24ForexCoin.com Review – Disastrous Scam

24ForexCoin.com is an investment platform that looks like a forex broker. However, there are a lot of flaws with their existence and we can guarantee you that anyone that indulges with them will lose their money for sure.

They do showcase incorporation certificates, but that does not make them a respectable entity in any manner. Just like every other scam, the owners are unknown and guess what?

Most of the contact information they have published is redundant as well. In reality, this so-called investment platform is nothing more than a scam that lures people in by promising them around 15% returns on a daily basis.

Even the social proof showcased by them is fake and that kind of cheap gimmick tells us literally everything we need to know about them. Cryptocurrency and forex markets are filled with opportunities.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to take advantage of them and if you encounter anyone that says otherwise like this firm, you need to be careful. To know about all the tricks used by this platform, read the following content.

Who is behind 24ForexCoin.com?

We were really curious to see if we can trace out the real owners. Using the available information, our team ran multiple searches, but every single aspect led to a dead end.

In other words, the real mastermind behind this platform has taken every step to remain anonymous. Also, the certificates shown by them do not amount to anything because they clearly are not under the radar of the FTC as well.

If any person deposits with them, then he or she will definitely end up losing all their wealth and the sad part is, they won’t be able to do anything about it. There is few contact information presented by them which is a neat trick almost every scam does nowadays.

Note that apart from email channels, they won’t entertain any mode of communication.

  • Address – GAIN Capital Group Bedminster One 135 US Highway 202/206 Suite 11 Bedminster, NJ 07921, USA
  • Phone –  +1(720) 722-6548
  • Email – support@24forexcoin.com

Are they really a broker or not?

24ForexCoin.com in reality is not a market maker. Their homepage contains trading widgets and general data, but that does not make them a broker.

To appear approachable, the crooks have enhanced their image by imitating the traits of a forex brokerage. If you look in-detail, the flaws are present all over the place.

For starters, they have no liquidity providers listed because they are not connected to the markets in the first place. Trading interface is not mentioned and information on swaps and other charges are nil.

As the public trusts online brokerages easily, they are trying to leverage the sentiment and make money off of it. To save yourself from disappointment and frustration, always choose a regulated brokerage or else chances are you will regret your choice sooner or later.

24ForexCoin.com Investment Plans

There are 7 investment plans offered by this firm. They supposedly help people generate 3% daily to 15% daily. Looking at the numbers used by them, isn’t it obvious that they are desperate for clients?

They just want people to deposit with them so that they can wind up the website and flee the scene with all the cash. If they were really capable of delivering their promises, then why on Earth would they need other people’s money?

Cracks in their narratives are too obvious and apart from newbies, no one will believe them for any reason. Making double or triple digit returns is possible, but it won’t happen on a consistent basis even if you have a good strategy.

So, be patient and never do anything based solely on emotions. After all, if this sector is so easy, then why do the majority of the participants always lose?

Fake Social Proof

If you have visited 24ForexCoin.com, then you would have encountered a lot of positive testimonies. While the comments are all inspiring and encouraging, do not believe them.

First of all, the user profiles are all fake and the scammers are peddling manufactured stories. Secondly, things mentioned by almost all the profiles are not only exaggerated, but also impossible to verify.

The fact that they created fake social proof is obvious to say the least. Scammers love to build authority and they are the ones that are ready to go to any extent to convince the public about their goals.

So, whenever you spot manufactured stories, always be alert and never join the crowd because if you do, then you are risking things that are more valuable than money.

Is 24ForexCoin.com a Scam?

Yes, this firm is 100% guaranteed fraud. Cyber criminals behind the firm are using a ponzi operational model. They are just creating cash flow by taking money from new participants to pay out the marketers and other participants.

While they might manage to stay afloat for sometime, they will inevitably collapse. As their real identities are unknown, chances of them getting caught are pretty slim.

By now, we are pretty sure that you can see who bears the most risk, it is the end clients, isn’t it? As the facts are clear, avoid interacting with them and save yourself from boatloads of frustration.


24ForexCoin.com is a ponzi scam and there is nothing in this world that can say otherwise. The facts present paints a crystal clear about their motives and they are present only to inflict damage to the public.

Report them to your local authorities and spread the word by sharing this post.

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