10Xbtc.net Review – Worst Multiplier Scam

10Xbtc.net is an outrageous scam that claims to multiply your bitcoins and Ethereum in less than 10 minutes. According to them, their way of trading is the best and they even have the audacity to guarantee the returns.

Their platform does contain screenshots of a few transactions. However, the entire setup is nothing more than a hustle and they are bound to crumble in the near future.

As they are operating illegally, the scammers behind the platform have taken every step to conceal their identity, which is way too evident. The social feedback showcased on their website is also fake.

In short, nothing about them will do you any good. In fact, the longer you interact with them, the more risk you will be exposed to. If you are curious to know about the nasty gimmicks used by fraud companies like this one, continue reading.

How does 10Xbtc.net Function?

This is the question everyone is asking, but for obvious reasons, this firm is not talking about it. We spent a couple of hours on their platform and went through all the data to find information about their trading methods.

As expected, there is no shred of evidence and they don’t even have the courtesy to put up their narratives. Owners, employees, and management sides of this firm are anonymous. There are no contact details as well.

It looks like they want people to trust them blindly with their money. Generating cash flow from cryptocurrencies is a daunting task. Even successful companies find it difficult and that is a fact.

Lack of explanation and clarity about the methodology used is a dead giveaway that reveals their real nature. So, ask yourself, do you want to gamble your money by depositing with them? Isn’t their real nature too easy to predict?

Certificates and Employees

Investment firms have to go through many legal processes before they can take money from the public. Every country has a different set of laws and without proper documentation, no firm can even start operating.

10Xbtc.net makes big claims about their activities. However, if you notice their platform, there are no certificates published by them. Needless to say that they are not listed in any database.

The facts clearly prove that this firm is indeed a blatant scam and as such, people that invest with them will lose their money for sure. In case the real owners get caught, then they will be put behind bars.

As the scammers know the consequences very well, they have decided to maintain a low profile. After all, whenever a financial institution does not share information about the management side, it means there is something fishy going on.

10Xbtc.net Profit Guarantees

Apart from a few financial instruments such as bonds, fixed deposits, etc. Most things that are exposed to open markets carry risk. No legitimate firm would ever guarantee returns because it is impossible to predict the market accurately regardless of the kind of strategy one might use.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are volatile. This firm claims to generate guaranteed returns of up to 2,000% within 10 minutes. Look at the numbers, does it look real to you in any way?

Scammers are just persuading people to send them the funds because once they have access to it, they will run away with it. Crooks are just playing with the user’s psychology and their end goal is easy to figure out.

Fake Social Proof

We found tons and tons of comments on their platform. They even have dedicated spots on many HYIP-related forums. Everywhere on the web, they have managed to earn positive reactions, but something about it does not feel right.

For example, on their website, the user profiles of the so-called happy users are not verifiable. Comments are way too nice and there are no negative factors present.

With confidence, we can say that they have rigged the social proof and they are spreading false information to make themselves look legit. If you encounter any of the comments that paint them in a good way with a referral link attached, then stay away from them. People with hidden agendas cannot be trusted for any reason.

10Xbtc.net Scam in a nutshell

10Xbtc.net is a hustle that is making money by misleading the public. They promise insane returns and never hold on to their end of the bargain. If you make a deposit on their platform, then you will never ever see your capital amount again.

As the owners are unknown and no regulation is present, it will be difficult to trace the flow of funds and take legal action against them. So, for your own good, do not proceed with them.


On June 28, 2023, we received the following complaint:

Today, I sent 0.002 BTC (equivalent to $60.19) to 10XBTC.NET. Unfortunately, it appears I have been scammed, as I have not received any profit.


Bitcoin doublers are becoming way too common. While every new scam comes up with new narratives that inspire the user to take action, resist the temptation. We can guarantee you that if you take a step back and think rationally, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Stay away from any platform that promises to earn you enormous returns in a short timeframe. 


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