Scam Review – Real Estate Fraud calls itself an innovative investment platform that is supposedly involved with the real estate sector. They claim to back up their assets by staking cryptocurrencies.

The exact way they work is a mystery and funnily enough, almost everything they say does not make any sense whatsoever. As always, the owner’s information is absent and it goes without mentioning that they are operating in an outright criminal manner.

We can assure you that anyone that invests with this platform is bound to lose money sooner or later. Of course, the returns they promise are high, but achieving 200% returns in 72 hours like clock work is something that is unsustainable, right?

Though most of their flaws are obvious, newbies might still end up falling for them. So, to understand the real face of this firm and their actual goals, continue reading.

Legal Certificates

Investment firms have to be very careful when it comes to legality. One wrong move can lead to a domino effect and legitimate firms would never take chances with it. features a registration certificate on their website.

Looking at the way they peddle the narrative, they do want the public to think highly about them. While the incorporation certificate is present, you need to understand that it is nothing more than a mere trick to fool the public.

In reality, they do not have any rights to offer high risk investment opportunities and they clearly have no authority to raise money from the public. All the so-called certificates are a gimmick and it does not enhance their image in any way.

Using exaggerated narratives with questionable documentation is a common trait of a scam which is why you should never believe anything blindly.

What does do? claims to make money via real-estate. According to their explanation, they back up their assets by staking cryptocurrencies.

Clearly, they have vague narratives and regardless of which angle you look at them, nothing about them makes sense. For starters, if they are really into real-estate, then why are they not publishing details about their old deals and milestones?

Note that, there are no audited reports as well. The connection between crypto staking and real-estate holdings is also unclear.

After spending a few hours on their platform, we strongly believe that the crooks behind this hustle have no understanding about anything related to investments. Generating revenue in competitive spaces requires a lot of effort and it is not something that is always easy to automate.

So, do not take action impulsively if anyone claims to provide you the ultimate shortcut to wealth. As far as this firm goes, they are just bluffing about their entire operational model.

Investment Plans

There are 3 investment plans offered by them at the time of publishing this post. Returns range from 30% after 24 hours and tops out at 200% after 72 hours.

You do not have to be a genius to figure out that it is impossible to make returns like they advertise, right? If making money in real-estate was that easy and scalable, don’t you think everyone would be doing it all day long?

Seeing huge numbers is always going to provide us with an adrenaline rush. However, you should have realistic expectations and never trust anyone unless you see concrete evidence.

Affiliate Program

There are plenty of websites and forums promoting this firm. The main reason behind the positive reviews of this firm is the affiliate program. In simple words, if anyone drives web traffic to them, then they will be rewarded massively for it.

Shady promoters love scams like this one as they can easily push it on their blogs and associated channels. At the end of the day, only the public will be exposed to risk while everyone else on the opposite side of the equation profit from the situation.

As the intention of people on the other side is clear, stay away from anyone that promotes this firm and never ever trust information without doing research. Feedback

This platform is around 18 months old, but it still hasn’t earned a reputation. On a few forums, information about them is available, but the data is highly misleading.

Many of the positive comments have referral links attached and the whole thing looks staged. Due to lack of transparency and telltale signs present, we advise our readers not to indulge with them or make the mistake of trying them out.

Remember, if you proceed with them, you are not only risking your money but also your personal information. As the number of risks present is enormous to say the least, walk away while you still have the chance.

In the future, always stick with regulated firms and talk to a licensed financial planner before making any big decisions. Scam Review Conclusion Scam might be new, but the concept behind it definitely isn’t. As their website is set up in a secure way, finding details about the actual owners will be a time consuming task.

Once they bite the dust, chances are the crooks might flee away before the authorities are able to react. The logical thing to do is prioritize your safety and maintain distance from anyone that has conflict of interest.

Do you have any additional information on the Scam? If yes, feel free to share your findings below.

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  1. Nakoma

    So i got scammed by these people of October 2021. This guy on twitter fooled me into this site. I was skeptical and first gave them $50 and then after 24 hrs i got a return of $66 dollars.
    So i was emotionally invested into them thinking they were legit. So then i sent $1000 USD and after 72 hrs i had $3000 in my account.
    Here is where they get you. Lets say you want to withdraw this money. Well, they will ask you for an additional $1400 USD to unlock your withdraw wallet.
    So i gave them that amount in bitcoin but i got charged by blockchain fees so they told me that i didn’t give them enough and asked me to send the right amount. Well, this is when they played dumb with me. They would constantly repeat that i need to send them $1400 in bitcoin again.
    So i asked them to use the money in my balance since i had over $10K in the account (allegedly) . Well they refused. So today i have yet to hear from them. I reported them to the FTC..still have heard much. I hope one day i can get my $3000 USD ive invested in this company. Please help others! These guys are fraudsters!

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