Safely Coins Review – Exaggerated Ponzi SCAM

Safely Coins is supposedly a superior all in one solution to make money on autopilot. They claim to be active in a range of activities which involves trading, investing, computer technology, law and management.

However, there is no further explanation on any of them. The creator of this scheme is unknown and the information about the people peddling this scam is also a mystery.

They advertise returns of upto 18% on a daily basis. In short, it is a trap set up to lure in newbies. Before they deceive you using their bag of tricks, read our review to know their actual agendas and business model.

Safely Coins Review

Company and Customer Care

Safely Coins is an investment firm based in the UK. As such, they should be under the watch list of the FCA. They claim to be a registered entity and fully adhere to the laws. However, the facts tell a completely different story.

When we did a background search about them, we couldn’t find any details about their firm on the database of the FCA. So, as far as credibility goes, they are not the kind of people you want to indulge with.

If you face any problem on their platform, you can get in touch with the support staff via email or a contact form. Do not expect quick replies because these kind of HYIP scams only aim at taking money from you as soon as possible. Below are the contact details of this company.

Address – 20 Old Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9AB

Email –

Safely Coins Business Model

This firm is said to be involved in a lot of activities surrounding the finance sector mainly. They claim to generate most of their revenue through trading. However, there is no proof to back up their statements.

Cryptocurrency is the asset which has seen enormous growth in the last decade and has volatility which could make or break your account. Never venture into the world of trading with the idea of making easy money because it is no as easy as these crooks would like you to believe.

Moreover, they have not talked anything about their trading approach as well. We as investors do not know the indicators they use or the parameters they employ.

Considering the lack of data, no rational investor would ever give them the benefit of doubt. Ask yourself, will you trust a complete stranger with no track record to handle your money? Is it really worth the risk?

Investment Plans and Returns Promised

Making a living through trading is a dream for many. However, it is extremely important to have realistic targets to begin with.

Check out the returns advertised by this firm. It isn’t anything short of a miracle, right?

Silver Plan

  • Returns – 1.21% to 1.25% Hourly
  • Duration – 80 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit – $5

Gold Plan

  • Returns – 2.60% to 4% Hourly
  • Duration – 60 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit – $300

Diamond Plan

  • Returns – 8.20% to 18% Hourly
  • Duration – 24 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit – $3,000

Referral Program

Traffic is the oxygen meter for every online business and it goes hand in hand with their marketing capability. To reduce their marketing cost and make it effective, these crooks feature a referral program.

The affiliates are paid huge cash incentives to drive people to this website and whenever they perform week, they are rewarded with extra bonus. In short, shady marketers are creating fake blog posts and videos to make money, while the public is being intentionally mislead.

So, stay away from any channel or website which is promoting them or else, you might incur a financial loss.

Domain Insight

We did a background search on this domain and found the following details about it, thanks to the courtesy of and

  • Domain –
  • Registered On – 04/03/2019
  • Expiry – 04/03/2020
  • Alexa Global Rank –
  • Rank in Russia – 312,287
  • Red Flags – 37,930
  • Audience Geography – Russia, Iran, India, Brazil and Venezuela.

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is an integral part of every firm. Generally, all the legit organization reveal the information about their owners and employees. With regards to this platform, the creators are operating from the shadows.

The sole reason behind their anonymous nature is to avoid criminal prosecution. Think for a moment, if this firm really could generate up to 18% daily, why would they hide from the public?

Moreover, the testimonials on their site are fake as well and are put up only to lure in as many people as possible using stock images.

Safely Coins Testimonials

Ponzi Model

Just like all the HYIP platform, this firm also is following ponzi operational model. They create cash flow by using the deposit amount made by new investors to pay the old clients.

As a result, they are bound to collapse sooner or later. Occasionally, they might have paid some clients, but remember they are outright criminals and will flee away with the cash whenever they want.

So, do not give them your credit card details and never indulge with them for any reason. At the end of the day, the only one to get rich from this scheme will be them and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Safely Coins Review Conclusion

Safely Coins is a shameless scam which is looting the unsuspecting newbie investors. It is just a matter of time, before they face legal consequences for their actions. Despite all their glorious claims, never buy any of their plans. If anyone if suggesting you otherwise, then stay away from them too.

Have you lost your money to Safely Coins? If yes, then please share your feedback with us below.


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