AdsOk Review – Not PAYING! Widespread HYIP Scam!!

Historically speaking, used to be a viable and proven investment venture that provided considerable returns to cryptocurrency investors. Over time, however, a combination of operational deterioration coupled with the acknowledgment that most good things come to an end has revealed the true intentions behind the AdsOk business practice. Troubling investor feedback has been reported on a number of Bitcoin sites and that is just the tip of the iceberg with this wide-scale HYIP scam.

As you will gather through this unbiased review, AdsOk is no longer a Bitcoin investment destination that can be trusted. Refusing to acknowledge withdrawal requests while continually updating their Terms and Conditions to swindle their investors away from filing withdrawal requests seems to be of utmost importance to the illicit AdsOk operation. - AdsOK

What is AdsOk?

AdsOk is an advertising network that provides website monetization, advertising packages and wide-scale product exposure. While AdsOk is best-known for their investor platform, it should be made known that this operation provides publishers and advertisers with the ability to monetize their content. Regardless of which route you choose to commit to, there are five separate investment plans that one can get started with.

Who is Behind AdsOk?

As the vast majority of HYIP and Ponzi schemes tend to carry out, AdsOk tries to make their site appear more legitimate by claiming to be backed by a corporate entity. While this misleading practice by no means adds credibility to the operation in question, it still appears to be a widely pursued tactic.

In the case of AdsOk, the promotional video claimed that this site was operated by a corporate entity. However, no mention of this corporate entity is ever disclosed in the pitch video or anywhere on the site, which leaves us to deduce that this, most likely, is a falsehood. In addition, no mention of a corporation can be found in the Terms and Conditions section of the site which means that no company is assuming responsibility for the illicit operations being conducted at AdsOk.

Promises and Features

There are a total of 5 separate investment plans available through While each of these plans are represented in fiat currency denomination the site only accepts the deposit of bitcoins when getting started through their operation.

Starter Plan

Monthly Return: 11%

Minimum Deposit: $10

Maximum Deposit: $500

Classic Plan

Monthly Return: 15%

Minimum Deposit: 100

Maximum Deposit: $5,000

Premium Plan

Monthly Return: 17%

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Maximum Deposit: $50,000

Platinum Plan

Monthly Return: 19%

Minimum Deposit: $10,000

Maximum Deposit: $500,000

Partner Plan

Monthly Return: 21%

Minimum Deposit: $100,000

Maximum Deposit: $5,000,000

Referral Tier

7% referral commissions are allegedly provided for 1st level referrals, while 2nd level referrals receive 2% of accruals. 1% accruals are provided for 3rd level referrals who commit with the AdsOk program.

AdsOk Complaints

Over the past few months the number of complaints regarding AdsOk has grown significantly. Investor feedback mostly regarding a refusal of withdrawal requests along with inaccurate profit accumulation has been reported among several investors.

“we re not able to get principle amount back…they cant process the payment faster.”

“adsok its very disappointing its not earning anymore its still 2.74$since I visit and I thought they were scam scam scam.”

“seems adsok is fully a scam now.”

Can I Trusted AdsOk? was registered with a privacy package according to a report. This informs us that AdsOk is an anonymous service since no mention of corporate entity or ownership is provided on the site. Combine this disturbing revelation with the fact that their annual returns average no less than 650% the average annual ROI for most legitimate Bitcoin operations and it is abundantly clear that AdsOk is not trustworthy.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Failure to fulfill their investment plans and acknowledge withdrawal requests are serious red flags in our book. The returns promised through this operation are preposterous and beyond the realm of possible. Don’t be fooled by this sites endless promises of effortless wealth. We can assure you that you’ll only lose your hard-earned bitcoins.


During the time of composing this review (November 15, 2017), possessed a global rank of 37,698. Approximately over 35% of the traffic originates from visitors who reside within Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, India and Morocco.

One interesting discovery we found would be how AdsOk has suffered about a 66% loss in traffic over the past few months. A SimilarWeb report will also reveal that over 25% of the AdsOk traffic derives from traffic exchange websites, where users get paid to surf websites, such, in exchange for profits.

AdsOk Review Conclusion

AdsOk is no longer a trustworthy investment outlet for cryptocurrency investors. Continually swindling their investors bitcoins while failing to accrue monthly promised returns are common signs that the AdsOk operation is deteriorating and becoming less stable. If you value your bitcoins, we implore all investors to avoid this shady HYIP scheme and consider more trusted investment alternatives before committing your cryptocurrencies.

Review Verdict: AdsOk is a SCAM!

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  1. Marlon Ron Escobanez

    do we have any suggestions for legal actions for this? is thier any way we can locate the owner of the site?

  2. 100rabh

    I too am scammed they have shut the site down

  3. Lourdes Lagado

    I have a pending withdrawal since Nov. 15 until 4 or 5days ago,I couldn’t access the site anymore ERROR 522,it says.I’m scammed, of my investments SCAM INDEED!!!

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