Scam Review – Comedy Platform is the new hot shot investment platform that claims to make over 16,000% returns on a daily basis. They even call themselves regulated and there is an incorporation certificate present on their platform.

Obviously, they are not regulated and just like all the other bitcoin doubler schemes, this one is also a scam. Their narratives are absolutely crazy and anyone that has ever traded before can easily spot all of their bluffs within a few seconds.

Unfortunately, as many people are just getting started in this space, they might feel enticed by the kind of things this shady firm says. To protect people from this hustle, we are publishing this post.

Along with discussing the shady things they employ to capture your attention, we will also show you the best recovery methods as well. Stick around till the end and you will get answers to all your questions.

Who owns

Apparently, is owned by a group of Freelancers based in Switzerland. There is no information about the actual owners. This firm has not put up any information about their employees.

As expected, even their address is a questionable one. We could not find any contact information that would help us trace them down. The lack of transparency along with exaggerated claims are perhaps the biggest giveaways present on their platform.

Think about it, if they were really successful, then why are they not promoting themselves on mainstream media? Why are they doing everything they can to shy away from the public?

We strongly believe that their only goal is to stay anonymous because if they weren’t then they will face severe consequences.

Contact Information

Financial institutions just like all the other businesses treat their customers like Gods. After all, credibility is a big thing for firms and if they are planning to stay around for long, then they have to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers. does not care about customers at all. The kind of contact details put up by them is sketchy and at the end of the day, you cannot expect anything decent from them.

Response time is not stated and if you run into issues which are bound to happen, you cannot do anything about it. The lack of empathy is evident and their traits and character depict their real motives clearly. Gimmicks Explained shows a list of recent transactions on their platform. Also, they showcase their incorporation certificate in an elegant way.

Note that their incorporation certificate does not have any merit and they clearly have no rights to take money from investors. The transactions shown by them are not completely verifiable and needless to say, we cannot track any of their alleged clients.

In other words, they are creating a false image and are trying to incorporate social proof to enhance their profile. There is no information about their actual trading strategy and risk management is something they do not care to explain.

In case you are wondering, know that there is no shred of evidence to prove that they are involved with the markets in the first place. With so many question marks, we can assure you that if you ever send them your hard earned money, then you will never ever get it back.

After all, these crooks do not have any skills other than tricking people to deposit with them.

Bitcoin Doubler Program

This platform promises 100% returns in just 6 hours. According to their narrative, you can use their services as long as you want and it apparently does not cost you anything.

The main problem with the explanation is that the numbers they portray are absolutely impossible to achieve. No trading algorithm is perfect and if anyone disagrees, then most probably there will be a hidden agenda involved.

So, do not dream about making huge money with them, instead understand that the only way they make money is if they steal your capital. As the end result is easy to predict, be very careful and do not give them access to your funds for any reason.


This platform is around from 2018, but there isn’t much information about them on any forum. The amount of web traffic they receive is not adequate enough to figure out their target metrics.

As far as feedback goes, the sample size is not big enough and few of the comments we found had a referral link attached which means we cannot trust them. Though the testimonials are not huge, be careful especially if you spot positive ones.

Scams like this one are known to create buzz via false narratives and they do not hesitate to go to extreme lengths. In short, there is no factor about them that screams credibility.

Is a Scam

Yes, there is no doubt about it. This platform is a cash grab and it will make the owners rich. As they accept Bitcoin deposits only, it will take a while to trace them.

Given the way they blatantly lie, they might manage to flee away before the law enforcement authorities catch up. Due to conflict of interest and hassles present, skip interacting with this firm entirely.

Bottom Line is a crypto investment scam. The sole reason for the existence of this firm is to loot the public. While no one can predict when they will flee, we can guarantee you that it will never end well especially for the investors.

Stay away from for your own good. If you have something to add to our review, kindly leave a comment below. 


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