The Billion Coin (TBC) Review – Ridiculous Crypto Scam! possesses all the characteristics of a too good to be true investment scam. Directed towards the cryptocurrency domain, The Billion Coin (TBC) is the preposterous crypto launch built upon the basic fundamentals of scam marketing techniques. Prospective investors who visit are enabled the most unfortunate opportunity of investing into the platform, where their fictitious self-created cryptocurrency (TBC) can be applied in investment practices to generate completely unrealistic returns.

As you will gather throughout this indisputable review, The Billion Coin is just another get-rich-quick scheme. Maliciously targeting the newbie Bitcoin investor demographic, TBC is nothing more than an illicit investment scam based upon the ideology that you are investing in this new miraculous cryptocurrency that, in reality, seizes to exist. - The Billion Coin (TBC)

What is The Billion Coin?

The Billion Coin, in short, is a ludicrous investment hoax. However, when you visit, the creators behind this operation portray their site as an investment community and private group that revolves around the principles of generating profits by depositing bitcoins into their decentralized platform. While the thought of joining an exclusive “community” of crypto-oriented investors may sound appealing to novice Bitcoin capitalists, the actual practices being practiced by TBC are no less than theft.

How does program work?

In theory, The Billion Coin (TBC) operation functions under the capacity where investors deposit bitcoins into their platform and will, in turn for their deposits, receive a daily profit ranging between 2% to 5% until their investment reaches “Ultimate Price.” While a membership is “free” through, the TBC community requires investors to purchase a lifetime TBC wallet for $10 where your alleged TBC profits will be stored.

According to The Billion Coin site, the current value of 1 TBC cryptocurrency is over 141.4 bitcoins. In terms of fiat currency, the alleged current price is set to over 1.1 million euros, which is outrageous at best. The Ultimate Price, which is when your investment reaches maturity, has a reflected value of over 2.3 million euros, which again is nonsensical and beyond excessive.

As with most too good to be true scams, the main focus of their operation is to drive as many Bitcoin deposits into their platform as possible. Since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once sent, this corrupt business model employed at The Billion Coin plays well into these con-artists schemes. As with most Ponzi schemes, The Billion Coin acknowledges new depositors first couple requests for withdrawals but then fail to release any following withdrawal requests. Ponzi schemes are completely unsustainable and illegal operations which is why The Billion Coin should be avoided!

The Billion Coin Scam Test

Does the website promise unbelievably high returns?

Yes! Claiming to generate a daily return between 2% to 5% until your initial deposit reaches Ultimate Price is absurd. The projection calculator featured at will show how a minimum deposit of $100 in bitcoins will magically accrue to an estimated value of $132,392.18 in just one year.

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

No information can be found in regards to the owners of the site. No corporate, ownership or creator information is divulged on the Terms of Use, Contact Us or any other pages found on the site. A domain report will also reveal that was privately registered which makes it nearly impossible to find any information pertaining to the creators behind this site.

How old is the website?

A WHOIS search will reveal that was created on April 16th, 2016. Privately registered, it is obvious that the creators behind this site wanted to remain anonymous due to their unethical, and illegal, business practices.

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website?

No legitimate sites have been found in accordance with The Billion Coin. Sister sites shown that be affiliated with this deceptive Ponzi scheme would be,,, and

Does the site have a physical address?

No address or identifying information is provided on the site. This enables The Billion Coin site to remain a completely anonymous operation which is a strong red flag in our books.

How popular is the website? had a SimiliarWeb global ranking of 75,259 as of November 28th, 2017. Over 50% of the sites traffic originates from users who reside within Nigeria, the United States and the Philippines.

The Billion Coin Community Complaints

A simply search query of “The Billion Code scam” into any search engine will reveal the true nature of this fraudulent investment site. Many reputable blogging sites have concluded that The Billion Coin is a scam while providing ample evidence to support their conclusion. Among one of these sites would be where forum members have shown that The Billion Coin is a Ponzi scheme that should be avoided. Review Conclusion

The Billion Coin investment operation is a deceptive Ponzi scheme targeted toward gullible cryptocurrency investors. The alleged ROIs promised through the TBC community are unrealistic and we can assure you that by putting your faith with this operation will result in no less than the theft of your deposited bitcoins. Never invest your hard-earned money with any investment site that isn’t straightforward about their identity or promises returns that reside outside the realm of realistic.

Review Verdict: The Billion Coin is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites:,,,, &

Have you been scammed by The Billion Coin? Please share any experience or knowledge you may possess by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Renin

    Hi Mufutau

    The value of any product is the price a customer is willing to pay for it.
    Something similar can be said about cryptocurrencies. The value of a coin is based on the number of people who are ready to exchange goods in exchange for the coin.

    Now, in the billion coin domain, everyone is there with only one objective- increase in the wealth. No one wants to sell goods in exchange for TBC. TBC can’t be exchanged with other currencies of cryptocurrencies. It just leads to one thing- You are stuck with all the TBC you have.

    Out of desperation, you try to lure unsuspecting, ill-informed and greedy people by showing them false dreams. Try to sell them the millions of TBC that you have amassed.

    Why Billion coin cannot be compared with Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is backed by a community who believe that BTC must be the future of transactions. People like developers, businessmen, politicians, scientists back the idea of Bitcoin.

    In the case of Billion coin- It is backed by a community mainly from underdeveloped areas of Africa and Asia, who don’t have an iota of knowledge about economics. All having greed as a motive behind the coin and no one actually knows its value (if it has one). No sane person who is knowledgeable enough has put any kind of money in this piece of crap.

  2. Mufutau Gbadebo Odebunmi

    Look, if we could come to the fat, The Billion Coin it is no more a Scam and ever and Scamed and Scam or intend to Scam but the major challenges that face The Billion Coin is because its foundermental Principle that it should not depreciate but apprecaite Which is a big threaten to others Cryptocurrenies especially Biticoin made them concluded or think that it is a Scam which is not a Scam at all!
    Well, not so woundered if someone thought so because at earlier stage of Biticoin, so were the thought of people!
    Therefore TBC it is not create for marker exchanges but Wealth storages!
    TBC it is a legit Cryptocurrency not Scam at all as Biticoin organizatoin or administration thought!
    Thank you so much.

    • John

      TBC is a scam. I joined February 2017, and did not receive access to my account even after paying the $10 fee to “activate”. Fast forward a year and the site changed and now I have no access to even logging on and viewing my account and the money I used to have. TBC is scummy and promises something unattainable and nothing like Bitcoin and other legit cryptocurrency. Don’t waste people’s time and money on this scam

      • Loverta

        That means you were wrongly informed. Visit the blog and get more updated

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