60Erinvestment.com Review – Odd SCAM

60Erinvestment.com is perhaps the ugliest website we have encountered in our life. They claim to make money via online trading, but guess what? They have not even listed the kind of asset class they are involved with.

Their regulatory status is unclear and shady. Owners are unknown and just by taking one glance at their interface, it becomes clear that they are nothing more than a fraud.

Unfortunately, the only kind of people that would believe them are the newbies and that is mainly because of the lack of understanding they exhibit. This firm is full of flaws and the list of things wrong with them is something we cannot cover in one post.

So, we will go over their main flaws and let us allow the data to do all the talking. In case you have lost money to them, then take action immediately and click on the link below to get started with the recovery process.

60Erinvestment.com Regulation

Regulation is becoming strict each and every year. Unfortunately, due to the way the internet is expanding, it is extremely difficult for the authorities to monitor all the firms.

Given the way the law works, it is the user’s duty to make sure they never stray away from regulated entities. 60Erinvestment.com claims to make a lot of money in a ridiculous period of time.

While the profits might capture your attention, you need to take a look at their legality before making any commitment. Coming to their legal aspect, there is zero information about their licenses and the fund manager’s profile.

What kind of investment firm would operate in this way unless their goal is to hustle people? The lack of transparency is evident and there is no such thing as security of funds if you proceed with them.

After seeing the way they are structured, we can assure you that the chances of them giving back your money is very close to zero. They will flee away soon and apart from the crooks running this firm, no one will know when the rug pull is going to happen.

How does 60Erinvestment.com generate Cash Flow?

Any business that plans to stay around for long should be keen on generating cash flow. Legitimate companies have strict mandates and they publish audited reports from time to time.

60Erinvestment.com supposedly makes money via online trading. Their narratives are too generic and it goes without mentioning that they have not published any data that acts like evidence.

Forget about parameters and metrics, they have failed to even mention the kind of markets they are active in. The loopholes present in their explanation is a big red flag.

Due to the obvious signs present all across their platform, we strongly encourage everyone to maintain distance from them. Trading and investing is risky and it should not be done without talking to a licensed financial planner for any reason.

Investment Plans Offered

There are 4 investment plans offered by them. If you take a look at the returns, chances are you will start laughing. The starter package supposedly offers 3000% returns after 12 hours.

On the higher side, the returns are capped at 8,000% after 6 hours. Just look at the blatant figures used by them, isn’t it obvious that they are desperate for cash?

They are trying their best to encourage people to send them money. For obvious reasons, you should never do anything they ask you to or else you will be forced to say goodbye to your money.

User Input

Many people can easily see through the lies this platform pedals. They have not got much attention from the public. On third party forums, information is a bit hard to find about them.

On Trustpilot, they have got terrible rankings and the victims have shared their story pretty clearly. Take a look at one of the comments made by an investor. Ask yourself, are you really thinking about proceeding with them despite seeing all their traits firsthand?

SCAM SCAM SCAM! a 500.00 investment turned into a 13k investment. They kept asking for fees and taxes, after saying, there are no fees or taxes. It’s one excuse after another. A criminal investigation has been started

60Erinvestment.com Scam Explained

60Erinvestment.com has no real source of revenue. They promise huge returns only to encourage retail investors to deposit with them. While they may be doing active promotions now, they will bite the dust pretty soon.

Once they have accumulated enough funds, they will pull the rug and disappear with all the cash. As they are unregulated, it will be easy for them to flee the scene as well.

As the number of things that can go wrong with their business model is way too much, do not even think about indulging with them. Keep in mind that they will slaughter you financially if you make the mistake of depositing on their platform.

Bottom Line

This platform is obviously a fraudulent scheme designed to rip-off retail investors. They have no real cash flow and most of the things they do or say is only for their benefit.

At the end of the day, they are nothing more than a scam and as such, they will cause damage to the users.

Stay away from 60Erinvestment.com because undeniably it is a scam. Also, share this post with your loved ones to keep them safe. 


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