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Z-trader.com - Scam Review
ZTrader (Z-Trader.com) is a new auto-trader which calls itself one of the most successful trading solutions ever. The people behind this firm are said to be professionals but sadly they have not put any details about them for confidentiality reasons. This platform is said to earn average returns of 4% per day which is impressive but do not drift away, there is no evidence to support their claims.

Accuracy rate of this secret algorithm is supposedly more than 80%, again all their statements are not backed up by any verifiable evidence. To know how this filthy scam works and why you should not consider to proceed with them in any way, go through our full review.

License and Regulation

All the firms which operate in the investment sector are subject to follow procedures laid by the local regulators. ZTrader represents an ICO, they have created a model in which they raise money for trading a number of altcoins from the public and promise the clients certain amount of money either on the expiration of the contract or on a future date.

Companies which operate in this manner are required to hold special licenses but when we looked around for any document, there weren’t any. Moreover this firm also refuses to share any details regarding their registration and legal incorporation which means they are operating illegally.

The issues does not stop there, if anyone unfortunately signs up with them and faces any issues which is unavoidable then the ways you can reach them are via email and telegram. It appears as if these fraudsters did not have enough budget to set up a customer support team in conjunction with their false narratives.

How does ZTrader work ?

This program apparently employs the most effective algorithms which makes its trades precise and accurate. They further state that they buy and sell based on the technical indicators and professional trading strategies.

This explanation does not make things clear from investors perspective. There are a lot of methods to make money from the market but at any point of time if an individual has not taken into account the risk profiling aspect then making steady profits will be a dream.

These scammers have put up the names of all the technical indicators they uses, such as MACD, Fibonacci levels, Bollinger Bands and the RSI (Relative Strength Index), but don’t you think using so many different input creates paralysis from analysis.

After looking at their abrupt narrative any realistic investor will never dare mess with them because there isn’t much insight provided by them to instill confidence.

Account Types

ZTrader bot offers 3 types of plans in which 2 are paid while 1 plan is free but remember you still have to deposit the funds with them. Here are the details of the license plans:-

Free Demo Plan

Validity – 7 Days

Real Time Prices

Software updates

Starter Plan

Validity – unlimited

Distinctive Features – Support access, Referral Program

License Plan

Validity – 12 Months

Cost – 0.25 BTC

Distinctive Feature – Exchange API, No Trading Fees

Domain Whereabouts

Thanks to the courtesy of services like whois.com, we know that this domain was registered on 31/07/2018 and it expires after a year. As this platform is recently registered there isn’t sufficient data to analyse their marketing plans and the type of user they target. The only information about the website we could gather from alexa.com is that it ranks 3,642,420.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum amount required to start trading with this bot is 0.03 BTC and the payout threshold is 0.01 BTC. As you might have guessed the only payment method this firm accepts is Bitcoins. There isn’t any information on the fees imposed on transactions and the period of time required for them to process the withdrawal is not mentioned.

Is ZTrader a Scam ?

A Typical one,

They have every trait of a fake platform. The narration they peddle is false and only benefits them. Since no names of the employees or creators is involved in todays world it is close to impossible to trace them down when you encounter any fuss.

Z-trader.com - Demo Account

Another classic trick they incorporated in their platform is the demo trap. They lure in people by saying its free but actually it isn’t and it has been a common practice of the scams to rig the demo accounts so that it gives a wrong impression of being profitable but be cautioned once you deposit the funds the win rate will certainly fade over and will make you suffer huge losses.

Think rationally does a firm who cheats and lies about their service deserve your money?

ZTrader Review Conclusion

Fake software like this one has spread like wild fire in the financial sector. They promise to make you money on complete autopilot but every system has its flaws and is by no means a solution to your needs.

The offers from any type of shady business will always be designed to make it irresistible but without solid proof what value does their claims hold ?

Did you lose your funds to Z-Trader.com? Feel free to share your feedback by commenting below.


  1. Walter Marquez

    Increíblemente todas las historias son idénticas, Salvo que en algunas si comenzaron a operar, me recuerda mucho cuando pululaban las estafas de las FANTASTICAS OPCIONES BINARIAS, Depositabas 2.000$ pero como agarrabas el bono debias hacer 12 veces el valor de tu deposito para poder retirar el dinero.. Jajajaja! No me burlo, Tambien cai con mis 0.03 BTC, Pero hay que estar muy prevenidos e investigar hasta los tuetanos todas las webs. Un Abrazo !

  2. francisco

    como hago para recuperar mi dinero

  3. adan juarez robles

    yo tambien inverti el minimo … y pues nunca me genero movimientos ni perdidas ni ganancias…. estoy desepcionado de esto de las criptomonedas …. realmente conocen algun robot de criptomonedas que sea real …y fiable???

    • Manuel Paredes Seura

      Hola bro, a mi tambien me estafaron en esta pagina de mierda. Ahora yo tengo uno 100% real con retiros todo totalmente legal hablame por whatsapp +56965786672 y te muestro ahi si te sirve para recuperar la inversión perdida con creces.

  4. Rodrigo

    Se puede recuperar de alguna manera el dinero

  5. Alejandro

    Inverti 0.15 confiando sin antes informarme llevo .40

    Y no encuentro manera de retirar mi dinero, por mas que intento contactarlo es imposible

    estafado sin duda

    • Josebit

      Reportalo a cryptofraudworldregistry.com ellos te pueden decir si existe manera de recuperar tu dinero. Si existe, ellos la saben.

  6. Fernando Pabon

    Yo tengo ya un mes de haber empezado con el robot y ya lleva un porcentaje de retorno de 160%. Intente hacer un retiro hace 6 días y hasta el día de hoy sigue en pendiente. Nunca responden las preguntas realizadas, sinceramente muy decepcionado.

  7. Oscar C.

    Es una estafa total!!!! la demo sigue trabajando y lleva más del 120% de rendimiento….. para usarlo como gancho para que inviertas, inverti los 0.03000000 BTC que te piden cómo mínimo para poder abrir la cuenta real y durante dos semanas no opero nada!!! solicite el retiro 3 veces y se queda en pendiente, me mandan un link a mi correo para confirmar el retiro pero al dar click simplemente no abre nada en el navegador.

    Los intentos para hablar con ellos son nulos porque no contestan ni en su canal de telegram @ztradersupport ni en su email support@z-trader.com

    No inviertan en este “increíble bot de crypto” porque seguramente esos $200 USD (mínimo para abrir la cuenta) no regresarán jamás!

  8. felipe

    pues parece que si 🙁 por que ya dos semanas de solicitar retiro y ni me contestan los correos

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