Review is said to be an industry leading Bitcoin mining pool which enables most people to earn bitcoins as efficiently as possible in the shortest period of time. Their platform looks very simple and they are quite straight forward with the concept.

This deceptive scheme has looted thousands of investors who gave this platform the benefit of doubt. Just like all the fraudulent platform there are no details of the people running this firm.

The main reason why the creators embrace anonymity is to escape criminal prosecution. Before taking any decisions about them impulsively go through our thorough review which will make you aware of what this service is truly about.

Company and Contact Details

Regardless of what specific type of service a company provides they are required to be licensed and regulated when they are doing business with the retail investors. represents an ICO, they basically buy equipments, farms and look after their maintenance on a large scale and provide the investors with contracts and raise capital through them.

According to the terms of the contract the clients are promised some amount of money after the agreement matures. While we were trying to find any legal documents which gives this firm the right to conduct these type of activities we were unable to find any certificates they must hold failing which they will have to face prison.

We even went through FCA database but still we couldn’t find any information about them. Moreover this firm also hasn’t put any details of registration or incorporation. Which means they are definitely violators of law. Here are some of the contact details of this firm:-

Address – 68, Marlborough Road, Woodford, London, United Kingdom.

Email –

How does work ?

This company is a cloud mining service, they basically sell the computing power to the retail investors which are backed up by physical miners. They claim to use latest algorithms which arouse them to make as much bitcoin as possible.

This little explanation might trick a new entrant of the crypto space but any experienced person can easily detect that this narration serves no purpose. The investors are not told the exact machineries they use and the names of the mining pools they are indulged with are not revealed.

So, there is no way to verify any of the claims. This firm supposedly has data centers located in Europe, USA and China. Since the exact location is not revealed we strongly believe that they are bluffing. Working in a pool might generate higher revenue but in the recent times unless you have dedicated graphic cards running all day long the hassles might not be worth it. - Scam Review

Mining Contracts

The amount of pure profit one could make in mining is long gone. As bitcoin gained a lot of attention in the early 2017 difficulty involved in mining as exploded and is still continuously rising. No cloud mining site can offer returns of up to 8% per day.

Take a look at the contracts advertised by them –


Earning Rate – 0.00016 BTC Daily

Affiliate bonus – 11%

Cost – 0.0035 BTC


Earning Rate – 0.0005 BTC Daily

Affiliate bonus – 12.5%

Cost – 0.01 BTC


Earning Rate – 0.0027 BTC Daily

Affiliate bonus – 15%

Cost – 0.05 BTC


Earning Rate – 0.0175 BTC Daily

Affiliate bonus – 17%

Cost – 0.2 BTC

Affiliate Program

This platform features the typical characteristics of a pyramid scheme. They offer bonuses and payouts to the affiliates who redirects people to this service. The commission percentage depends upon the mining contract purchased by the investor but it is usually around 11% to 17%. - Affiliate Program

It is not compulsory for the promoters to hold any active mining plans in order to get the fat commissions which is the main reason as to why many HYIP blogs promote this platform.


Thanks to we know that this domain was registered on 01/07/2018 and it expires on 01/07/2019. The registrant contact details cannot be traced as they are using some kind of privacy service.

According to this website ranks 1,214 in Bangladesh and has a global rank of 83,050. The countries where they are quite popular are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil, India and Egypt. This service uses networking sites like to promote their platform.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is 0.0035 BTC and the minimum payout is 0.0045 BTC. The only e-currency accepted by them is Bitcoin.

We do not know whether there are any transaction fees associated with deposit and withdrawals. The time taken to process the payout is not mentioned anywhere on their website.

Is Scam or Legit ?

The answer is clearly a scam,

These crooks are unregulated and does not follow basic KYC policy. Since there is no exhibition of their mining capabilities along with the fact that the profit they claim to generate are all too good to be true.

Cryptocurrencies offer many ways of making a fortune but that doesn’t mean you can double or triple your money on monthly basis. Also note that once you send money to them they are not concerned about anything else.

Seriously what kind of reputable investment firm operates without having a support staff in place unlike these scammers who are not bothered about user experience. Review Conclusion

This service is very new and does not have any credibility. We found a lot of testimonials about this firm online but majority of the comments had referral links attached to them so, we know that it is a shady trick.

Laws around cryptocurrency are getting strict nowadays but still since these concepts are entirely new for some people many fraudsters are looting them in the name of investments. Till that time when the regulatory authorities are able to track this cyber criminals make sure that you do not fall to any fake schemes.

Have you lost money to Scam? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


  1. Azad

    I have upgraded my plan(0.0035 btc) 3/4 days ago. But after upgrading the page can not be opened, why?

  2. Mohi

    I have invested 12$ on for increasing my earning. But after invest, I cannot access my account.
    This site is fully SCAM


  3. Henry

    I payed 0.0035BTC but they just blocked me
    I can’t login again with my PIN it is saying Incorrect PIN and this is after I have made my payment yesterday this people are pure Scammers

  4. rcb

    go to hell dont invest ..fucking idiot scammer.. can someone take an action on this site ..

  5. Joe

    ****SCAM SCAM SCAM***
    Btcpool they let you mine bitcoin soon as you upgrade to the next plan they block your account so you can’t access it
    DO NOT FALL for this site its a total SCAM

  6. mihda

    i cant login after withdraw..and not paying

    my PIN INCORECT…i think i dont false..and corect

  7. kokochit

    hi admin my account withdrawl pending on ovre 4hour
    i upgrade plan starter for deposit is a few time is comfrimed
    what your didn’t give me withdrawl
    why statis pending is a long time
    reply me i want know

  8. Scia

    This is 1Million scam, I already bought a plan yesterday but today, I can longer access my account, it always says “Incorrect PIN code”.

  9. siuky


  10. Waheed Habib

    Fraud Fraud Fraud.. I saw users withdraw from this website but when i invest they block my account saying invalid pin. Scam Website DO NOT INVEST GUYS

  11. JC

    Same also i upgrade to STARTER PLAN, and i withdraw 0.006 then it said there is many withdrawals and it will be processed for several hours and after an hour, and again in my dashboard they “there something suspcious in thing in my account, they will check and process my withdrawal…. i wait after few hours again the notif in my dashboard is same again… i decided to SIGN OUT but when i am signing i cannot LOG IN …..INCORRECT PIN CODE…

  12. issam

    big scammer i lost my money in this site after requesting my payout they changed my pin code and blocked me. don’t spend your money in this scam site.!!!

  13. Mary

    Țeapă… 0.00950000 BTC. ???
    PIN CODE….?????

  14. suman chaudhary

    i used Starter plan ..!!! i withdraw 0.009btc withdraw pending but next time open Incorrect PIN code ??? fucking site scamer

  15. M.RIZWAN


  16. eko 100% dont invest here, i try to withdraw but after i wait long time i try to log in again and my pin has changed

  17. liny

    Really Scam I upgrade to starter plan yesterday and withdraw my earning amount but they say withdraw will be after some hour it is in que. And when i try to enter my pin code is said wrong.
    they are really froud. i lost money. i contact them message them, email them but no response still.

  18. alex

    SCAM!!! i try to withdraw this morning and when i get back this afternoon it says incorrect pincode… —starter plan—

    • Scia

      Same in mine so sad, it always says “Incorrect PIN code”

  19. Rey

    This is scam they change my pin after i upgrade huhuhuuu

  20. Yousuf has scammer, I have an enterprise account 138865
    They changed my pin code
    I request him several times but they do not give me answer on support
    They are fraud

  21. WDV

    UN ami m’a envoyé le lien de ce site btcpool et je me suis inscrit. Au moment où je devrais faire mon retrait de 0.0045btc on me demande de mettre à jour mon plan , ce que j’ai fait en payant 0.0035btc . Après quoi on me dit que la demande de paiement est assez et que mon paiement prendrait des heures. Cela fait deux jours que je n’ai pas été viré. Et lorsque je veux me connecter on met CODE PIN INCORRECT.

  22. Dexter Yap

    Dont Invest your hard earn money here..SCAM, they will pay you at first and time you will withdraw, they will gonna changed your pin. You can’t log in anymore!

  23. Lodan is 100% SCAM…… they change my pin after I upgrade to starter plan.

  24. unw3ll

    I have a friend already withdrawn 0.0045 BTC with starter plan, so i joined.
    Were waiting for his 2nd payout and my first payout.

  25. ran4

    its a SCAM, they changed my pin already. My plan is 0.05

  26. ran4

    Its a scam, they changed my pin already. My plan is 0.05.

  27. Mario

    Hello there,a friend of mine suggested the site to me,he withdraw 0.0045 a few days ago with no deposit.i joined them and will have to wait to see what happens when i reach the limit.but there is not even a chance to deposit money plan is to spend the btc earned (if possible)and see what will happen

    • Lodans

      It’s not possible to withdraw without upgrading the plan

  28. James

    Its a SCAM recently my downline upgrade its account to Starter then after that succesfull Upgrade

    He cannot open his account INCORRECT PASSWORD as it says

  29. User

    but i hear there is so many people get profit from this site, did you invested in there ?

  30. Reboul Jean Paul

    Bonjour, Votre site internet scambitcoin a attiré toute mon attention et correspond à mes recherches.

    Pourtant voulu voir vous avez enregistré un site que les placé de lien mais je me dit que il n’n’a pas d’info. Alors je place le lien en bas du commentaire pour savoir si vous disposez de plus de renseignements afin que j’aimerai participé à son développement par un investisse

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