Review - Scam Review claims to be the complete package for all crypto enthusiasts which offers mining contracts along and also claims to be an automated trading solution.  They do not offer a trial of their software and there is no evidence to prove the efficiency of their trading methodology.

The returns these crooks advertise is 600% which is simply bizarre and obviously fake.  Read our complete review to find out why you must avoid this platform despite what they tell you.

Company and Contact Details is an ICO, this company basically acquires or collects the funds required for trading from retail clients and according to the pact entered by both the parties, the investors are supposed to get certain returns.  

When we were checking some paper work provided by this firm, we weren’t able to find any proper license or records.  We have confirmed through FCA, this firm has no authorization to invest or trade on behalf of the clients and is operating illegally.

These fraudsters features some certificates in order to seem legitimate but do not get confused they have no authorization to indulge in these type of activities.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – Vasudev, 41 Middle Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G41 1EE.

Phone – +44117325627

Email –,

How does Work?

This company is said to be involved with trading forex, futures, stocks, options and cryptocurrencies which is a deceptive method followed by every fake investment to attract every type of investor.  

They claim to be using some automated trading bot which according to them is the secret sauce to their success.  The win rate of the software is not mentioned and there is no way to test them, out on a trial basis.

There isn’t much to talk about mining either because apart from the fact that they use SHA256 algorithms mining software, we are not briefed about anything else.  Automated trading certainly help traders but they do not guarantee success as each system has their own set of disadvantages.

Looking at the lack of transparency, this platform is clearly not the one you want to invest your money with.

Profits Offered

A trader or an investor is a slave to the volatility of the markets because without that there is no window of opportunity.  It is estimated that an average traders does not last for more than 90 days in the markets and more than 90% participants fall under this category.  

These fraudsters want to make you believe that trading is easy as that it how they get their money.  Check out the investment plans they offer:

Entry Plan

Returns – 125%

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $50

Advanced Plan

Returns – 300%

Duration – 4 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1,000

VIP Plan

Returns – 600%

Duration – 6 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2,000

Referral Program

The primary goal of every ponzi scheme ever is to loot money from the investors.  To grow their reach and grab attention of many people, this firm offers a referral program.  The affiliates promoting this fake platform are paid flat 35% of total deposit amount made by the investors they bring in. - Referral Program

Commission rate offered by this platform is the highest we have ever seen and the sole reason they can afford to pay so much is because they are literally filling their pockets with clients money and are just giving away a share of their revenue to affiliates so that they stay motivated.  In short know that they are the ones who will make money for sure.


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 26/05/2018 and it expires after one year.

Since this website is new we could not find any data about what countries they are targeting but according to they have a global rank of 55,39,123.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $50 and the minimum payout is $5.  The payment methods accepted by this firm are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer.  

The deposit and withdrawals are said to be free.  They state that the withdrawals are processed within 15 minutes.

Is a Scam?


One quick glance at their website is enough for any true trading professional to find everything wrong with this platform.  Without any hesitation we can clearly point out that this platform is a ponzi or pyramid scheme which can afford to thrive only for a short amount of period.  

They will do whatever they can to trick you into becoming an investor into their platform showcasing all type of photo editing works but if you trust them then you just another victim in the world of online scams. Review Conclusion

There isn’t any investment firm which can offer 6 times your money within a week.  Anyone who promises you these kind of easy ways to the riches are nothing but fraudsters.  Cryptocurrency is a thing which is both exciting and has ton of potential for earning money but however that does not mean anyone who trifles with them will become instantly rich.  

Just like any other profession if you want to succeed, start out by understanding how the markets work instead of just blindly trusting someone on the internet.

Do you have any first hand experience with  Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.


  1. Mahtab Panah

    They asked me for 1000 and after 5 days it showed up 3000 dollars and when I wanted to make a withdraw they didn´t allow it. They told me that
    I need it to bring in 5000 dollars to make a withdraw.

    • KV

      What happened to your money finally?

  2. Joseph L Goodwin

    YUP…. it is a scam and I was took for $5k….the Really Good Fake FB profiles, were what got me!!!!

    And once you figure it out, they block your access to the site.

  3. Michael

    Total and Complete SCAM site!

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