SwiftTradeInvestment.com Review

The domain used by Swift Trade Investment was registered on April 3, 2019 for 1 year through the Google LLC registrar. Since then, it has been growing in popularity and currently it gets significant traffic from various countries, including the United Kingdom. What exactly is offered on SwiftTradeInvestment.com though and is it a legitimate site or a scam? Let’s see…

swifttradeinvestment.com (Swift Trade Investment)


Swift Trade Investment allegedly provides the following services:

  • Retirement Income – Minimum investment is $100 with a period of for 15-30 days while the estimated ROI ranges from 5-15%.
  • Real Estate – Invest a minimum of $10 for 10-60 days for a 7-15% ROI.
  • Gold – Invest a minimum of $100 for 10-30 days with an est. ROI of 10-15%.
  • Oil & Gas – Invest a minimum of $100 for 10-30 days with an est. ROI of 15%.
  • Forex & Binary Trade – Invest a minimum of $10 for 10-30 days with an est. ROI of 10-20%.
  • Stocks – Invest a minimum of $10 for 10-30 days with an est. ROI of 10-20%.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Invest a minimum of $100 for 10-60 days with an est. ROI of 5-20%.
  • Insurance – Invest a minimum of $100 for 10-365 days with an est. ROI of 15-20%.

The crypto currency account is what interests us the most. Swift Trade Investment is offering an investment plan where they claim to make profitable trades exploiting the price difference in the open market on crypto exchanges at different times. No additional information is provided.

Company & Contact Information

Address: 7th floor 88 Wood St, Barbican, London EC2V 7RS, UK

Email: info@swifttradeinvestment.com

Phone: +44 117 325 7579

There’s also a contact form/chat widget on the website.

So Can You Trust Swift Trade Investment?

Things start getting suspicious when you check out the “Our Testimonial” section of swifttradeinvestment.com. Two testimonials are provided by “Nick Richardson,” “Joy Palmers,” and others. However, as you can see below, Google Images shows that the same pictures are used on many different sites.

SwiftTradeInvestment.com - Fake Testimonials
SwiftTradeInvestment.com vs. Google Images

Other than that we have the fact that they are apparently offering trading of binary options which has been banned in many countries, including the US and Europe.

Referral System

Swift Trade Investment runs a referral program where one can earn money by referring friends and family to the system. They say you can earn 7% of any investment made by your referral on the platform.

Review Conclusion

We currently don’t have proof that SwiftTradeInvestment.com is a scam. No one complained to us yet. If you have been scammed, please make sure to let us know by commenting below.

However, it doesn’t look good for them.

  • Fake images
  • Binary options trading is offered – even though it is far from legitimate
  • ROIs seem too good to be true
  • Not a professional site (no privacy policy, terms of use, etc.)
  • The fact that the domain was only registered for one year

For now, our recommendation would to avoid investing with Swift Trade Investment.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary, let us know and we will be glad to update this review.


  1. Anish soni

    I have been victim too with company swift trade investment the guy name Aldarich bald who is on instagram and his friend frank who was know to be the CEO Of the company and his mobile no. Is mentioned on the website +44 116 326 1187. This is the number where we been chatting with them all time and they our US$5000 and always making excuses and you have invest More to get your returns they are really big frauds and stealing people money . Please be aware of these people they are professional they know how to steal someone’s money they always gona tell you that you going to be millionaire never Gona happen and you gona loose you’re money what you gona send to them.

    • angelica sgambato

      Did you report them to the Police or Fraud authority office?
      When i made the report they told me to look for more people that have been victim too in a way to trace them and help us to get our money back. Please please please report them to the Authority,no more victims!

        • angelica sgambato

          To Met Police or any district station,they ll be able to tell you how to proceed and what you need to do.Here in UK the report has been done to the Action Fraud Team and they are looking into the Company and the members. Other different authorities are involved too cause they operates from different country.More report the Authorities find about that Company even if from different country it will help stop them and hopefully to have our money back.
          Please report them,give them all the details of the scam,what they did and how.They need to be stopped.
          I leave here my email,please contact me and help us to stop them: angelicasgambato@hotmail.com

  2. angelica sgambato

    I’ve been victim too…the guy under the name Clark Irving stole my money with the help of one of his friend and “known client” Alex Vasily. I’ve been reported them to the Police but i dont think they will help me.

    • Claire

      this company is known to make scam and steal money to the clients. To anyone who reads that, please report it and make sure everybody knows. It’s all a scam and fraud!

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