Smart Coin Option Review – Swindle

Smart Coin Option ( portrays itself as an LLC that is involved with Bitcoin mining. On their website, they talk a lot about the general framework of BTC.

To an outsider, the kind of presentation made by this platform is highly likely to leave a lasting impression. However, if anyone makes the mistake of joining them and transferring funds to their wallet, it will be game over for the underlying party.

Of course, they feature contact details as well, but guess what? These crooks never reply unless they have something to gain from you, and everything related to them is almost outright criminal in nature.

Moreover, they encourage people to deposit in cryptocurrencies which means to track them down, it is going to take a lot of time and effort. Also, it goes without saying that they aren’t connected with the actual markets in any way or form.

Their gimmicks are not something that we can cover in a single post. Nonetheless, we have tried to emphasize their real motives, and to learn about them, read the following content.

Is Smart Coin Option Regulated?

No, they are not regulated in any region. The firm appears to be based offshore, and they do not follow any kind of guidelines whatsoever. Their books are not audited frequently, and they can literally close down the business whenever they want.

As the owners are anonymous and their real location is unknown, they have ample amount of time to flee away without much consequences. While the culprits are likely to walk away with cash, the only risk bearer at the end of the day will be the end client.

So, never give them a chance to loot you in the first place or you will lose your hard-earned money. The mining sector is not something that is retail investor friendly.

Cloud mining might help you make some passive income, but if you don’t have a strategic system in place, do not even bother to meddle with it. Going forward, never entertain any offshore investment firm, and always stick to regulated companies that offer the highest level of security to your capital.

How does it work?

The exact way Smart Coin Option works is easy to figure out. They are using the MLM structure to create cash flow. Basically, the new participant brings in cash, and the older participants get a portion of it while the management keeps something for themselves.

The scheme will work well initially, but inevitably things will go wrong due to the Ponzi structure, it will collapse quickly. When the entire scheme bites the dust, only the investors will lose money, and the owners, as always, will flee with all the capital.

On its official website, this firm claims to be involved with Bitcoin mining. However, the lack of data speaks volumes, and their broken narratives and stories do not do them any good.

So, do not believe what they say instead, focus on hard-core facts and data. Lastly, think about it this way, if they were doubling their capital so quickly, why would they ask the general public for money?

Owner Information and Contact details

The financial sector desperately needs transparency to survive. Many firms publish audited reports to keep their customers on the same page, and founders always associate themselves with their company in any way possible.

Smart Coin Option does not talk anything about the founders or their employees. Just like all the other investment scams, they want to stay under the radar to avoid dealing with the police.

Though they are keeping a low profile for now, they will show their real nature soon, but it might be too late for the investors by then. We did find a few contact information on their platform, and they are as follows.

  • Address – 5 Preston Court, Burton Latimer, UK, NN15 5LR
  • Phone – +1 (347) 620-1251

Smart Coin Option Returns

This firm promises to double your capital 4 times a week. In other words, 400% returns is what they claim to make every week. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that they are obviously bluffing about the numbers.

Ask any professional cryptocurrency trader or investor, they will tell you that these numbers are insane and highly unrealistic. The scammers have picked this number only for one reason i.e. to convince the newbies to deposit with them.

Once you see through the veil, we are sure you will never dare to mess around with them. After all, isn’t being safe better than being sorry?

User Feedback

Smart Coin Option does not have any social proof. We literally went over many forums and social media platforms, but couldn’t find much information about them.

The absence of input, along with the unethical gimmicks used by them, should paint you a clear picture of their real motives. Their web traffic is also bleak, and chances are they are going down a lot sooner than we thought.

Always check for social proof before investing your money, and if you encounter anything bad or if you cannot simply find it, then it is advisable to be cautious. Remember, if a customer is happy about a product, they will share their experience on some platform eventually.

All we have to do is wait till we get enough feedback to make a rational decision.

On July 5, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I invested $180 in Smartcoinoption as an initial investment. As time went on, they began asking me to pay various fees, such as Peso conversion fees, which eventually amounted to a staggering total of $869. Recently, they demanded an additional $175 as a network fee in order to release the so-called profit of $1,750. They effortlessly took away all of my hard-earned cash. I trusted them, but they betrayed my trust and got away with it as if nothing had happened.

On August 13, 2023, we received the following complaint:

A member of SmartCoinOption named Daniel Richard approached me to invest in their platform, promising high profits. I’m just an ordinary person, and $100 is a significant amount for me. After I invested, they’re asking for an additional $150 to activate the account, which I can’t afford.

Smart Coin Option Verdict

The Smart Coin Option scam appears to be staying afloat for now. However, they might bite the dust anytime. As this scheme is not a legitimate one, we strongly advise you to look elsewhere to invest your capital.

Regardless of which sector you are interested in, it is better to talk to a licensed financial planner before moving forward.

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