Grandinvest.Ltd Review – Fake Mining Firm

Grandinvest.Ltd is a ponzi scheme which portrays like a cryptocurrency investment platform. Their narratives are laughable at best. Returns promised by them tops out at 32% after 48 hours.

Cryptocurrency sector is highly unregulated and volatile. People that are skilled love this space because of the opportunities present. However, it does not necessarily guarantee success. In fact, more than 90% of traders often lose and unless you are educated and have experience, the odds will be against you.

As far as this platform goes, it is a hustle which exists solely to snatch money from retail investors. While their narratives might be convincing enough to newbies, their real agendas are sinister to say the least. Before you indulge with them, go through the following content.

Once you understand the way they are structured, we are pretty sure that you will never ever dare to invest with firms like this one.


Crypto space is unregulated in most regions around the world. The pandemic has certainly occupied the government and this niche is not likely to be tightly monitored any time soon.

Scammers running this firm are raising money from the public even though they have no rights to do so. In other words, they are blatantly coming up with new theories, raising money and fleeing the scene.

Grandinvest.Ltd has published their incorporation certificate, but that does not give them the right to conduct controlled operations. Anyone that invests with them will be exposed to enormous risk and eventually when the scammers exit the scene, it will be a daunting task to recover the funds.

So, to save yourself from a lot of trouble, indulge with regulated firms only. More importantly, do proper research and never take anything for granted.


This firm which allegedly generates at least 8% per day seems to be running on a tight budget. They do not offer telephone support. Address is not disclosed by them.

The only way to reach them is via a contact form. Note that even response time is not guaranteed. Isn’t the way they are operating suspicious to say the least?

Ask yourself, if they have nothing to hide, then why are they shying away from the public?

How does Grandinvest.Ltd Really Work?

Grandinvest.Ltd claims to make money via cryptocurrency mining and trading. Apart from mentioning the names of the activities, they have not explained anything. During our time on their platform, we could not find any audited reports or other documents which backs up their statements.

Crypto mining is a sector that has cut-throat competition. For retail investors and small scale mining farms, it is almost impossible to reach break even point because of the competition present.

On the trading font, they have not explained about the metrics used by them and none of their accomplishments are verifiable. Simply put, they are not involved with the sector in any way.

Their only goal is to take money from people, create cash flow using a ponzi operational model and flee when things go astray. Regardless of which way the scheme goes, the crooks behind it will always make money and they carry zero risk.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 3 investment plans offered by them. Returns range from 8% daily and goes upto 32% after 48 hours. Certainly, the numbers they advertise look good and people are attracted to it.

If you take a step back and do the math, you do not have to be a genius to figure out that the numbers are nothing more than imaginary. First and foremost, no one can sustain double digit returns on a short term basis.

Secondly, if they did have a secret system, then why would they give it to the public for free? Lastly, if everything they say is true, then where is the proof? The missing part in their chain of narratives becomes obvious once we look at the small details.

Grandinvest.Ltd User Feedback

On Trustpilot and other forums, people have expressed their views on this firm. The feedback and the public consensus are negative for the most part and it is like that for all the right reasons.

Just like we mentioned, this firm will hurt their users eventually and the only one that really makes money at the end of the day will be the crooks running it. Take a look at the comment made by one of the victims of this platform.

Do you still dare to mess around with them?

“​​the company name grandinvest ltd and someone introduce me there and they told me to deposit the money with coinmama i deposit after that they told me to transfert the money with there wallet wallet and i start with the company on 29 april 2021 till now but they block my account and now everyday they sent the daily bonus to my e mail but i cant log in to my account”

Is Grandinvest.Ltd a Bogus firm?

Yes and there are no second thoughts about it. This firm is a ponzi type scam. Their cash flow is directly dependent on their marketing ability. Though firms like this one might pay a few clients in the beginning, due to the domino effect, things will go wrong with them sooner or later.

Once people at the top realise that the marketing efforts have dried up, they will shut down the site and run away with all the cash. So, do not allow them to access your funds and as a general rule, never trust anyone that promises you easy money.

Remember, skills and efforts are needed to tackle the markets. No one will ever become rich just by clicking a few buttons on a computer.


Stay away from Grandinvest.Ltd and if you are serious about making money via trading, then start by acquiring education. Check out the programs linked below which will help you accelerate the process.

In case you have lost money to Grandinvest.Ltd, leave a comment below. We will try our best to assist you.


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