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Bitcoin Profit is an innovative auto-trader which specifically trades cryptocurrencies. The results achieved by their algorithm is absolutely extraordinary and has managed to change the financial aspect of the early adopters. During our investigation we were quite happy to find data backed facts about this platform which justifies their popularity which is exponentially growing each day.

This service has been around for considerable amount of time and certainly has won the trust of many traders and crypto enthusiasts. To find out every single aspect of this software continue reading our unbiased review which will show you how useful this software really is.

Creator and Background

The name of the person who created this software is John Majors. He is a well known personality in the crypto world. Unlike many scams wherein fake actors scream for attention these type of personalities do not fancy media attention instead they like to keep a low profile for the privacy reasons.

This firm was founded before the Bitcoin Boom and had a very humbling start. The number of employees this firm initially hired was 5 but in the recent times especially after the bitcoin Boom all the former employees who were present from the start are millionaires and their base has grown.

How does Bitcoin Profit work ?

Bitcoin Profits follows Elliot principal of trading. For those of you who do not have much idea about this strategy know that they basically follow the time tested strategies of trading trends. Simply put they buy or sell according to the wave structure while keeping a vigilant eye on the news events thus covering fundamental analysis as well.

The users have to follow just three steps which are registering with them, choosing a broker and then depositing with them. On the dashboard the traders can tweak around many setting according to their preferences and can adjust the contract size.

Note that it is better to avoid trading in certain times like when high impact news are scheduled as the market becomes erratic and the profit is not worth the risk.

Returns Offered

As majority of you already know the amount of profit an individual can earn directly depends on their initial deposit. Since this software has an accuracy rate of around 75% to 80%, if the trader follows strict money management rules then he/she can easily gain significant returns over time, maybe more if they compound their gains.

For example lets say an individual opens an account with $250 and opens 4 trades of $25 each, out of that if 3 ends up as winners and one is a loser then also the profit margin is decent enough and is worth the time spent.


Whenever a software delivers its promises, they are bound to get popular. As the service gains fame there will be many people who try them out and share their opinion in social media. - Testimonials

As you can see the number of testimonials featured on their platform, it definitely proves that their system works and has indeed changed the financial needs of the users who trusted this platform with their money.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum amount required to get started with this auto-trader is $250. Payment methods accepted by them depends on the broker you choose but remember all the options like wire transfer, e-wallets and credit/debit cards are available. Transaction fees may be applicable, for exact details on fees imposed you need to ask their support staff.

One more thing you should be aware about this service is that many brokers are synced with their platform and when you choose a broker do not choose an unregulated broker unless you have no choice.

Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam ?

In short No,

When the whole online trading is plagued by scams it is understandable that it is very tough to trust a service but rest assured. What we are looking at is an easy to use software which will provide the traders with stable stream of income.

The only missing thing about this software is that they do not offer demo account but we night be wit picking about that. Over all we trust everything about this service.

Bitcoin Profit Review Conclusion

If you are a crypto enthusiast or interested in trading but do not know where to begin due to the overwhelming amount of information then we highly encourage you to try this automated solution. There are a lot of opportunities to earn money involving Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general but do not hesitate to take a action whenever a reliable firm like this one pops up.


  1. Eric

    I’ve been using this site for 1 year. I wish I had found these guys earlier. I learned from these guys that I was a victim of 2 scams before I was victimized. I should have listened and read from these guys before investing. I was a victim of and another. They called it when all others were promoting them.

  2. william whitfield

    Sanath…been reading your many exposes of internet investment scams which are a noteworthy public service…BUT… how do we know y’re not just another paid promoter for yet another fraudulent rip-off piece of cow dung? And if not that, have you personally invested with this outfit and profited by it? And why not if not? I’m interested, but have already lost $30K to a rip-off Banner Bit scam, so I need hard supporting data and references before getting bit again!

  3. Dee

    Google refuses to leave the site open. As soon as I c
    lick the address Google closes the site. Anyone else having that problem?

    • Eric

      I’m getting the same rejection. The site opens for a second then goes to googles home screen. I was able to get into the site by tapping the screen and I filled out their sign up form but couldn’t get through.

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