13XBTC.com Review – Warning to All Investors

Today we have received the following report regarding the site 13XBTC.com.

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13xbtc.com Scam Review

On 11/02/19 13xbtc.com scammed $1200 worth of bitcoins in US from me.

I sent 0.54 BTC to 13xbtc.com on his 40 minutes ad, to his BTC address: 1CyMSeSRttmYXRdL8TeTqrmAKdnwCr5e7.

After 2 hrs I asked him, what’s up?

He claimed that my trade was over, and I now have 0.697 BTC but need to sent 0.697 in withdrawal fees.

Then he will release my BTC, it’s the rules; every investor has to pay.

After a long night of back and forth with him since he never mention these fees on the top ten HYIP ad.

He promised to fix the ad, and will paid as soon he received the fees.

On 11/03/19 he gave me this BTC address: 17NHREKQ7DfADfidSafmk8FqJNjrgbPv7T when my cash app decline it twice, he gave me this one: 1BqyYJ6PBN1nya2XM2bw18ohMTv74Y7Axi when cash app confirmed on blockchain, the transaction was pulled.

I sent him an email to notify him, he never replies; when i told him that he was messing with the wrong child of God.

He claimed that he will check with the cashier, 2 minutes later his response was and I quote “you sent the BTC to two different addresses, there’s no way i can tell it’s yours.”

I swear to God that’s what happen.

I exchanged a few words with him, for having the nerves to mention God’s name on his scam; then he said that I can do whatever I want he is very honest.

He has not reply to me since, when i checked 13xbtc.com on badcoin; he was already on blacklist since September.

I blast him all over social media, and added 13xbtc.com to my investor be aware scam alert book; before this year is over.

Investors if you see any add with these 3 BTC addressess, please do not sent your hard earned to this loser; he made his last dumb mistake on me.

Thks for reading, Gblss.

If you have any additional comments, please reply below.

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  1. Carl Botha

    I have another request,
    on another site I want you to check for me, if you already made a review ob them please send it to my mail address/
    it is miningstar.io
    I joined a long time back and made use of their FREE MINING VERSION no deposit I actually forgot about them and today I received an email from them they say I can withdraw now.
    I went into the app and made a withdrawal, but it stays pending with a question mark back if one click then pop-up screen giving you their receiving key they say it is for FREE VERSION miners only, I have to pay a Maintenance fee of 0.001BTC
    I checked in their FAQ section there they say they charge a Maintenance fee of 0.001BTC
    I want to know your opinion must I send this BTC or is this a SCAM???

    if you have something on them let me know please!
    Thank you.

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