Yota.Biz Review – Unethical Pyramid Scheme Exposed!

If you are hoping to accrue significant earnings through Yota.Biz then think again! Yota.Biz is the latest viral scam taking up residence within the cryptocurrency domain. Fleecing deposited bitcoins from unsuspecting investors, Yota.Biz has resorted to nothing more or less than the theft of bitcoins. Employing pyramid scheme business practices coupled with promising unobtainable ROIs appear to be the backbone of this malicious scam operation.

For those of you who have been considering possibly investing into Yota.Biz, then we urge you to read our impartial review before committing. Extract the facts from this transparent composition and learn why putting your trust with this seemingly legitimate investment opportunity will put your Bitcoin wallet’s longevity in jeopardy!


What is Yota.Biz?

Allegedly based out of Hong Kong, Yota.Biz is an investment service tailored toward the Bitcoin realm. Graciously accepting Bitcoin deposits from investors, this site acclimates their business model around an affiliate based pyramid scheme. Affiliates, for lack of a better term, who enroll through Yota.Biz, aren’t investing into a retainable product or service, but rather for the ability to market the Yota affiliate membership. The number of victims/partners that invested affiliates can successfully recruit will dictate their earning potential through Yota.Biz.

To heighten the sense of suspicion, Yota.Biz fails to provide any information regarding an active corporate entity, operators or creators whom are responsible for their site. Sure enough they claim to be at the physical address of Winway Building, 50 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong but research has shown that this building is currently available for sale or leasing. While the phone number of (852) 5819 8984 and email address of hk@yota.biz are provided, no real authenticating features are present on the site.

How does Yota.Biz Work?

Yota.Biz asserts their site as a destination that employs a variety of investment options such as trust management, individual investment accounts and structured products, yet they only provide information regarding their Rewards program. The rewards program, as many of you are able to deduce, is their affiliate based investment program. As you will see, their investment packages are based upon a pyramid scheme guideline that is clearly unsustainable for long-term business applications.

Referral Commissions

Level 1 – 7% accrual of partners deposit/profits

Level 2 – 5% accrual of partners deposit/profits

Level 3 – 3% accrual of partners deposit/profits

Level 4 – 2% accrual of partners deposit/profits

Level 5 – 2% accrual of partners deposit/profits

Yota.biz is a pyramid scheme!

Characteristically like the vast majority of Ponzi schemes, the deposits of new affiliates are used to fulfill withdrawal requests of previously joined investors. While short-term this business model may function, over time it will seize to fulfill the withdrawal requests of new members and ultimately implode upon itself. This operational model is identical to the illegal Ponzi scheme business model, which is why prospective investors should avoid this operation.

Red Flag and Complaints

Numerous red flags are found throughout Yota.Biz. Perhaps among the most obvious besides their unethical operational model would be how they rely on phony testimonials to gain visitors trust.

Phony Testimonials at Yota.biz

As you can see for yourself, none of the testimonials provided at Yota.Biz are authentic, which should make you ponder what else this operation could be trying to hide from you. Other factors that should be taken into consideration would be the investor feedback regarding Yota.Biz.

“Yota is rubbish.”

“Yota is down! Site not Working no withdraw!!”

Other feedback can be found at BitcoinTalk.org where a few complaints have been filed against Yota.Biz about how their site is no longer releasing withdrawal requests.

Can Yota.Biz be Trusted?

Trust has to be earned organically when it comes to investing online. In the case of Yota.Biz, it is beyond obvious that this site cannot be trusted and will employ any measures necessary as long as you are more likely to deposit into their scheme.


Yota.Biz possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 57,383 as of November 28th, 2017. Over a quarter of the sites traffic originates from visitors residing within Russia, while almost 30% of the referral traffic that visits the site comes from traffic exchange sites such as adbtc.top.

Yota.Biz Review Conclusion

Yota.Biz is a deceitful scam operation that knows no bounds when trying to solicit potential investors out of their bitcoins. None of the components featured on the site are realistic, the operational model is a clear pyramid and Ponzi scheme hybrid and they are employing fictitious testimonials. Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by avoiding this malicious HYIP scam!

Review Verdict: Yota.Biz is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Yota.Biz

Have you been scammed by Yota.Biz? Please share any experience or feedback you may possess in a comment below!

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    Where and where, to whom will I get my money?

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    Why did you put in 35K? That was not a good idea.

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