Atlas Project (Quantum) Review - Scam Review

Atlas Project ( is an online crypto investment firm which is gaining noticeable traction on the internet.  This platform is minimalistic in terms of design and does not feature any exaggerated claims.

The only disturbing sign on their website is the fact that they have not put any details about the company’s registration and the owners behind this firm is completely anonymous.  This firm is said to generate returns of over 40% per year through arbitrage trading but we have our doubts.

Read our complete review which reveals all the information you need to know about this platform.

Company and Contact Details

Atlas Project in simple words is an ICO which accepts money from general public for trading purposes.  They use this funds to generate profit or revenue and provide the investors with certain returns after the investment contract they have signed ends.  

When we were looking for any documents giving them the authorization for conducting these type of activities, we couldn’t find any.  This firm also has not put up any registration details, so as far as legitimacy is considered they lack confidence boosting factor.

The location of headquarters of this firm is unknown but they state that they are operating in more than 50+ countries.  

Here are the list of contact number of this firm:

Brazil – (11) 31982205

Argentina – +54 (11) 51725923

Canada – +1 (785) 2691000

Japan – +81 (3) 45789651

Mexico – +52 (55) 41651476

England – +44 (203) 5146527

How does Atlas Project Work?

This firm is said to follow arbitrage trading strategy.  For those of you who does not know much about it, it is a strategy when the investor or trader uses mis-match in price to buy from an exchange where price is lower and sell to the exchange where price is trending higher.  

These type of opportunities were common a decade ago.  However, in recent times the window of opportunity for these activities is very narrow.  A slight delay in execution or broadband connectivity issues might seriously determine the course of the trade.  

Arbitrage by textbook definition is risk free but on the side note risk is always present in anything associated with the investable assets.  Along with this strategy this firm also states that it employs some of the best institutional traders who have access to proprietary technology to ensure the smooth execution of the trades.

Profits Offered

Here is the tricky part.  No firm can guarantee you the kind of return you might get which is simply because of the volatility present in the market.  The best way of assessing the kind of profits we can expect from this company is by looking at their previous accomplishments. - Profit Calculator

This firm states that they achieved 43.49% ROI in the past 12 months which is quite reasonable from retail investor’s perspective but there is no solid evidence to prove that which means we just have to give this platform benefit of doubt.  

Apart from choosing the amount of capital you want to invest, you also have to select the duration period which ranges from 15 days to 1 year.


There isn’t much information about them online but here is what people are saying about them on

I met Quantum a short time ago, but I already signed up on their website to get the most out of the project and maybe put some of my money in them. It’s a great initiative and I really hope it works out and that the famous bureaucratic state does not tie your life. Good luck.

Ps: Maybe you could create some videos on YouTube to explain your work process to lay people.

Domain Insight

A search on will reveal that this domain was registered on 02/06/2016 and it expires on 02/06/2019.

This service claims to have more than 240 thousand users which might be true.  According to this website ranks 3,245 in Brazil and has a global rank of 167,594.  They seem to be targeting users from Brazil and Spain.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Since there is no FAQ section on this website we do not know the minimum deposit amount and minimum payout threshold.  This platform accepts deposits in USD or Bitcoins.

We do not know the transaction fees they might charge and as far as withdrawals are considered, there is no information about how long they take for processing them.

Is Atlas Project a Scam?

It is too early to comment anything about that,

Unlike most of the crypto arbitrage services who does not care about providing proper explanation, this firm operates in a transparent way.  They offer simulator for any user who would like to know more about the efficiency of their software.

The only factor which makes us hesitant in giving a shout out for them is we do not have enough evidence to prove anything.

Atlas Project Review Conclusion

Atlas Project has many things going for it.  Their profit targets are not outrageous, their platform is intuitive, self explanatory and user friendly.  Our main problem lies in the fact that they haven’t disclosed the license details and there isn’t much user testimonials about them as they are very new participant in the crypto sector.  

For now we advice all our readers to use caution while dealing with them but time will tell if they are legitimate or not.  If you want to try them out then start with the lowest possible amount and if they really deliver their promises then you can always increase the capital amount.

Do you have any first hand experience with Atlas Project?  Share your opinion and feedback with our community be leaving us a comment.


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