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U-Crypto Review - Review

U-Crypto ( as the name indicates is a new initiative cryptocurrency broker who offers a wide range of digital assets with a reasonable spreads on them.  Their platform is designed in such a way that even people who does not have much technical knowledge can also navigate around this site smoothly.

The maximum leverage offered by this platform is 1:100 which should be enough for most of the traders.  If you want to know whether this broker meets all your needs and expectations then go through our full review to find out everything about them.

License and Contact Details

This company is owned and operated by OVV services LP which is stationed at Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.  

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There are no registration documents featured by this platform but if you can always contact their support team for further information.  The support staff can be reached through telephone, email or live chat feature but whenever you contact them on holidays do not expect quick replies.  Here are the contact details of this company:

Phone – +35319610079

Email – [email protected]

Leverage and Trading Platform

The amount of leverage ranges from 1:1 to 1:100.  The traders can choose have the liberty to choose the leverage amount according to their needs but remember leverage has the potential to increase your profits but also carries substantial risks, so unless you have a clear idea about what you are doing it is better to stick with the lowest amount possible.  

Their trading platform is neat and has most of tools commonly found in many charting solutions such as trend lines, fibonacci, etc.  

There are 4 account types offered by this broker wherein for more benefits and services like having a dedicated personal account manager, risk free trades for certain amount of time and lower spreads the traders have to start with higher deposit amount.  SMS alerts comes free for all types of accounts.

Educational Materials

This broker puts a lot of educational materials on their website.  They are offering in depth articles about popular strategies such as scalping, trend trading, investing and news trading.  If you are a VIP account holder then you will get one on one coaching and seminars about any topic related to trading cryptocurrencies.  

Regardless of what kind of knowledge you have, this broker ensures that you will get a clear idea of what to do without overwhelming you which is something not every broker features.

Managed Accounts

For people who do not have the necessary time to dedicate to trading but likes to benefit from it can always opt in for this service.  Basically all you have to do is select an account of the person you would like to replicate their trades from.

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For example if you find anyone with an impressive profit records with low drawdown percentage and they are offering managed account service, you just have to pay certain amount of fees to them and then all the trades will automatically replicate in your account.  It is most commonly known as PAMM.

Affiliate program

This company encourages its existing clients and individuals to promote their platform.  The affiliates who refers people to this broker gets paid either a flat rate or gets revenue share and the commissions are usually paid weekly.  

Anyone who has access to a lot of web traffic can use this program to make substantial income for themselves.  Affiliates are not required to have an active account in order to get paid.

Domain Popularity

Thanks to we know that this domain was registered on 13/09/2017 and it expires on 13/09/2018.

This website ranks 545 in Oman and has a global rank of 149,398 according to

The majority of the traffic coming to this site are from Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Belgium and Lithuania.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the minimum withdrawal threshold is $100.  The funding options are Bank transfer, cryptocurrency wallets, debit/credit cards and electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill.  

There are no fees on deposits and withdrawals.  The time required for processing withdrawals from their end is not mentioned.

Can I Trust U-Crypto?

Of Course but still we advice our readers to be conservative towards them.  The main thing this platform is missing is a demo account.

If you are a newbie investor in crypto sector, it is better to start out with a demo account until you feel comfortable of trading with real money but for traders who are looking for more technical advantage, this broker might be the one.

U-Crypto Review Conclusion

U-Crypto is a new broker who does not have any major red flags.  They have all the right tools and have gone beyond their limits to provide valuable education to their clients.  

The only minor issue with them is that they do not disclose their license details but they still comply with many standard rules such as KYC policy.  To summarize this broker will be sufficient for most traders as they are highly professional and feature spreads starting from 1/ point on Bitcoin.

Have you tried  Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Andreas Andreou

    Also have problem with them..last account manager left and I dont know who is now… no any reply at all and the site is out, only platform works with problems…

    • kostas Donas

      Exω βάλει δικηγόρους στην Ιρλανδία και την Βουλγαρία και η εταιρεία είναι βιτρίνα στην Ιρλανδία. Πλήρωσα με τραπεζικό έμβασμα στην Βουλγαρία αλλά και εκεί η εταιρεία είναι φάντασμα και ανήκει σε έναν Ουκρανό καταζητούμενο. Ξεκίνησα για δικαστήριο να δεσμεύσω τον λογαριασμό στον οποίο κατέθεσα τα χρήματα, αλλά θέλουν 2000 για τα δικαστικά έξοδα και τις αμοιβές, τα οποία θα είναι χαμένα χρήματα αν ο λογαριασμός δεν έχει μέσα υπόλοιπο. Στείλε μου στο [email protected] μήνυμα αν είσαι Ευρώπη να οργανωθούμε μέσω της εισαγγελίας να ανοίξουμε τους λογαριασμούς. Εχω ήδη καταθέσει μήνυση στην δίωξη ηλεκτρονικού εγκλήματος αλλά το ποσό που μου έκλεψαν δεν είναι κακουργηματικο και δεν μπορούν ακόμα να ανοίξουν τους λογαριασμούς μέχρι να αποδειχθεί πλήρως η σύσταση εγκληματικής οργάνωσης.

    • kostas Donas

      how much money did you lose i have already pressed criminal charges, if we gather more people we can put more pressure

  2. Cherry

    hi KOSTAS DONAS, I am having issues with them as well. been trying to reach out to them since last week asking them to approve my withdrawal request but no response. I will send you an email.

  3. kostas Donas

    i am paying someone 200 bucks just to go to their offices and see if they exist, how many people work there, and meet some people pretending he is interested to open an account. Also take some supposed managers names.
    My email is [email protected]

  4. Linda

    U-Crypto are huge crooks! Check out Badbitcoin site – they are black listed. The trading platform is not real and misleading to those who do not understand trading. You will not see your money ever again. Your contact details will alao be shared with other related U-crypto marketing companies on registration and you will be inundated by every vulture in the industry.

  5. konstantine Donas

    I am trying for more than a week to withdraw my profits and i cannot speak even to my account manager, he is lost after the withdrawal demand. Is anyone in Dublin to check if they have real offices?

    • kostas Donas

      I am trying to contact my account manager for a week to make an withdrawal, but i can’t find him. How did you make an withdraw?


    I am debating on whether to deposit the initial investment of $250.00 or to hear from some of you who already have experience with U-CRYPTO. Please, advice!…..

    Thank You…..

  7. Marty Wood

    I have used and have found very hard to deal with. There communication was very poor and the only time they call me would be when I wanted to file a complaint and then they would feed me bulshit saying that they have trying to contact me and in the end they lost all my money I wouldn’t even give them a 1 out of 5 I think there very poor

  8. Marko

    I invest minimum, after two weeks of some minimal profit, becouse of personal money problems, i decided to withdrawal.(no position was opened at that time). As soon as i try to withdrawal they called me and says that is inposible, becouse of opened positions. That was a lay, becouse the position was opened wright the next day. So, thay lost all credebility with that act. As many others, they call you instantly to invest, but dont think of withdrawal, they cant survive that from you. 🙂

  9. MARIUZ65I

    you have to verify account to withdraw funds which i did not know it but now verify and i withdraw 280 usd no issue for it. Linda taking a bonusa?

  10. Linda is listed as scammer on Badbitcoin. I have personally been scammed by Be warned, you will never see your money again.

  11. Linda

    I did not have a good experience with They are quick to promise and show huge returns, they run constant “specials” to get more money from their clients with promises of an even higher return. But try to withdraw. That’s where it ends.

  12. Stefan Kosnitsov

    Hello, I wanted to check if somebody else had this problem. I put a withdraw request , but it took them 7 days to send me the money.

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