Signum Trade Review – Blatant Profit Claims!

Signum Trade is an alleged forex trading solution which provides easy profits to all the traders and investors. There is no information about the fund managers.

However, they do feature a registration certificate, but that is nothing more than a deceptive trick. The returns they advertise is over 3,000% on a monthly basis which is obviously a huge red flag.

To know how this filthy scam works and the real intention of the crooks running them, go through our full review.

Signum Trade Review

Legality and Support Staff

All the firms which raises money from the public should be overseen by proper authorities. This platform showcase an incorporation certificate on their website. Many newbies consider them as legit by seeing these certificate, but nothing can be further from the truth.

There is a huge difference between being incorporated and being regulated. These crooks have put up the certificate only to mislead the public and to make them seem trustworthy.

Moreover, the details about the creators are also unknown. Without transparency and documentation, indulging with them is nothing short of financial suicide.

The support staff of this firm communicate using emails only. Customer care of this firm is known to entertain you only until you deposit, once they have control over your funds, their attitude changes. Here are their contact details.

Address – 52, Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PH, UK.

Email –

How does Signum Trade Work?

Signum Trade claims to provide an easy way for the average people to earn money by trading. Their only narrative is that, they supposedly have a group of experienced individuals who have the necessary knowledge and skill to make money from the markets.

They have not shown any tangible proof or trading history to prove their effectiveness. Forex market has enough liquidity to enable traders to make a living by trading them. However, it is not an easy task and earning money consistently requires certain skill set.

We do not know the exact trading process they follow or the drawdown and win rate their approach has. As a result, investing with them yield worse probability than gambling and we certainly do not encourage that.

There is no royal road to profits in the financial markets, if someone claims otherwise, then start running in the opposite direction.

Investment Plans and Profits

These crooks claim to generate returns of 150% per day up to 3,000% on a monthly basis. There is no doubt that, these numbers are extremely appealing. However, it is impossible to sustain on a consistent basis.

Trading is and never was an easy way to earn a fortune. So, whenever you come across platforms like this one which promises to change your lives, do not entertain them. Have a look at their popular investment plans.

Plan A

  • Returns – 200%
  • Duration – 50 Hours
  • Minimum Investment – $20,000

Plan B

  • Returns – 1,000%
  • Duration – 8 Days
  • Minimum Investment – $10,000

Plan C

  • Returns – 3,000%
  • Duration – 30 Days
  • Minimum Investment – $1,000

Referral Program

Clients are the essential part of every investment firm and without them, any business is a failure. To acquire customers at an effective cost, these crooks offer an affiliate program.

In short, they offer high cash incentives to their marketers to create hype and drive traffic to their platform. The marketers create fake reviews and cheat the public in the most blatant way possible.

Signum Affiliate Program

If you see any positive review or comment on any platform with an affiliate link, then stay away from it. Commission percentage for the affiliates depends upon their rank, but it can go as high as 10%.

Domain Insight

The main aim of conducting a search on domain is to trace out the identity of the owners. Unfortunately, the creators have masked their identity, but thanks to and, we found the following details.

  • Domain –
  • Registered On – 25/11/2018
  • Expiry – 25/11/2023
  • Alexa Global Rank – 594,901
  • Rank in Iran – 56,028
  • Audience Geography – Iran, Mexico, South Africa, United States and Canada.

Ponzi Model

This platform is clearly a ponzi scheme. They are creating cash flow by using shady marketing tactics and are paying some of the old clients from the money they make.

However, due to the undeniable fundamental flaw, they will collapse in the near future. There are withdrawal screenshots on their site, but do not let that trick you.

Signum Trade Fake Withdrawal Proof

Moreover, just because they paid earlier clients, it does not necessarily mean that, they will pay you. In short, it is never worth risking your money.

Signum Trade Review Conclusion

Signum Trade is a popular high yield investment program. They are typically targeting newbies to keep the momentum going and they are constantly increasing their client base.

In the near future, they will get shut down because of their illegal operational model or they may simply decide to run away with the money. If they really had the ability to generate profits in the first place, then they would at least provide the users with demo accounts or free trials, right?

We all want to make money quickly, but do not let that greed blind you.

Have you lost money to Signum Trade? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section.


  1. Liruke

    I am currently with them and have lost over a $4000 because they have a way of asking one to deposit to read activate it upgrade account to enable withdrawal.
    And up till now I am yet to withdraw a penny.

  2. Mohsin raza

    This investment site shut down,they stole money ,i lost my 55 $.

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