review – Ponzi Scheme Revealed!

MunsBit ( is a relatively new Ponzi scheme posing as a legitimate cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

Promoting low deposits with quick, lucrative returns is how MunsBit draws in the majority of their investors.

Allegedly, investors who deposit into their platform can generate up to a return of 20% within 24 hours.

To find out more regarding this recently incepted Bitcoin venture, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is MunsBit?


According to, “MunsBit is an advanced system and successful company in the exciting world of trading crypto currencies.”

By using their fully automated AI trading system, MunsBit claims that they aim to bring you the highest sum of profits within the shortest period of time.

Supposedly, their automated trading system employs a self-learning trading program while being managed by a team of professional and experienced traders so that the system avoids any wrong decisions.

However, certainty is never guaranteed, especially in the investment industry.

Whether or not MunsBit trading system relies upon investment algorithms, technical indicators and/or certain trading conditions is a mystery to us since does not divulge any operational information.

Who is Behind states that they are an online trading platform specializing in providing profitable cryptocurrency investment and Bitcoin mining solutions.

However, they do not provide any information that can used to identify their operation nor do they provide any intel regarding their allegedly active Bitcoin mining solutions.

To add, there is no disclosure of a corporate entity, a company registration number, a physical address, an email address, a telephone number or even a Terms and Conditions page.

Given the blatant attempts to remain anonymous, it is obvious that the creators behind this suspicious investment venture are trying to hide something.

The only way to reach out to MunsBit would be through their anonymous contact submission form but apart from that MunsBit is a ghost operation.

How does MunsBit Work?

MunsBit presents their platform as a straight-up Bitcoin investment platform.

You invest an “x” amount of bitcoins then you’ll allegedly receive a +20% daily return.

Unlike other Ponzi schemes that promote ‘Investment Plans’ in the attempt to solicit you into depositing more initially into their platform, MunsBit just states that they will give you a 20% passive daily return.

So if you invest $1,000 worth of bitcoins into their platform then within 3 months you’ll allegedly have generated a return of $18,000.

Sounds a little too good to be true when you scale it out like that, doesn’t it?


Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on January 22nd, 2019 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 9,161,371 with a Chile rank of 344,226 as of February 26th, 2019.

It does not appear that receives much incoming visitor traffic. Reviews

The general consensus regarding MunsBit amongst the cryptocurrency community would be that MunsBit is a Ponzi scheme.

There are some reports that can be found at BeerMoneyForum from ‘members’ who claim that is paying but they are also the type of shady characters heavily promoting their affiliate link too.

Allegedly, pays 15% per successful referral.

We did find a negative review at TrustPilot, which is as followed:

“It pays small amount at first and if you invest bigger amount they won’t pay anymore. It’s a scam.”

Is a Scam?

MunsBit is a cryptocurrency scam functioning as a full-pledged Ponzi scheme. Scam Ruling

MunsBit promotes their operation as a legitimate investment company that can generate you a passive return of 20% per day.

Failing to disclose any ownership operator information while failing to provide sufficient information in regards to the functionality of their ‘automated and self-learning trading program’ expunges any legitimacy that MunsBit may have reflected.

As a whole, MunsBit a textbook example of a Ponzi scheme.

Employing a clearly non-sustaining business model, it is only a matter of time before closes down their doors for good.

If you have been scammed by MunsBit, we ask that you share your experiences below!

Verdict: MunsBit is a Ponzi Scheme!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. zvi

    scam!!!!!! they stop pay the money, and they don’t answer to support.

  2. Fero

    They actually scammed me of 30$

    I didn’t invest much on the site
    Knowing it was scam

  3. Duke Stylez

    If you stay at 50000 satoshi you will get 60000 satoshi after 24h, i tried it now about 8 times and always got payed till now. I also invested 100000, but never got payed. Staying with the 50000 i at least got back what i lost. So if you stay at 50000 satoshi its working

  4. bolt

    the same as the others, if you invest in large amounts, they will not pay at all. instead they deleted the payment. the problem here is that other people are still being paid because they make small investments

  5. Denis

    I can only agree that is just a SCAM. They paid me three times, the fourth time I have been waiting for 36 hours. Support Does not answer.
    I can prove it, too.

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