Dorrix Review – is a Deceptive Scam

Dorrix is a mining service which claims to make the best returns on your investment. They allegedly are operating from the UK and even have a registration certificate which can be found on their platform.

However, do not let their world class marketing fool you into thinking that, they are legit. During our investigation, we were taken aback by the sheer number of fake narratives shown by these crooks.

After all, their only agenda is to make money by looting the public. Before these shameless criminals convince you into giving your credit card details, go through our review. Dorrix Review

Company and Customer Support

Companies which operate in the UK and offer high risk investment opportunities should follow the guidelines of the FCA. This firm claims to be lawfully operating, but the facts completely disagree with that statement.

We went through the database of the FCA and there is no clue about this specific platform. In short, we can say with confidence that, their entire scheme is indeed a fraud. Moreover, they have the guts to provide a fake address as well.

If for any reason you want to communicate with them, then the only way is via email. Ask yourself isn’t it strange for a firm to operate without providing basic telephone assistance?

Here are the contact details these crooks have put up on their website.

Email –

Phone – +44 12365241022

Dorrix Business Model

Dorrix is a cloud mining solution. In simple words, they purchase the machinery and take care of all the technicalities present while enabling the investors to take a piece of the revenue.

The idea in theory might sound appealing, but it is not that easy. We as investors are not told about the exact process they follow to achieve the returns. Moreover, everything they do is anonymous and are given hype which are some of the major concerns.

Mining in general was one of the easiest way to earn a living. However, nowadays due to the number of participants and the growth of the cryptocurrency, it is very hard to sustain the business.

Do not believe in anyone who promises to make you money via mining. Most of the times, the claims will just be a trap to transfer money from your pocket to theirs After all, how can you justify investing with someone unless you know all the parameters present..

Investment Plans and Profits

This platform is said to generate upto 500% within a couple of months. If you have the slightest idea about the way cryptos work, then you already know that the return claims are fake.

Check out their investment plans, don’t they seem ridiculous?

Plan 1

Returns – 210%

Duration – 30 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Plan 2

Returns – 350%

Duration – 45 Days

Minimum Deposit – $500

Plan 3

Returns – 500%

Duration – 60 Days

Minimum Deposit – $10,000

Affiliate Program

Traffic is the only thing which all the ponzi scheme are after. The amount of money they make clearly correlates with the number of participants. The owners of this platform feature an affiliate program wherein each promoter will get huge rewards to drive investors to their website. Dorrix Affiliate Program

The commission percentage depends upon the rank of the promoters within the organisation. Moreover, all the marketers will get custom access to promotional materials as well.

Fat commissions are the reason behind all the fake reviews out there. So, stay away from them regardless of what anyone tells you.

Domain Whereabouts

There isn’t any information about the owners of this domain. However, thanks to and, we were able to know the type of audience they target and other details about their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 06/05/2019

Expiry – 06/05/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 912,706

Rank in Iran – 31,590

Target Audience – Iran, Bangladesh, India, Russia and Egypt.

Fake Claims and Withdrawals

Making 500% within 60 days via mining is an impossible task. The profit claims made on this platform is completely bogus and is just an attempt to catch the attention of the visitors.

If they really generated the amount of revenue they advertise, do you really believe they would offer it to the public for free? There is an entire section on their website showing recent deposit and withdrawals.

At first majority of the people might find it believable enough, but do not jump into any conclusion yet. All the transactions shown are fake and are put up only to make them seem like a legit and transparent institution.

Most scams feature these kind of details as it serves as social proof, but for your own good its always best to double check everything.

Dorrix Review Conclusion

Dorrix is a fake mining platform which will ultimately cause nothing but disappointment to the investors. Their scheme is based on ponzi model and as such they will crumble to its death.

Just because you might have heard someone getting a payment from them or worse even if you get a withdrawal processed, never trust them with all your money.

They do everything they possibly can to retain clients which involves paying few customers here and there. However, they will show their true colour once they have enough funds.

Are you a victim of Dorrix Scam? Feel free to share your story with us below.


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