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Clout Bucks Review – Scam or Not?

Clout Bucks ( is a new service which is said to earn its users at least $500 for doing simple tasks online. Anyone who has experience in the online space will already know that these claims are false.

Unfortunately, many beginners will definitely believe in these fake narratives and waste a lot of time on it. Earning money was never easy unless you have a skill set that you can leverage.

Join us in this thorough review to find out everything you need to know about this new type of viral scam. Clout Bucks Review

Company and Support Details

Any platform which features proper legal documents generally tend to gain more trust from the public. This platform handles the data of the users which naturally creates privacy concerns.

Nowadays more people are comfortable with sharing their data through online mediums. However, trusting a firm like this one which has been operating for less than 6 months is a huge deal. Moreover, we wouldn’t give them access to our data personally because of the risks present.

This firm claims to be operating from Australia and have put up the following contact details on their website. Due to the lack of any real testimonials, we don’t know the way their support team functions yet.

Address – 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000.

Skype – @cloutbucks

Clout Bucks Business Model

The operational framework of this firm is mysterious. We don’t know exactly how this firm makes money or from where they are getting their revenue from.

At first glance, it looks like they follow affiliate marketing. However, since there is no clear explanation we are not buying into their premise. There are a lot of ways to make huge amount of money online.

Business like drop shipping, working based on CPA or CPC model is on the rise. While making money online is possible, it is not easy and it does require a skill set.

Never believe in any program which claims to earn you a fortune just by clicking a few buttons. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Potential Earnings and Claims

According to this firm, an average user can easily earn $500 per day. They state that, the users will get paid $10 per click. At this rate anyone can earn millions of dollars utilizing basic web and social media ads.

However, reality dictates otherwise. $10 per click is no joke and it is not the kind of target most people in this niche have. Ask yourself, do you really think you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month just by using social media without in depth knowledge?

Fake Testimonials

There are a number of positive comments on their platform. All the sentences appear to be cherry picked and it certainly gives a good impression to the visitors. Clout Bucks Fake Testimonies

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However, the disappointing fact is that, they are all fake. There is no way to verify the identity of the clients and given the history of this organisation, they don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

In short, never believe in any of the narratives put up by them. If they were truly legit, they wouldn’t be posting fake comments from bogus user profiles.


Transparency is one of the key aspects of every company. Moreover, being transparent with the customers has a direct correlation with the revenue. This company has completely skipped over this crucial part.

The scale of anonymity covering this institution is huge and that is a red flag. We don’t know the creators, owners or employees working on this platform. So, how can they possibly expect us to trust them?

Domain Whereabouts

By using and, we found the following details about this website. Unfortunately, the identity of the owner is still a mystery.

Domain –

Registered On – 23/05/2019

Expiry – 23/05/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 335,559

Rank in Nigeria – 4,816

Target Audience – Nigeria, United States, Azerbaijan

CloutBucks Video Review

Clout Bucks Review Conclusion

Clout Bucks appears to be a scam operation designed to tamper with the confidential information about the users. If you indulge with them, then the consequences might be severe.

They bluff about most of the times and are certainly not worth your time. Do not think about all the fantasies like earning hundreds of dollars per day, because it’s not going to happen in reality.

Do you have any experience with Clout Bucks? Feel free to share your opinion with by commenting below.

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  1. Vernita

    I waited two whole weeks for my payout. It was confirmed and all up until the exact day funds were due to me I received a message Saying my clicks and referrals were fraud and my account would be closed. I feel so stupid I really could’ve used the money.

  2. Shamara Stephens

    Is this company a scam?? I want the honest truth. I here this really is a company in Panama that steals people data and sells it. Ruining people’s lively hood. This is terrible. I just got confirmed last week and bust my ass for 3 days to get almost $1800. I have my confirmation number and everything.

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