600 Bitcoin Review (600bitcoin.com)

600 Bitcoin is a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform which claims to generate guaranteed profits. Their site looks professional which is why many people have fallen prey to them.

They advertise returns of up to 80,000% within 3 days. Anyone with some experience with the markets will definitely find the profit targets to be ridiculous.

The owners of this institution seems to be a clever scammer and the details about them is untraceable. We all know that making money fast is fascinating. However, before those crooks deceive you, go through our review to find the real motives of this platform. 600 Bitcoin Review

Registration, License and Customer Support

In most countries, the firms which operate in the financial sector have to follow the guidelines set up local regulatory authorities. This firm claims to be operating from the US. So, technically speaking they should be under the supervision of the FTC.

However, when we ran a search about them on the database of the regulatory body, there weren’t any clues about them. In short, they are bluffing about their legality and that qualifies them as frauds.

If the real owners of this platform gets caught, then they will face severe consequences for their actions. The customer support of this firm communicates with the clients via email only.

Isn’t it strange for a firm which supposedly helps people earn a fortune to operate in this kind of mysteriousness manner?

Ask yourself, have you seen any investment firm or hedge fund functioning without providing telephone assistance to their clients? Seems like these criminals did not do their homework.

600 Bitcoin Business Model

600 Bitcoin is said to make money by trading two of the liquid markets out there i.e, forex and cryptocurrencies. They brag about their team and talk about the years of experience they have. However, they have not shown any concrete evidence to back up any of their claims.

First of all, their performance report is not audited by third party. Moreover, there is no verifiable trading history shown on their platform. We are not told about their decision making process and there is no clue about the parameters they consider before opening a position.

In short, gambling seems to have better odds, than investing with this firm. Trading any markets requires certain skill set and approach. If you plan to venture into trading before figuring the prerequisites, then you will get hurt financially.

In case if you are wondering, the details about the fund managers are also not featured by them.

Profits Advertised

Making profits on a daily basis is the aim of every trader. Before you start daydreaming about the potential rewards, you should always consider the risks as well. Have a look at their investment plans, do they look genuine to you?

Plan A

Returns – 600%

Duration – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $30

Plan B

Returns – 5000%

Duration – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $300

Plan C

Returns – 80,000%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3,000

Affiliate Program

Investment scams like this firm are highly dependant on their marketing capability to survive for long. After all, the more clients they get, the more revenue they make.

This platform features an affiliate program which enables the shady marketers to make some nice commissions. The sole duty of the affiliates is to drive traffic to this platform and get paid for doing it.

Moreover, to further enhance their reach, each and every promoters are given custom marketing tools. In short, if anyone is vouching for this platform and are pushing you to join them, run in the opposite direction.

Fake Testimonials and Narratives

On the homepage of their website, they showcase some positive comments which are allegedly from their old clients. If you notice closely, then you will quickly understand that, all the images are stock photos. 600 Bitcoin Fake Comment

In other words, they are creating flattering comment with fake user profile only to earn the trust of the public. Ask yourself, why would they bluff about their service, unless there is something fishy going on?

Moreover, all the comments have referral links along with them.

In the About Us section, there are few images of so called founders of this platform. The funny thing about them is that, they have not even shown the names of the employees. 600 Bitcoin Stock Photo

We ran a search using those images and the results were bothering to say the least. The personalities showcased does not exist in reality. So, that is also just another attempt made by them to appear genuine and transparent.

Domain Whereabouts

Just like we anticipated, the owners of this platform have masked their identity. Looks like nowadays the crooks are getting smarter and skillful.

However, here are the details we got using alexa.com and whois.com.

Domain – 600Bitcoin.com

Registered On – 22/02/2019

Expiry – 22/02/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 238,189

Rank in Venezuela – 2,239

Target Audience – Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico

600 Bitcoin Review Conclusion

600 Bitcoin is clearly a pyramid scheme which will make few rich and cause loss to many people. They will stay operational as long as they can find new victims on regular time intervals. However, one fine day the scheme will collapse and meet its inevitable end.

Remember to make sustainable money one needs to master skills, if anyone says otherwise, then most probably they are just creating fake narratives. Do not give these crooks a dime of your money and to be on the safer side do not interact with them for any reason.

Are you a victim of 600Bitcoin.com? We invite you forward to share your insights with us.


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