Review – Dumb Crooks is a hilarious scam that makes no sense whatsoever. Their explanation is beyond pathetic and it clearly shows how desperate the scammers are.

The only contact detail they share is an email address. For obvious reasons, the actual owners and registrant information are all hidden. In case you are wondering about returns, know that they promise anywhere between 6,000% to 10,000% returns in just 4 hours.

You do not need a PhD to assess their real nature because their attempts and bluffs are all so obvious. Some of you might be wondering about all of the flaws present with them.

While the entire list is too big, we have gathered a few major ones below. Take a look at them and decide for yourself whether it is worth it to indulge with these dumb crooks. Hilarious Narratives , unlike many other scams, is very aggressive when it comes to making claims. They peddle ridiculous things even though they know it is both unethical and morally wrong.

If you visit their platform, you will quickly notice that they do not talk about anything related to cash flow and actual operational model. There is zero information about the way they make revenue and as expected, proof of work and evidence is missing.

Sleazy narrative should tell you a lot about their actual character. Selling dreams and incorporating a lot of lifestyle messages is something only scams do.

So, whenever you spot things that stray you away from the reality of the situation, you need to step away from the scene for your own good. After all, if making money was that easy to automate, everyone would be driving super expensive cars, right?

Legality and Support

This platform reveals no information about the legality of the firm. We have personally checked every database present on planet Earth and we can assure you that they are not listed anywhere.

Obviously, they are operating in an illegal manner and anyone that stays with them for long is bound to end up with a hole in their pocket. Looking at their website statistics, their longevity is almost guaranteed to be short and they will go down quickly and fiercely.

As far as customer support goes, the only contact information put up by them is an email address. If they were legitimate, do you really believe they would operate in this manner? Their goal of staying anonymous is too evident, isn’t it?

Investment Plans

It is true that Bitcoin has increased 6 billion times since its inception. Early adopters made huge returns and the last decade is quite a ride for this cryptocurrency.

While people indeed made fortunes, it is not something everyone can achieve just by clicking a few buttons. promises users returns ranging from 4,000% to 10,000% after 4 hours.

On top of the outrageous claims, they do not even offer a decent explanation. In other words, they are just planning to attract newbies and are  doing everything they can to encourage them into depositing more.

Despite what these scammers say, understand that their platform is a fraudulent one and apart from the crooks running it, no one will make money. Quick returns might look good on paper, but in reality, it is always statistically impossible to achieve. Feedback

On their website, there are a lot of comments showcased. User feedback section is jam packed. However, just like all the other scams, the entire thing is a manufactured lie. For starters, the profiles are not verifiable.

Users are not giving positive comments on third party forums. In fact, people do not have anything nice to say about them because of obvious reasons.

Creating false impressions using fake profiles and artificially boosting the user feedback is a common trick used by the crooks.

Whenever you come across positive comments, always take a conservative approach and never believe anything unless you have encountered evidence that suggests otherwise.

Is a Big Scam? is a big scam. It is making money by looting the public in the most cruel way possible. They sell dreams to newbies and slaughter them financially as soon as they have access to the funds.

There is no real cash flow present and the scheme is bound to fall down quickly. As the dangers present are numerous, it is better not to indulge with them. After all, you cannot trust a stranger with your information and money, right?

Unfortunately, the internet is full of scams. If you are serious about getting involved with the financial sector, then choose regulated options for best results.


Bitcoin indeed is one of the biggest things in the history of the financial markets. The journey over the last decade is impressive to say the least. While the room for profit is present, do not chase unrealistic numbers.

More importantly, do not trust firms like this one that promises you quick results. Learn to recognise hidden agendas and you will have a lot less to worry about.

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