AionNext Review – Cryptocurrency Trading Brokerage

AionNext ( is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading operation. As you will see below, there are several things about it which do not add up. In this review, we shall try to find out who runs this operation and we shall take a closer look at the above mentioned red flags. - AionNext

What is AionNext?

As said above, not much about this operation adds up…and that goes for the actual definition of what it is that it does, too. At first glance, AionNext seems to be some type of a cryptocurrency exchange, which lets traders purchase and trade a selection of cryptos, covering bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. The site also offers some type of a High Frequency Trading-focused automated trader, which is allegedly capable of success rates of 87%.

To top it all off, the Ainonnext homepage also boasts some sort of mining capabilities, which take advantage of some type of algorithmic mining technology that will somehow “ensure the best cryptocurrency trading profits” for AionNext clients. Not only does all this not make any sense, there’s no proof provided for any of these claims, in any shape or form, anywhere at the site.

The cherry on the cake is an alleged wallet service, also offered by AionNext, about which not much is shared, beyond the fact that it makes use of an “offline Coin Vault.”

Should I Trust AionNext?

Based on what we’re about to discuss below, the answer to that question would have to be no.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Where to begin? Although professional-looking at first glance, the AionNext website – including its homepage – is nothing more than a haphazardly tossed-together, sophomoric attempt at creating some sort of cryptocurrency-focused content. Not only is the grammar simply atrocious, words are misspelled (Ethereum is actually called “Eterium”), and some paragraphs make no sense whatsoever. They look more like the rumblings of a diseased mind, rather than the simple, informative copy one would expect from a professionally run operation.

Why is all this important? Ask yourself this: have you ever seen a legitimate, reputable and serious operation of the type AionNext is trying to portray itself as, which featured such atrocious webpage copy?

This is just the tip of the AionNext red flag iceberg though. The auto trader that they offer is supposedly AI and machine-learning based, and that’s always a giant red flag in our book, especially when it comes with no technical details or any sort of proof of technology. This AI auto-trading lie has been used and re-used so many times by the scam industry, its presence has become little more than a bad joke for most experienced scam reviewers. The signals offered by AionNext claim a success-rate of 87%, which is a bit too-good-to-be-true as well.

The About Us page of the site offers absolutely no information on who runs this business. In this day and age, and in an industry so riddled with scams of all types, providing a proper look at the corporate entity and people behind a project, should be a bare minimum requirement.

The site claims that AionNext has been an industry-leading Forex brokerage since 2000. That is a bit far-fetched indeed, given how there’s almost no information about the operation available out there. The web domain on which it is currently hosted, was created in July 2017, and the name of the registrant is private. The site has been registered from Panama: not exactly the most trustworthy jurisdiction, when it comes to peddling crypto currency auto-trading.

While the operation claims to observe proper AML and KYC policies, its policies regarding withdrawals can only be described as a train wreck. When someone tells you that “The account must be traded before the principal withdrawal is permitted”, you should indeed think twice about making a deposit there. Also, there are strict, 3-month, 6-month and even 12-month withdrawal restrictions on the various trading accounts offered by AionNext. They feature HFT accounts, PAMM ones and fully automated high-speed crypto accounts, for which the withdrawal restriction is set to 12 months. Essentially, no matter which account you sign up for, you will have your funds locked up for a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 12 months.

AionNext’s Background

Despite the fact that almost no information is provided about the people behind the operation, we’ve done our homework and came up with a possible lead in this regard. Let us first see what we do know though. According to the site, the company behind AionNext is one called Digital Hestia Ltd. based in the Marshall Islands. The street address is Ajeltake Road, and there is no house/apartment number provided. Interestingly, but unsurprisingly, the internet does not seem to know anything about this Digital Hestia Ltd. The contact phone number provided is +442038689927.

We’ve managed to find a press release about AionNext, which features faulty grammar, similar to the webpage copy, and which describes the operation, linking to its website, and reiterating the claim that the brokerage was founded in 2000.

This press release is dated September 26, 2017 – which fits the above discussed domain registration data nicely. At the bottom, there’s a name given under the Contacts heading: Frederick Marshall. The phone number provided for Mr. Marshall is the same as the above one.

Who is Frederick Marshall? He seems to be an online trading guru, specializing in various auto-trading solutions. We have no idea if he is indeed the real deal that he claims to be. What we do know though is that he peddles a massive variety of deals, at least one of which claims to make him $80 per hour, through his cell phone, while he is at the beach.


Given the actual age of the operation (which is likely 4 months) and the unconvincing nature of its pitch, it is safe to assume not many people have registered with it. As such, there’s no actual user feedback available either.


As of November 16, 2017, was not a very popular site. Their global SimilarWeb rank was 1,617,793 and much of their traffic came from Belarus.

AionNext’s Response to this Review

In general the entire review is based on a conspiracy theory rather than pure facts. AionNext is a “New” and highly financially backed Crypto currency trading platform. Our motto is to provide our traders with a professional and user friendly trading experience and constantly improve our technology. As for now AionNext is in a continuous growth as its fueled on:
A. Investor money. Money which was crowd-funded for AionNext establishment.
B. Commissions structure. AionNext charges a small commission for each and every trade a client is taking on our platform.

AionNext Review Conclusion

While we cannot call AionNext a straight-up scam, we have to call it very suspicious indeed. This operation rings all sorts of alarm bells and raises a variety of red flags as detailed above. We would keep our currency – fiat or crypto – well away from it.

Do you have any feedback about AionNext? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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252 thoughts on “AionNext Review – Cryptocurrency Trading Brokerage”

  1. Aionnext website has been removed, together with the investigators’ records. When I contacted Nicko Luciano who was their main broker, he claimed he had left the company 1 year ago. I told him that he had only contacted me two months back and he denied. I sent him the screenshot he sent me of my account. He only said sorry and wished me good luck. He played innocent but he knows me very well. He had spoken to me on the phone dozens of times.

  2. Trevor Gilbert

    hi zak, or can anyone please help/guide me into how I can claim my money back off the bank from the aionnext assholes scam as I paid most of my money via my debit card and as this is a complete scam and I’m told I can get my money back please can you or someone help.

    As just two days ago I had 89,622 in liquid cash in withdrawal and 25.5357BTC and today i have -3455,00 and jus .5357 BTC thats over $250000 dollars gone.

    I have invested 29,500 via debit card and am told i can claim this back can Zak or anyone please advise/help

    thank you
    Trevor Gilbert

    1. If you want assistance can you please contact me on or facebook aionnoot & add friend otherwise I can’t contact you as I don’t have you details. This applies to anyone that wants to contact me as I don’t visit this website often. Thx

  3. Could you people out there please contact Visa or Mastercard and inform them so that they
    would stop all transaction relating to payment to Aionnext. At the same time also contact the
    police or Interpol so that arrest could be made. Hopefully these scammers would be jailed for a long long time.

  4. Trevor Gilbert

    I used a debit card to pay rather than credit card once can I claim my money back due to being scammed

  5. Trevor Gilbert

    I have been scammed by all the people above Nicko on the top of the list I paid my money to aionnext by bank card can I claim that back by being scammed are we protected from this by any way. please can someone help

  6. Hi Zax could you please contact me as I have lost thousands of pounds namely from Aionnext and other Investment Firms and I am sure I have been defrauded of all my hard earnt money.

    Please email me and I will email you back with all my contact details

    1. Richardo & others who used credit card can you contact me through my Aion noot @facebook as I don’t have ur details. Aionnext scumbags troll this page. Best if luck to everyone involved unfortunately with Aionrats. BTW these vermin are calling previous victims posing as priemermarket eat. These scammers days are numbered.

  7. Susan Copeman

    I can’t complain that I’ve lost money through these people because I got a full refund of the minimum deposit that I made with them, thank goodness, because I made it via debit card rather than credit card and could have lost it.
    But …
    Their site came up when I was looking to invest in crypto currency and I must have registered interest because they didn’t leave me alone after that. I was getting lots of calls encouraging me to invest. The last one came at a time when I was quite busy and the guy told me that they’d had some info that btc was about to rise and I needed to get in now or miss out.
    Under pressure, I agreed and sent off the money.
    They sent me a request for KYC info. The poor way that this was worded, along with spelling mistakes that I’d noticed when I was transferring my money, plus the bullying, set alarm bells off.
    By now in a panic, I decided to search for them online – and found this website which confirmed my worst fears.
    So I did a really horrible thing but justified it because I felt they’d tried to do a horrible thing to me. I didn’t complete the KYC form. I told them that the reason why I’d been so rushed when they kept calling me was that my husband had been very ill – and sadly that night he’d died. I’d paid the money out of our joint account which would now be subject to UK probate rules, with lawyers involved. Would they please refund the money to me and I’d consider making another, probably much larger investment when probate had been granted?
    The money was refunded the next day. Thank goodness they knew nothing about how probate works and that it doesn’t affect joint accounts.
    I wondered after this, in spite of all that’s been said on this site, whether I’d unjustly treated them. But I called up their website just now and my security engine described it as ‘high risk’.
    Thank you for the heads up you gave me. I was suspicious and you confirmed I was right.
    Since then, I’ve invested in crypto on my own behalf on excellent site Binance. Crypto is volatile but I’m doing OK – and I haven’t had the awful experience (thank you) of trusting people whose only aim is to steal my money.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I came back after almost two months

    Now everything is good with my family

    I am learning the market again and learning and learning and learning so I can help you as well.

    Please do not reply to this email,
    Just send me a new email

    (Make me a new email and do not reply to this email)

    Because of the great pressure you can
    Also send me messages on skype

    Thank you for your consideration and for sending me emails and asking for my son
    I really appreciate it
    Now, gradually, I’ll call all of you

    And please be patient with me, I will reach you all just a little patience…

    ‌Nicko Luciano
    Floor manager For VIP Accounts

    Skype :
    Email :

    “We make a living by what we get, we make life by what we give”

    1. If you haven’t learnt the cryptomarket by now you will never learn Nicko. Wheres my Btc that you stole? no contract and yet after 3 months its not returned. What you call crowd funding I call theft. Why start another scam called cryptopremier? Its a brand new scam with claims of 82 reinvestment rate? Reminds me of Aionnot scam. Yes Carl don’t worry Nicko is here to fix everything, believe it when I see it. Incredible Nicko that you scammed ppl life saving, ruined families and yet those that haven’t realised your scammers wished you the best with your son. Where’s your humanity when you rob other peoples children Nicko? Don’t you have internet home? Them 2 months when Nicko was out of action saved numerous families being scammed of tens of thousands. I know your no trader but I’m sure you can ghet back to reading the scamming script. I heard you encourage ppl to max out 3 credit cards, I belive in karma and if you keep scamming next time God won’t be so forgiving. Whats your address in Budapest? Actually I don’t belive a word that comes out of your mouth, trying to win sympathy after robbing us is a bit rich. I hope your son knows what you do for work, I’m sure he will be so proud his Dads a scamming rat. Thank God Kim hasn’t reproduced. So now Nicko is back does that mean everyone entitled to a refund gets one or are you just talking shit, as usual? How did Aionnot/cryptopremier scam without Nicko? So many accidents in this Aionnot industry, surprised you weren’t replaced. Have you still got Btc at 10% discount? If ppl had access to their wallet then that scam wouldn’t work right? Why do you need 2/3 crypto scams if this one is so successful? I hope your son visits you in goal and realise his father is a good for nothing criminal. Its sounds like you took the victims 5k with you doesn’t it?
      Sounds like Budapest is a dangerous place, no wonder you hide your address you have scammed so many ppl, I would advice investing in life insurance if your scamming ways continue. Skype doesn’t work, nice try. Were networking all ur previous victims and fundraising to help facilitate a permanent accident for aionrat scammers. Sorry to hear it was your son who had an accident and not yourself Nicko. God works in mysterious ways Im sure, and Monero helps too.

      1. John
        Hi Zak. I used my credit card and debit card to invest $34450 USD with Aionnext and the same story as others. All good while I invested and I even tested withdrawing $450 to make sure I could get my money back through my deditt card. My 34000 went up to 100000k and as soon as I stopped investing and asking for some withdraw they told me i have to wait 6 months after last deposit then i ask again which they didnt like it and after few days I check my account all money disappeared . Can you please help me get my money back? No one is returning my emails and no one answers the phone.
        ****AIONNEXT IS A BIG SCAM****

    2. You keep scamming Nicko & I’ll keep getting ppl refunds on credit cards until my Btc is returned. Take your time. lol

    3. His alleged son’s accident shouldn’t impact on your crypto currency if aionnext was legit, unfortunately they are good for nothing scamming scum who scam instead of trade. Nicko also stole my Btc violating KYC laws & AML violations. The reason address isn’t disclosed is because no exchange/traders exist. It’s a bunch of scammers on phones scamming $ & promising profits which are non existent. Aionnoot (AionRats/PremierRats) new name PremierCrypto is already exposed because aionnoot isn’t so successful since recent posts by numerous victims. Incredibly shameful how this Nicko turd posts on this forum, so insensitive given how many victims here he personally scammed & defrauded of as much as possible. Nicko can’t video Skype because his too scared to reveal his face which he knows will be recorded and useful to identify him by victims financially ruined by Nickorat. A permanent accident will then befall Nickorat and his demise will be applauded by all past/current/future scamming victims. I bought plenty of Monero (nice & cheap under $300 each) for facilitating any accident if his identity is revealed. Zoltan Ago aka CEO Steve Vulcan was generously revealed his Linkin profile, forgot to add scamming criminal in his talents/occupation. His resume was quite amusing, just goes to show what a joke/scam Aionnext is when imbeciles like Zoltan are CEO without any business degree, luckily Aionnoot isn’t a legit business or Zoltan would be unqualified and unemployed. His minions/employees Nickorat & CrazyKim are also self qualified as trading geniuses & can’t scam enough money to get off the phone to trade. They are calling previous Aionnoot victims they defrauded under PremierCryto name. Thats how pathetic these imbeciles are, they are so desperate (with no new traffic at Aionnnoot) that they defraud victims numerous times. Just a scam call centre using fancy websites to trick victims and then defraud as much possible and cause maximum financial distress to their victims. Pls Nickorat do us all a favour and reveal your details so I can spend my Monero on a worth cause. Zoltan Ago isn’t as intelligent to remain anonymous and I figure when his identified he will identify all the retarded scammers he employees. God bless Aionrats with all the permanent accidents he can inflict on these rodents. This operation would benefit if an IED was detonated when these scammers where “working”.
      Im sure disclosing Aionrats address wouldn’t be too clever if they want to avoid IED explosions & accidents befalling these reptiles. The crypto ban on advertising isn’t going to help these rats at Aionrats find more cheese. Hopefully Aionrats get a visit soon and hear Allahu Akbar shouted before meeting him. Any information regarding Aionrats address would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Aionnext is a big SCAM
    They blocked my account with my 445,000USD in it . I kept asking them of thier physical address so that my lawyers can file this case in a court that has jurisdiction over them but they never replied to my emails.
    Get out every body who cares to listen.
    They will re brand with another name and claim bankruptcy and all your deposits gone .
    Let us close this fraud down,

        1. I, Sheri Ogunye, confirmed that the comment above it 100% true. Zak helped me fight this m*therf*ckers and now I received a confirmation of my whole $24,000 USD refunded. I am just waiting for it to show up in few days in my mastercard account. Please forget the Banks, they won’t lift a finger for you to get your money back. My Bank opened a Dispute case for me and after I sent them all the information they needed, they turn around and said “the only thing we need is the merchant Withdrawal Policy under their Term and Condition. Unfortunately, Aionnext even though it’s confirmed that they’re Scam, their Withdrawal Policy stated that if you’re closing your account, your money profit will be refunded to you every month at a maximum of 5% of your profit until the account zero down. Therefore, sorry, we as your credit card can’t help you. You need a legal advice.”

          The summary of this story, if you need help and you pay some or all of your deposit in credit cards, the only one that knows how so far and will bend backward to help you is this guy here call “Zak”.

          Zak, if you’re reading this, I blessed the day that I contacted you for help because I also contact some other online “myChargeBack” for help and their charge is $850 USD up front and then 25% of my total deposit after the case is solve and they said it could take anywhere from 3-6 months! Also, all they’re doing is to give me a Template write-up that I still have to do all the work with my Credit Card Banks. So, can you imagine what I am saying here, $850 dollars just to sent me a write-up sample and that money is the cost of this 1-page draft (maybe 2 paragraphs the most) and still my bank can still say “NO” and if that is the case, my $850 is gone because its non-refundable and up-front, my people!!! Please be careful, as there are scam companies like Aionnext opening new websites daily, so also are people online taking advantage of the same vulnerable victims as well, asking them to dish out more money for something with “No Guarantee!!!”

          Again, Zak, I am so uttermost grateful for your help. Know that you have me for life as friend and well-wisher. God will bless you in hundred-fold and make you prosper in everything you do, amen!!!
          Thank you.

          You’ve wipe my tears and did what financial banks don’t even have a clue on how-to for me.

          Luv Sheri Ogunye

        2. Zak, could you please help me, I invested usd $2500 using my credit card, show me how to get refund. Thanks.


          1. Zak, i contacted digitrader but they haven’t got back to me, can you help out, cheers

        3. Zak, could you please help me, I invested usd $2500 using my credit card, show me how to get refund. Thanks.

    1. Zoltan Ago is who you want to find. A private investigator would find this clown in a day and then find a service on the Darkweb to facilitate Zoltan into refunding your savings, that’s the only easy way to get your substantial refund. Remember use the Tor network but I doubt Bulgarian authorities will bother investigating Zoltan death. Too many suspects to possibly count and Zoltan Ago knew the risks of the scamming life. An IED attached to his car wouldn’t be a terrible idea if nobody else got injured. Zoltan Ago is CEO scum. Im sure Zoltan could be persuaded to reveal his Btc wallet under the right circumstances and doubt it would be too difficult to touch him, along with the rest of these aionrats criminals. Find his address and send a parcel that Zoltan will enjoy opening. Just some suggestions that hypothetically would work. Enjoying my Btc Zoltan you greedy maggot? Im sure you already lost it because trading isn’t so successful for imbecile clowns who pretend to be someone their not. Reveal your address and I’ll send a parcel full of BTC! and some XRP since your a big fan. Douchebag Scum

  10. Aionnext defrauded me of my 445thousands USD, and I kept asking Alexa and Steve of their physical address so that my lawyers can file this case in a court that has jurisdiction over them but they never replied to my emails .
    It is a big SCAM people be warned.
    Next step will be name change and all your money is gone.

      1. Hi Zak. I used my credit card to invest $5500 USD with Aionnext and the same story as others. All good while I invested and I even tested withdrawing $100 to make sure I could get my money back through my credit card. My 5400 went up to 13k and as soon as I stopped investing, Nicko got upset and said he doesn’t trade small investments and he will set me up with a junior investor. My 13k disappeared overnight. Can you help me get my money back? No one is returning my emails and no one answers the phone.
        ****AIONNEXT IS A BIG SCAM****

        1. Hi Al, don’t worry, their is every chance of getting your money refunded if u contact me.. Can u email me or friend me on aion noot @ facebook or, so we can get your money refunded. Yeah Nicko is still learning the market he says, spends all day scamming on the phone, thats the only way he knows how to make a profit in cryptomarket, not trading, scamming & calling himself an accountant, delusional much? Luckily for Nicko he doesn’t need brains to read a scamming script
          I can’t say he was missed him when he apparently disappeared for 2 months with 5k he scammed. I doubt his son is important as his scamming career, he’s pathetic. Glad your decided to get your money back. Yeah the gigs up when ppl don’t reinvest & his commissions disappears because your onto the scam. Glad Sheri brought Aionnot scam to everyones notice and encouraged ppl to get refunds on cards, Aionnext aren’t very happy when money they scammed gets returned to victims. I doubt his son had any accident, his a scammer who will say anything to deceive his victims. For him to post that BS on this thread shows how pathetic he is, who wished his son well when he scammed everyone on this thread? No details to accident, Nicko couldn’t stop himself scamming for 2 days let alone 2 months, I doubt anyone would reproduce with that genius. Im only too happy to reunite ppl with their money. I hope my Btc was worth the 50k Ive refunded from Aionnext scammers back to their victims. Im sure Im popular with Aionnext, Im sure Kim/ Nicko & Steve now regret scamming me in hindsight. But in hindsight we all wish we wouldn’t have invested a penny with these scamming rats. Especially those of us who wired money or deposited crypto. These scammers deserve to go to hell for defrauding ppl and causing financial misery to numerous ppl/families because of Aionnot constant greed. These scammers have no humanity or soul, and I pray everyday that God curse’s them all an early miserable & painful death. That’s my prayers for you Nicko & Aionnot scammers. Rot hell when u all get there. Ur welcome, If I had your address I could send u a sympathy card Nicko, but your too scared to reveal it? I guess rats in sewers have no address right? Don’t get too attached to money you scammed through credit cards as you have learnt. I’ll even help Cyrptopremier victims get refunds too, thanks Kim/VIP Dopey for bringing ur new scam to my attention, your new victims will appreciate their refunds. Steve still think stealing my Btc was worth it? I told you what would happen, lucky ur such an imbecile, CEO irrelevant, how does ur company operate without an address? Why get you wired $ to Hong Kong which is tax haven if ur in Budapest? The address on Cryptopremier is a license plate on a road, which is mirrored to aionnext dashboard., Attila Baka, Project manager @ AionNext, thats you right? lmao

          1. Zoltan Ago – CEO Aionnoext ltd. thats you in Linkedin ?
            Hungary area! Education Master of Arts (MA) Human Resources Development 1993-1998 No Trading License I see LMAO
            You face is similar to a ferrat / rat, honestly. lol
            You have no IT education, No Business Ed, ur a joke!
            Volunteer Exp & Causes, for a laugh Im sure
            Children (defrauding?) Human Rights? Poverty Alleviation Lmao
            More like Poverty facilitator & greedy pig! Cares for his own health,
            Skills? Scamming CEO, Scamming management, Scamming sales, Entrepreneurship in scamming. Team/Scam building.
            Ur Hungarian & attended CEO University gtfo ur kidding right?
            I’ll add this all to Aion Noot facebook. Should be easier to find now we you know we know the actual name of the CEO Rat!
            You didn’t mention that you defraud people & are a criminal, can you update that information please, it’s relevant and true.
            This will make finding you a walk in the park, thanks Zoltan Ago
            aka Steve Vulcan. So unbelievably stupid, Linkin or Jailin?
            Expect authorities to contact you & civil suit for monies defrauded
            Thanks for your helping expose yourself.
            It will make finding your address & arrest simple.
            New employment, Inmate @ Hungarian Jail

          2. I invested in cryptopremier.
            I guess after reading this my money is gone.
            Could you please confirm this so I can try to get my money back

  11. I have been scammed as well. I invested $500 in the beginning after I made some profit, I further invested $2000. Yesterday my account showing around $6500. Today when I call Aionext asked for my account manager Steve Vulcan, I was told Steve not in the office, he was in the meeting.

    Then I ask for withdrawal, I’ve been told only Steve my account manager could handle withdrawal. After phone call conversation finished, I look my account and I was shocked that someone traded with my account and brought the initial balance of around $6500 down to around $2300.

    It doesn’t make sense, if Steve my account manager is the only one authorized to trade and withdraw fund. Then who traded my account.

    Best not to deal with all this scammers.

    1. Sorry to hear you invested in this scam too Greg. Have a look at your trade history and you will notice massive commissions on small loss trades. It’s apparent that CEo Steve Vulcan was’nt happy with your request to withdraw your manipulated profits so he decided to punish you for daring to ask to ask to withdraw part of your capital. All the monies you lost where commissioned to Aionnext. Your loss is their gain. I’ve spoken to Steve who is head scammer, relished the fact he could charge whatever commission he wished in this unregulated industry. Everyone who doesn’t conform to this scam gets wrecked financially, although the profits you see are clearly manipulated, people invested want to belive them numbers are real, but the only thing real is the $500 + commission they charge on lost trades, so 5 small lost trades that are open less than a second can cost $2300. Have a look yourself in trade history or look at mine on Aion Noot @ facebook. People invested please do not reinvest and read reviews from the numerous genuine reviews with clearly state Aionnext is a SCAM!!

      1. Also Btc & Alts have lost marketshare is under 400b, meaning Aionnot is wrecked again. Why do scammers need meetings? What BS, while having said meeting” ur account is wrecked because you asked to withdraw funds, I sure this was the message from Aionnext, but in $$ instead of words. More effective and saves them ppl hassling them if profits are zeroed dosn’t it? AIONNEXT SCAMMING AT ITS BEST!
        P.s Dare you to ask again! lol

        1. You do realise Aionext don’t even have an address number for their scamming HQ, how real do you think you profits are if that’s the case??
          Scammers having a meeting? Steve was having a meeting with your account. Ask the goose at, tell him I send my regards & tell hiim I’m still waiting for him to return my Btc he stole off me. Thx

          1. Sorry marketcap is under 300 billion, Btc is going to drop heaps again, enjoy ur imaginary 85% profit Aionnot clowns!

    2. Aionnext still scamming?? They manipulate everything, I doubt there platform is even connected to an proper exchange. They seem to be able to loose ppl enormous amounts of money after seeing other clients screenshots, Aionnot dosn’t know how to use a stop/loss feature or deliberately waits over an hour in cases so max loss are accumulated. I doubt these losses are actually lost, just like Aionnext can manipulate profits the exact same in reverse with losses. Their platform is on practise mode or similar. Aionnext claim all this HFT tech with Ai but are based in Bulgaria where internet speeds are 3rd world fast. Legit HFT exchanges base themselves near exchange bc microseconds are worth the $$$$ rent. How much is rent in backwards Bulgaria without even an address?? Guess thats why they mention their in England. I remember when Kim tried claiming to be their but was unfamilar with any landmarks, guess they where hard to see from Bulgaria. Aionnot dosn’t even have fibre optics and tried sending my bank wire to Hong Kong which is tax free haven. I doubt any of the money ppl invested ever where ever in any actual account, after all their based in Bulgaria but didn’t want to pay Bulgarian taxes. Aionnext even credited me money that the bank stopped, approx 20k, they tried blaming my bank just hating, lmao! Aionnot are scammers & credit card refunds are possible before they shut down this scam, please attempt to get refunded while its still possible. hope every victim the best and wish Aionnext rodents the worst. rgds

    3. is an Original Scammer!

      Oh my God, why me? I don’t even remember how I come across while researching cryptocurrency exchange and I was very new to the game. All I know was that Dec-26,2017 was my first deposit of $400 to this nightmare hell game. I regret ever finding this website and for not finding any scam reports when I started in last year Dec 25, 2017! These people turned my efforts of trying to build wealth gradually from trading to a nightmare. Now, 4-months into this mess with $24,000 USD deposit with unbelievable equity built to $46,000 plus gone down the drain. These people will definitely suffer in hell because I put in all my hard-earned Credit Cards funds into this scam.
      My Account Manager name is Alexa Zoltan and she is the best at what she does at scamming with passion. At the very beginning, I deposited $400 instead of their minimum $250 which should have been a red flag in the first place. Now, I have been cripped-for-life and scare of ever going into any form of trading platforms. After my first deposit of $400, Alexa email and called right away, asking me to put in large amount of money, so that she can place me into one of their Account Type.
      Alexa always call me to demand for new deposit and said there is a deal going on that their Company want to sell Bitcoin at 10% reduced price and this was around the time that BTC dramatically dropped in value from $14,000 plus to mere $8,000 and below. I thank God that I had no money that I could sent her at the time and she was very aggressive to the point that she asked Nicko to call me. Nicko was very rude and brutal on the phone, he wanted me to go and withdraw all my savings including any retirement savings I ever owned. He made me look stupid on the phone for saving with other financial investors that will never give me any large interest on my money, claiming that the right thing for me to do is withdraw all my money from all my investment portfolio and transfer the money to them and they will even pay me back my transfer fees cost for transferring the money.
      At the time I have deposited $24,000 from their aggressive money transfer calls, I regularly traded their platform on my own because I have invested in trading education to do this right and not lose money out of ignorance. Alexa said she is to trade my account once-a-week since she signed me onto their Basic Account Type, which is $10,000 plus. She said she would work with me and won’t stop until she made me a million Dollar before the end of this year 2018. As she asked for more money and wanting me to join their PAMM Account with another minimum of $20,000 per person, I refused and told her to use some of my money equity which is at $40,000 at the point if she found another group starting with less than $10,000. Later on, she claimed that the first PAMM group was postponed and will be start soon and she will ask them for a spot for me with my $10,000 request but then she said she needed me to deposit that $10,000 in other to meet the joining date deadline. Alexa called me constantly for 5-7 times a day asking me to let her know when I can talk but thank God I was in school and I won’t pick her call while in class lectures.
      In summary, I built my account up close to $46,000 and through all this they at Aionnext had pull several tricks on me which I caught and Steve was suppose to be their Technical guy and from just talking to him on the phone, I told him that he’s not a technical guy because he had no simple knowledge of trading! He has no clue to what a Spread is? Or how their Commission is related to the Spread either. I complaint to them in several email about how their commission to a trade which shows a $0.07 (7 cent per 1 unit volume) suddenly change and charge several $100s when I execute the trade. I calculate all these mistakes and sent them screen shot and demanded to get my commission charge difference! They later deposit the different into my account after long emails from me and also because Alexa was waiting for me to send her another $10,000 USD for PAMM.
      In summary, I complained to them about their platform being a fake and not MT4 platform as they claimed and no one bother to respond to my email. They always said my manager will respond back (Alexa). Then I started losing large amount per each trade, I suspected they are manipulating the platform because I will trade the same pair as my manager and to my surprise mine will lost big time while she will have sent me message that she made $700 plus on the same trade and her margin will be even smaller than mine. I told my husband that something is fishy about this platform because I am losing money every time I go to sleep and some trade were closed without my permission, which I complained to Alexa. She even buy and sold my BTC coin without my permission. My husband said he noticed too how easy I was making $3000 profit plus on trades in few hours in a day spent and he’s not convince that this is not a scam. He advised me to ask for my initial deposit money back and I did. This is when everything turns sour. I filled the Withdraw form on their dashboard just for $4,000 and nothing happened. Normally I was used to how fast their Deposit Form was and I was very disappointed that nothing happens on the opposite side of deposit (withdraw)!
      Alexa Zoltan called me and said she was told I tried to withdraw some money that I can’t because my money is locked up for 3 months and until then if I am strap for money, she can ask the company for a maximum of $1,000 per month for me. Even the $1,000 was difficult for me to collect, I kept letting her know that I didn’t see it in my credit card.
      To shorten the story, now this month, I am over 3 months of their lock-my-fund excuse. I went though hell with constant losses on my trades with huge losses of for example $1,900 on a $4,000 margin trades each, they are trying so hard for me to loss all my money and I toughen it up and built my equity back again and again. Now that I finally have money in my free margin greater than my initial total deposit of $24,000. The total amount was showing $46,000 and I ask them to give me back my initial deposit to pay back my credit cards and they all went silent since then… both Alexa, Steve, and the Aionnext Support email had gone silent on me.
      I am in big trouble and in big credit cards debt from this nightmare. I am overshadowed with a great depression, felt very ashamed and lost every hope of getting my money back. How could another human being do this to another person? This Alexa person talk to me as if we are friends and ask about my family? She made me trust her and now dropped me like spoilt potato.
      What can I do to get at least some of my money back?

      1. Btw Aionrats also tried to sell me Btc at 10% discount. I laughed as i knew that was complete BS. They wouldn’t need cash if they had Btc to trade with, & nobody on Earth sell’s Btc at any discount, only a scam!. Yeah they lost so much Btc when the market crashed and from 20k usd to 6k usd. I said if they where so clever they would have sold at 20k and not hodl until it was 1/3 of that value. I sound like they all have the same script, their so pathetic! Alexa had the same email about her 85% success rate I read here & was exactly the same Kim Specter. They where so desperate when Nicko mentioned that to me, I laughed as I couldn’t belive what he just said. They must have rocks in their head to think that would fly, but I guess it must have worked as they wouldn’t have said it if it never got them a result. Btw that Btc at 10% off wasn’t available to their victims otherwise that scam line wouldn’t work. They could give a 50% discount, its still 100% BS and a joke, just like these vermin.
        I know 100% I will get you a genuine result this week if you contact me Sheri with real currency unlike Aionrats BS Btc. I really feel your pain & I know how to solve your financial problem as I used my credit card too, when I learnt how refunds where possible. Aionrats knew they would financially ruin ppl by maxing out credit cards and convincing others to take out loans with high interest rates like 20% on credit card. Skype me on Zack Krst, and I will prove/show you refunds on bank statements. I hope you contact me so we can fix this issue and get your credit card refunded and saving you 20% interest rate. I’ve been there and I know how you feel. I also know you will feel blessed after you get refund 100%. Im in Australia so if u Skype consider timezone. thx

      2. Get your husband to call me if you feel too depressed, I know how terrible it feels. Yes all the figures are manipulated & the scam only works until people want to withdraw all their funds. I was also refunded 1k when my bank told me Aionrats account was red flag for fraud. i hope you didn’t send any bank wire to Hong Kong, I was lucky their account at the time was flagged and I know Aionrats would have opened a new account to collect funds from future victims. I asked them to refund 1k to get regain my trust and they only returned 1k thinking I’d reinvest 20k. Yeah they lso offered to pay my bank wire & give me an extra 30% on my Btc I deposited. I thought this was too good to be true and it was. Of course they will pay $25 wire fee for 100% free $ they scammed. Their phone calls to me where enduring, begging for money & becoming rude when I denied them any more of my $. I was already familar with Btc and know what they where claiming was BS & they where scammers. I wish I had posted earlier but i just wanted my $ back after 3 month BS contract, I didn’t even sign that joke they called a contract or send my KYC details, still didn’t stop them stealing my Btc & credit card funds. I then told Aionrats if I didn’t get refunded I spread word of their scam. Steve rang me after my 1st day of posting, he wasn’t too happy I was scaring off clients they wished to defraud more $ off like Graham. But it was great karma because with my legal background I was able to get refund and help others, which I can prove through Skype. I hope you didn’t wire any $ and it was all on credit card Sheri. That is the only possible monies able to be recovered. Hope to hear from you and help you from Aionrats nightmare. Whoever msged my Aion noot Facebbok needs to be verified as I can’t read the msg otherwise.

      3. If you look at Aion Noot facebook I got charged $400 at beginning of trades for “commission” to use my own money! I can’t imagine what Aionrats would charge using leverage. Of course they want you to loss all your money because their platform isn’t hooked up to a legit exchange. Steve Vulcan is now “technical assistant”? his email claimed he was their CEO, Head trader & Risk management when I spoke to him he told me he could charge whatever he wished in an unregulated industry because i complained $400 commission per trade was a scam. Their commission is manipulated unless it a negative -$?00. Do you think these scammers and want noobs,inexperienced / experienced risking losing $ they scammed to the crypto market when Aionnext can scam 100%?? I’m posting another clients screenshoots on facebook where they would lose multiple hundred in lost trades and claimed they couldn’t close trade within an hour. I quiet sure the only trading that happen’s is on their personal binance/bitrex account. Steve told me he was a fan of these exchanges, no doubt compared to his potato exchange that he’d never use. Why do you think we never had access to our wallets? The icing on the cake is how they claimed to have a 10% Btc sale for USD lmao. If they wanted to trade couldn’t trade with USD, they needed actual Btc! People would never have to exchange USD at BTC/ETH at whatever exchange rate in order to trade like legit site. It wasn’t Tether, it was BS! So trying buying crypto at a legit site, you won’t get far no doubt. The reason they wanted $ was to buy more Btc because they lost 2/3 of the million they scammed, I know this cause they claimed the $ was in the market, meaning it was crypto currency but on my account only USD was showing. Steve agreed the numbers can be manipulated and sounded proud to be claiming that about his exchange/scam. U where always going to lose, it was just a matter of how much $ ?? Funny how they can constantly call when begging for more $ but are nowhere to be found when you want your $?? I think their even got a new name to this scam now that Aionnext is dead. Also why did they have Btc on “10% sale” when they could have got marketprice on any exchange for extra 10% without bothering anyone? They where fishing and would say anything to get a bite. You do realise that Aionnext doesn’t have an address? Its just a Bulgarian call scamming centre with monkeys reading a script. How can you audit them if you can’t find them? They couldn’t use your profits because they didn’t exist in real life, they where meaningless numbers on their dashboard that they can manipulate at will. That currency is worthless to anyone but their naive scamming victim, & when the victim is onto them and won’t part with any more $.
        It’s so obvious now I’ve read and spoken to other victims & Aionnext scammers. Aionrats have even given up trolling me because I make them look worse, if thats possible. Anyways I hope your husband are on the same page about this scam and the scum that operate Aionnext. Best get a refund and move on. I hope u don’t give up on the crytpo market because of these mongrols. Btc made $1000 this week and is profitable to trade the swings, or buy the dips. Daytrading is highly unprofitable if you unable to hold for a a couple of days, It could take 1/2/3 days for crypto to rebound to break even, or it could pump for several days especially with high leverage, too risky especially in crypto, 1 bad trade w leverage could wipe u out, and be in debt. This is why Aionrats love this scam, they don’t give anyone any actual leverage as they can’t afford ppl losing their scammed $ on the market when they can just trade it on their own account since they consider themselves genius investors. I remember their potato exchange didn’t work on Safari, their techincal division was non existent joke. A week later I was adviced to use Chrome. These vermin can’t make profitable trades on a market Easier to get a refund and make legit $ on a legit exchange in your own wallet in your possession. Instead of being in an unknown location in an Bulgaria. If you look up Priemier Crypto you will see Aionrats new scam. Check out the same scam diffrent name. Kim Specter new alias is Julia Lauren. Aionrats 2.0. look at their address / or license plate? lmao. Don’t be surprised if Premier Rats/ Aionrats call to rescam. Just say NO!

    4. Greg hit me up if u used your card as refund, Im sure u need this money more than aionnext scammers. If you receive a call from PremierCrypto hjand up, its Aionrats rebranded scammmers.

      1. Zak, could you please help me, I invested usd $2500 using my credit card, show me how to get refund. Thanks.

    5. Hi Lyse, I’m sorry to hear that you got caught up with these scamming rats. I don’t like posting here as they are notified of ppls intentions. But yeah Premier Markets and Soonest are the same scamming rats. They had their payment provider located in UK, I will post address as I wrote it some place. Time is of the essense otherwise they will delete their website in attempt to disappear. A lawsuit would be the best course of action, a group lawsuit would also be effective for those defrauded by aionnext. Look up their payment provider and launch legal action against that entity. They where located in UK so western law would apply, it probably scared off these rodents. Don’t be surprised if they contact you in future under a different name, me & others victims where contacted by Premier Scams. It has exactly the same dodgy exchange interface. These scumbags are greedy rats. Best of luck, email me if I can do anything to help, as giving scammers the heads up is counter productive.

  12. Unfortunately, in the same boat! Dealt with someone called Jessica Silver. Email responses back and forth. She was calling me regularly up until the point I stopped investing further funds. From being 4000US dollars in credit. Overnight went into the negative. Can’t get your money for up to three months from the last deposit they say! These people really need to be closed down! Total scam!
    Just lucky I stopped investing further funds!
    Aionnext- remember the name guys, you’ve been warned, I wish I’d trusted other people’s posts. My instincts told me something wasn’t right from the outset. Unfortunately, had to learn the hard way!

    1. Sorry to hear that Aionnext got to your hard earn’t capital Nisar. Jessica Silver even that name sounds fake. Yeah that 3 month BS lock in period is a scam, don’t hold ur breath beleving u will see any monies after 3 months, they will probably claim to put it on the bot and zero account as they have done to numerous other clients. The only recourse is if you used credit card when investing in this scam. How did they loss $4000 overnight? So much for their 85% success rate, should updated to -85% overnight!
      If you can get on Binance their are plenty of opportunties to make great returns. The market has a way of constantly bending Aionnext over and taking the money they scammed, its karma since they where always going to scam us all. I got an email from Aionnot saying my margins where low & my account was at risk of being closed down. I told them that they can close my account after returning my Btc. I’m suprised they haven’t put my account on a bot although I never signed any contract or sent my KYC details. They have already broken money lauding laws & KYC voliations, so long as I get them numbers Alexia was bragging about LMAO! Aionnext is a scam, it needs to be audited and prosecuted. The rats at Aionnext are desperate, they need more $ to scam. If everybody can google Aionnext scam, then google algorithm records and predicts it next time Aionnext is searched. Aionnext are stupid Bulgarian Rats, their the dumb money in the cryptomarket. Don’t let these fools manage to get to ur $$.

      1. Btw banks have started to ceased credit cards from buying crypto & or in scams like Aionnext. Fb, google, twitter will stop advertising crypto soon to stop people getting scammed by Aionnext ect. This will be the death of Aionnext & similar scams. This is gr8 news for Btc who all these scams feed off it’s profits. Banks stopping any flagged Aionnext wire transfer & now credit cards. Aionnext will soon only be able to scam crypto. Please do NOT give crypto to Aionnext. Btc will rise in value after all these scams disappear. At least banks will have the brains not to deal with Bulgarian scammers. Aionnext already know this though, enjoy ur last scamming days Aionnot!. Lmao

      1. JUST to let anyone who maybe confused if its a scam or not I have photos of the scam in action if you wish to see them my contact is I contacted aionnext support with the photos and a please explain yer you guessed it dident hear from them again kim spectre is hard to describe evil pops to mind but I’m sure theirs plenty of other discriptions

    1. hi I have joined aionnext also it all started of well but the wheels are falling of now and I have asked for my 1000 USD to be returned I am dealing with kim spectre who is a very difficult person to speak to its a pitty as I said it started well but now I have lost faith they are above board as the rules keep changing and some trades have appeared that I never placed and don’t even make sense but resulted in large losses anyway I made some good profits at the start I have asked them to keep the profits and return my 1000 USD will keep you posted

      1. Hi Wayne, unless u haven’t read similar post u should know that u invested in a scam & ur account numbers where manipulated by AionX to fool u into thinking they where cabaple of making a profit. Yes after they claimed to made u thousands they called u to pump more $ from u, sound familiar? Kim Specter is a VIP witch, she will go crazy when called a scammer! The wheels feel off when u invested, only when u where suspicious & asked for 1k was the game over. She can’t keep profit by it doesn’t exist. U offered her all profits but just wanted refund & that was refused, only because there is no profit & ur $ is now their Btc / Eth. Read Aion Noot facebook. $10-$400 commission to AionX at start of trades! They can say ur 1 mill profit, unless u have it in ur hand it’s BS! Please read post’s & realize the truth of this scam. Kim is feral, expect when begging for $. After ur grand she realized u wornt giving more & true colors & real bitchy Kim appears? Begging her 4 $ is 😂. AionX won’t return 500 USD, why u think ur getting 1k? Ur account w be put on bot & zeroed b4 3 month. Their commission on losses are larger be that’s how they scam! How can they pretend to have made 1000 with $400 commission? Instead it 1000 profit will only be $1 commission. See how it works? All numbers manipulated, how do u buy Btc w USD? No conversation needed w scam. The potty is with all this info on this thread u choose to be ignorant. Yes there is a way to refund visa/mastercard but not through Kim the feral bitch. U realize that commission on ur loss trades is more expensive than loss on trade? I got charged $400 commission. Pls read this thread & get real. if u we use to believe Kim’s delusions be my guest. If u want a refund get real. Ask Kim if I got refunded against AionX wishes. I got 7k refund we AionX. think ur self lucky ur only 1k, others have lost plenty more. Anyway do as u wish, invest more! At end of the day ur too lazy to read truth or ur in denial. I hope it’s denial & sooner u accept situation the sooner u can help urself. Sorry for being a goose but I didn’t post on this thread for nothing. Most ppl slowly accept this is scam, I know being 1000k invested is sad. Ur mistake was not checking this website b4 investing. There MO scam is a routine. Be thankful u didn’t wait 3 months b4 ur account got zeroed like others. Maybe if u say Kim w (: it might help. I want to help ppl get refunds to retrieve my lost Btc but ppl would prefer to loss 100% instead of 6%.
        Anyway don’t reinvest I was joking. Good luck in ur endeavour to get refund cause it’s fruitless going through Aionnext. Ur $ is now there’s, they call it crowd funding LMAO

        1. well sent the photos to their support ha ha what support and it could clearly be see these trades were not possible to do but you guessed it haven’t herd from them since they are great photos it shows their scamming 100% but they are still trading how is beyond me and yes it looks like I can kiss my 1000 USD goodbye runaway folks their a scam

          1. Yeah the Aionnot scam was exposed when you showed irrefutable evidence of their low $400 commission ect. No leverage involved, no genuine client can profit with Aionnot exorbitant high commission on beginning of trades. Yet clients are dumbfounded when Aionnext eliminates thousands of dollars from their manipulated accounts after Aionnext believe that client is too clever to reinvest so the dump is on. Trade history will show people loss over 10000x commission compared to a marginally low loss on trade. But when Aionnext claim $500 profit on 1 trade less than a $1 is charged in commission. This makes no sense unless Aionnot don’t understand the fundamentals of math. They claim that they don’t charge commission on loss trades but this fictional. Aionnext charge the most commission $ on lost trades than what Aionnext charge on commissions on manipulated successful trades. Aionnot are stupid scammers claiming to be successful traders. Their claim to be traders is exposed after investigation website Scam Broker Aionnext DOES NOT have a license. If they claim otherwise ask for their license number and cross check, don’t be suprised when no trading license exists for DOA/CEO Steve (claims to be head trader) probably gives great head while trading on his own account with other peoples money.! , Dim Kim, Jessica Silver Scammer, Nicko Dicko Luciano, & Elizabath “hired 4 her stupid english accent “. 100% scammers that spend all their time scamming money while lying, BS about 85% stats but don’t have any trading license because their scammers without a number to their successful scamming backyard operation. Aionnext operate from Bulgaria because of the high corruption & lawlessness, Please those who have invested do your research if you don’t believe my allegations. Ask to withdraw your capital and don’t be suprised if that’s impossible even if your thousands in profit. Then expect Steve to have a meeting with your account. Don’t worry he has NO trading license despite his BS, defrauding victims is Aionnot speciality. Aionnext have manipulated the rating for this sites review, which was 3/5 & now it’s 2/5! Clearly Aionnot didn’t appreciate Bitcoinscam investigation on their scamming activities. Scam Broker also investigated Aionnext scam and came to the same conclusion regarding Aionnext scam. Please reasech that website & check out Aion Noot @ facebook to see low $10 – $400 commission rates. Please don’t believe Aionnot lies, ask for their address so Aionnext can be audited & prosecuted for all their fraudulent activites. Wish everyone invested all the best. Aionnot is a scam which I believe will disappear and rename their scam as Aionnext name is exposed & finding future victims isn’t as easy if those victims google Aionnext scam, I know I wouldn’t invest in Aionnot garbage now its been exposed. Aionnext if you want to claim any credibility then disclose your address if your all legit & have nothing to hide, No doubt that will never occour. AionRats can live in any sewerage, no address’s down there. I’ve got a private invesigator looking for their location, but as Aionnext hide their location, no doubt they need to hide to remain alive. Aionnot scammers need to rot in a Bulgarian jail.

    2. Dear James / Admin

      I think now with numerous authentic reviews Aionnext should be classified as a scam. No conspiricy theory nonesence as they claim. Your review was great, only the conclusion needs updating. You can know definitely call Aionnext a straight up scam. They stole my 3k Btc without complying KYC regulations or contract signed. Please I would appreciate other people not getting scammed. The only positive reviews are fake, same IP address. Do you see Aionnext disputing any allegations? Thanks for your great reviews & efforts to expose scams saving ppl financial disaster. Your doing God’s work. Keep up the great work!
      Ur review is 5/5. Too bad that Aionnext can’t be shut down now their exposed as a scam. It’s criminal to allow this scam to be keep defrauding people unempedied. Scammers paradise, how many lives need to be destroyed? Is there any advise u know to help shut this scam down?


      1. Yes, please. This is confirmed Aionnext Trading Brokerage is m#therf%c%er scam artist. The group of people that they use are uneducated gorillas with tiny brains. Their trading platform is a sham, I was new to trading platform when I join, as a matter of fact, I was a victim because I joined this site while navigating the world of crypto currency. I found their website within less than a month that I was learning about “cryptocurrency concepts and how to trade” (around Dec 1, 2017) and I made my first deposit on Aionnext on Dec 26, 2017.
        I did try to search the internet to find out if Aionnext was fake and a Fraud and just like everyone else before me, I found nothing that suggest that Aionnext was Scam and it’s not listed in the Scam black list. Can you imagine, how much richer and happier I would have been today, if someone just have the gut to expose these people on time? The stories I have read above had made me cry seriously, because if I have seen these stories while I was doing my research on the Company before joining in Dec, I would have thanks the commentators and thank my God for their strength in writing those comments to safe me. But it is too late for me, I am $24,400 USD deposit short even my time spent trading those moth*rfuck*rs useless platform on my own thinking “I’m day trading and feeling good with all those profits of $3,500 plus per hour” were nightmares now!
        Please I beg you, list Aionnext under Scam Black List so that other people will benefit from not becoming their victims. This is a terribly feeling of being violated, rob and stripped of all human dignity… Its terrible feeling and I am damaged from this people action. Please save others from this scam, please. If you need proof, I have plenty. Now I want my initial deposit from all my total equity made ($46,000) plus 0.6 BTC coin Alexa Zoltan bought for me from my $10,000 deposit again after she sold the first BTC she bought me without my permission. These people just violated everything and there’s nothing on their platform that look like MT4 as they claimed on their homepage. This thing they called trading platform has no technical analysis chart or tools, no limit orders initiation from the client-side, every time I have to trade is like gambling because I can set anything to execute late. I can only go into trade immediately, can’t set profit gain or stop lost after entering and their trading information is very manipulated!!!
        Please help

        1. Check out for great TA. look at Cryptopremier, Aionrats new website as the Aionnext scam is on its last legs. These Aionrat retards are ring previous scam victims to try to hook them again into their scam. Yeah you are right, they are as dumb as dog $hit. Aionnext scammers do yourselves a favour a go play in some traffic. PremierRats website is carbon copy of trading exchange. These idiots claim to possess military grade protection Lmao, is this in case Russia or China attack? And again your made up address is a residential street. At least your BS gave us a good laugh, 82% reinvest rate on ur brand new scam site without any new victims? Is that why ur calling previous victims Kim calling urself Lauren? Ur a P.O.S thats seriously lacking any intelligence calling pervious victims who recognised your scamming voice. It looks like your new scam name is exposed thanks to your greed & lack of intelligence. Your VIP stupid, and I will enjoy exposing that scam to save peoples $ for you thieving vermin. I told you I’d shut down Aionrats, & PremierRats scam will be no different. I gave u morons the option to return my Btc but Steve was a tight dopey prick, great Ceo. Allt hat effort to make a new webpage for nothing. I’ll expose it before you even scam ur first victim. And I’ll repeat the process every time u scammers rebrand. Already asked scambitcoin to review it. U used the same phone number with just last 4 digits different, same Marshell Island address, and dashboard is same as Aionnext. I knew you would be rebranding as Aionrats scam has been exposed. Thanks for your help exposing it Kim/Lauren,Im sure Steve will promote ur scamming ass. Enjoy trying to scam new victims, rescaming previous victims sounds quite desperate. Aionrats/PremierRats are the dopest traders in the cryptomarket. Im sure u all got your trading licences from a cereal box. Was that “winner” trophy ironic? I thinks so. Bunch of scamming losers who are good for nothing. It’ only a matter of time before you scammers are located and put out of the scamming business once and for all. Hope my Btc was worth it. lmao “winning!”

      1. You really do want to shut them down I don’t blame you Iv read a good portion of the reviews and when they call me tomorrow they will have a ear full from me they want me to invest but I’m doing my homework first thanks for the heads up I won’t be going through them now i don’t know who to go through that has a good starting price any thoughts.

        1. Binance is most popular, or something similar where you control your own trades, and control your funds mate. Glad my posts help you keep your money from these Aionnot vermin. Binance only charge 0.015% fee for trading and (heaps of alts have lost value are now cheap like xpr at 90c and ada, xlm & are due start gaining) Kucoin is also good as it has cheap alts that arn’t on Binance yet. Robinhood is good in U.S. Anywhere where scammer’s arn’t an issue mate. Cheers

        2. When they call trying to scam you tell them where to shove it. Glad you did your homework first, saved yourself a lot of drama, and trouble as well as ur hard earnt money. Just for kicks, play along with their game, get their hopes right up & If there’s any chance ask a question why they don’t have an address number? Then tell them they sound like the scammers u read about. It would appreciate anything you can do that will keep them occupied 2 minutes, saving any future victims during them said minutes. If you need any advice concerning crypto trading app, hit me up anytime no worries. Cheers

      2. Hi Zak,I asked Specter to refund my $500 US.She said it is on a 3 month contract and it will be put on a Bot.Ha!! Well the fucking Bot has just traded to nothing of course,Which I expected it would coming from these scaming fucks.
        I have never had to get money back when paying with a credit card,so how do I get onto their payment platform?Don’t know where to go from here.If you could help me it would be much appreciated.
        Cheers Dave.
        I just heard USI Tech has gone under,Which is no surprise being another bunch of SCAMMERS.

        1. David Evans,

          I am in the same boat. A broker by the name Kim Specter used intimidation tactics to ask me to invest money other than what I already have 500EURO .

          A day later I was thinking, it’s a bit fishy. Asked for a withdrawal . Kim says, “its exposed and locked in for 3 months .

          A week later. I checked my account . All my funds were gone. She traded my entire funds in a so call PAMMs account . Kept emailing them for the whole last week to ask for a ” please explain” up until last 1hr they have blocked me logging. My 500EURO gone just like that. AIONNEXT are scammers. Beware !!!!

          Apparently , you can get your money back if it’s credit card or wire transactions. Bitcoin transfer. Bad luck like myself. If anyone has any suggestions . Kindly , let me know !!


          1. Sorry to hear that you guys also invested in this scam. Sounds like Aionnext are aware that it’s reputation has suffered inevitable damage. Aionnext have giving up trolling because nobody is buying their BS. New investors who read this forum stay away. All current investors who know their scammers are having their accounts zeroed. Dave your statement proves my beliefs, that the money was always invested without investors authority into the market and those accounting numbers are bogus. The markets smashed the Aionnext these scammers bc they always invested our money & would making out that peoples money where safe in personal account with manipulated numbers which makes sense. The money was was AUSD instead Tether. You need to convert AUSD to crypto through exchange which Aionnext never does. AX scammers know current customers won’t reinvest, AX precious scamming time is wasted. Ppl wanted refunds in their first month (Nov) when Btc was gaining & where refunded out of profits of their investment. Aionnoyt where so bullish in a bear market, they have a gift of losing massive amounts of investors money, while claiming their the opposite. Kim Specter is a witch, a VIP scammer who only scams for money! So successful investors can’t part with a dollar? After my bank wire denied by bank I knew it was scam & she’s screaming for me to put $ in their account flagged for fraud, I asked the scammers to refund me 1K (to reinvest) to regain my trust after Bank proclaimed Aionnot was a scam. The bank advised not to trust Aionnot unless the money was in my hand on 3/1/18. Plenty of scams online and Aionext is just one of the latest exposed. I didn’t even sign a contract or send KYC details! If they can steal my Btc without contracts or KYC then it’s not legit and a fraud. Im worried Aionnot scammers have victims personal information and what it may be used for. Their payment platform should appear in your credit card transaction with Aionnext. You then contact them online. I was all new to this too, these scammers cost me more money they couldn’t afford to lose. Aionnext where ruining so many lives but they don’t have a soul, they only care about the new $ and forget the old investor $. Email me on for assistance as Aionnot scammers will read this & I know people getting refunds will ruin this scam. Aionnot know the games up. Scammers policy of mandatory trading despite clients experience and exorbitant commission rates or robot 99.9% fail rate? Clients can’t win and can only watch their accounted zeroed.
            Aionnot scammers need to zero your account before the crowd funding locked in period expires because they can’t return any money to investors. Asking AionX payment platform for a refund won’t be easily successful as I expect they will stall/deny those ignorant of the situation. After I got refund AX CEO Steve sent me his email with “tell me anything” about my interaction with refund. Lol, I then realised this caught his attention and I must have been a first to have have been refunded without AX approval. Good luck everyone, especially those trying to get a refund from AionX, that money AX can’t control, and when enough people get a refund that will be the death of Aionnext scammers.
            AionX scammers need to held accountable for their crimes! Please AX reveal your address cause authorities wish to meet you! AionX have already contacted scambitcoin and made all excuses & conspiracy theories, to keep this scam going. Thanks for everyone sharing their stories and exposing these AionX rats. Only if it was in the market can you trade, but Aionnot claim it’s in your account in USD but can’t withdraw equity bc it in crypto market? AionX BS at its best. Only worthless scammers could sell that. AionX scammers should be made into a human centipede, at least there mouths would be put to something more useful. Lol

        2. Look at the commission rates charged on your trades that lost. Usually the commission rate is more than u lost in trade than when Aionnot manipulate numbers to look profitable because they don’t include AX high commission on profits when they want to pump for more money. Only when they put u on “Bot” or u do ur own trades u see their ridiculous high commission. Don’t know why u couldn’t just buy Btc & hold? Day trading isn’t successful because it’s a long term investment, not daily. They want you trading so they earn commission at the start of trades. Their platform is Digi something. It should be on you transaction history. Get onto it asap, getting money back from these scamming fucks is priceless. They have no control over the $ at Digi, I got refunded in 2 minutes, make sure you mention what I have stated otherwise they will play games. Remember ur prolly the 2nd person to go straight to payment provider. I hope u get same result . Question the rats at Aionnot how ur money was in the market at Btc but their scam shows liquidity in USD? How can this scam convert Btc into USD?
          Why don’t people have Btc balance which should fluctuate w market! Btc crashed to 6k & now its over 11k weeks later. The only ppl that profited where the rats at Aionnot!. Specter is just a professional liar / scammer and good for nothing. Funny how traders who couldn’t lose before would risk peoples investment because they want to charge $10-$400 commission. Get ur money back and invest it Binance. The opportunity tomake money is lost bc AX scammers which is also is expensive. Wish u a successful refund. If you need any advice just hit me up. no worries. Good luck w Digi

    1. Don’t waste your time asking Aionnot scammers for a refund, they won’t part with a penny. Got straight to the payment provider for any credit card transactions refund. I was able to get my credit card refunded 2 minutes later and no BS. Any bank wire or cyrpto deposits are another issue, bc they went straight to Aionnot. Banks don’t register scams like Aionnot as a business,that’s why a legit payment provider is needed as middleman with credit card/debit card, otherwise their scam wouldn’t be able to process credit cards funds. The payment platform will be happy to refund you without contacting Aionnot. They know Aionnot is a scam! Happy to help anyone in this situation.

        1. Their trading platform should be on ur bank account, email me if you need any help as I don’t want Aionnot (who are trolling this site) to know how to counteract. I hope you understand.

          1. Dave can you let us know how you go with ur refund attempt. It only took me 5 minutes for me to be offered a full refund. They didn’t ask AionX scammers nothing, when payment provider asked what AionX had done I suggested that they should read scamcoin/AionX bc the Aionnot arn’t to be trusted being the scammers they are & having no credibility. Yeah I was then offered a refund on my money on credit card & they explained that other funds weren’t processed through them & they couldn’t refund what didn’t invilve payment provider. Please attempt a refund on credit card asap, When your successfully get refund please post here to inspire other victims to attempt refund as well. With an avalanche of AionX scam victims recouping their loss on credit cards transactions AionX won’t be around much longer. Everyday these AionX scammers operate is another day defrauding more victims is totally unacceptable & I look forward to the day AionX shuts down permanently. have you noticed that they have giving up their propaganda reviews? Their attempts to discredit me? AionX scammers know they can’t argue against the truth and they end up looking more devious. Adim here had already flagged Peter Bishop in earlier post as using same IP address as earlier positive reviews. AionX then pretend to be the same Peter Bishop without remembering that admin had flagged that name. AionX are hardly the genius they claim to be. Stupid, good for nothing criminals are what they are. No doubt AionX read this, like “Peter” said they wait & watch my posts & have given up their unsuccessful propaganda. Once more $ is refunded out of AionX outweighing their $ scamming new victims AionX will be be gone. No checks where done with Aionnot and Digi offered me refund without hesitation. My only regret was not attempting it sooner. Helping people getting refunds is now my agenda. What I have posted here in regards to my exp with successful refund I wish I had this insight. AionX are no doubt furious that this info is out bc scammers don’t like the ill gotten gains refunded to their victims. I will include receipt on Aion Noot Facebook. The fact that AionX have never disputed my refund or taken credit for it says it all. i hope victims are inspired to a attempt refund, I didn’t expect a refund w my first attemp and was ecstatic when it was successful, AionX weren’t so happy. Lmao
            AionX scammers how do you like me now? Douchebags

          2. Hi Zak,
            I have been a victim of aionnext and was wandering how to get my money back from the trading platform (digitech??) when it came out of my bank account,

            The whole company are a scam and couldn’t believe the things that they were coming away with when i dealt with my so called wealth manager Jessica Silver, or whatever her name is,

            Absolutely disgusted with them, is there anyone i can contact to get these people shut down, or will it be too difficult to find these people,

            I would love to find them,


          3. Hey Shaun. yeah I’m sure their would be a long line of people wanting to get their hands on AionRats. Jessica Silver Scammer, Im sure her previous employment was at some disease ridden brothel. I had a great Lmao when I read her email/resume someone attached, I’m sure Kim Sphincter had the exact same resume, same BS claims word for word. Wealth manager what a joke, with all her BS claims 85% success rate in her 8 years as trading manager, funny how she has no wealth herself to invest ironically after giving herself wealth manager title. The only way she’s capable of obtaining wealth is defrauding ppl in AionRats scam call center. These douchebags also claim to be trading veterans despite no trading license in reality. This explains why AionRats are so successful at losing clients money at an alarming rate despite the real market activity. Even on days when every crypto is pumping/rebound ect & even an actual monkey with no exp can pick a stock & anyone investing on the monkeys pick would have made a nice genuine profit. It’s on those same days I’ve read posts here by clients devastated that AionRats have lost them multiple thousands of dollars, which was impossible unless invested on a scam cryto like Bitconnect. Aionnot clients aren’t even advised to hodl. Day trading has a 95% loss rate in crypto because they don’t hodl and wait a day for the coin to rebound ect. Hint AionRats DONT HAVE trading licenses! This seems to explain why/how Aionclowns loss all the money they scammed and ask again for more despite claiming that massive profits where made. The massive profits come with hodling & not daytrading. But hodling takes longer and making clients a profit isn’t in Aionrats interests, the only profits Aionrats are interested in are for AionRats. If your hodling & making profits daily compounding over week/month but that would irritate Aionrats no doubt because they can’t benefit from their exorbitant high commission rates at the beginning of every trade & they want you making as many trades possible for their profits to. Peter Bishop is a fraud, Aionrats market numbers arn’t the same as Bitrex, AionRats charge more for their coins than any other legit exchange, Aionrats make You pay more and profit less than legit exchange, their massive wealth generator comes from scamming $10-$400 at beginning of every trad, and the “bot” & Steve love the 2 second trades. 1 second to open a trade with a $400 commission at beginning of trade, & then closed trade the following second literally. I was charged twice x $400 ($800) for opening my own trades with my own money & no leverage, after I exp seening $400 commission charge at beginning of trade I closed it and thought this was a glitch or error, so I started the same trade and after I got same result (another $400) I knew Aionrats where scammers, Ceo Steve reassured me that this was the case. $800 commission for a minute of trading was seen as reasonable by Steve, who admitted he could have charged more, he didn’t care to lower it when I asked him for clarification on “low commission” Their is no “bot” that’s Steves just doing a 2 second trade, a 5 second trade would be considered as Aionrats hodling. After all evidence regarding AionRats defrauding & getting lucky with a refund despite Steves objections/denial. Also I was so lucky defrauded victims flagged AionRats bank account saving me financial grief & constant depression bc I destroyed my family financially. Kim Sphincter knew I had children & asked me to thank my partner after Sphincter though she had successfully defrauded me. Kim was so happy & guaranteed that 2018 would be very successful. I wasn’t as confident with the market being highly volatile & unpredictable. I only realised with hindsight why Dim Kim was so confidant & happy, because she thought she successfully scammed a decent amount of money, prolly 3 years salary in Bulgaria. The market crashed days later & Dim Kim’s prediction was a joke Btc went from 15k, to 10k, to 6k & now 8.5k, no where near the 20k she predicted, she took money from my savings, credit card & crypto and I was depressed until I got my 8k refunded on my credit card, I was so worried about the 20% interest pa after my banks fraud department stopped me accessing my funds over the weekend, and I was told Aionnot was defrauding their clients. In hindsight dealing w Dim Kim & Nicko Dicko, all their calls asking me to deposit more $ their lies became more ludicrous, Nicko was doing unauthorised prechecks on my cards after I got them all replaced after Aionrats compromised their cards security. Nicko was so desperate when Btc was approx 10k, & after he knew I was depositing my Binance account he must have got a small hint. He then asked if I wanted to by a Btc at discount! He explained that AionRats had bought it from Chinese miners 3 years ago, & instead of selling it for 20k, 15k, 10k whatever marketprice I could have it at discount. They claimed to have mining capabilities on website which he just exposed as a joke. i also learnt though another client how evil that creep was. he had befriended the client years ago but only recently did Nicko reconnect with client. Client thought Aionnot was around for years but I informed him Aionnot was relatively new (5 month) he was then questioning how Nicko had contacted him again, I told him Nicko probably had his details and had initiated contact to defraud him bc they needed more $, not enough new clients. He told me Nick claimed his mum invested 200k in Btc 4 years ago & was now a multi millionaire. I said if his mum is a multi millionaire why is Nick scamming over the phone instead of asking his mum for a million. Thats the great thing about communication, it exposes scammers like Shpinter and Dicko, and Silver apparently educated in a western country but now scamming in a 3rd world country. Aionrats can’t lie straight in bed, their scamming vermin who believe their own lies after a lifetime of scamming. Im sure dopey Peter Bishop would buy this rubbish, the grey matter between his ears is lacking seriously. lol

          4. Zak, you know absolutely nothing about me. I too was scammed by this crowd. So I would appreciate it very much if you could restrain yourself from further slandering my name in your posts please. Fortunately I only lost $750AU. I feel for those who have lost a lot more.

          5. Peter, If you’re last name ain’t Bishop then I’m sorry if I offended you. I didnt understand why u address me, after my experience w soonest trolls like Bishop. I didn’t sign a contract but my Btc was stolen or even my KYC details. My account should be shut down by Soonest are breaking AML Anti money laundering, & I just thought you sounded like you where Aionnext propaganda. U claimed in ur 1st msg u had made profits u where happy with and in 2nd yet u said they scammed u too. Why where u asking for me to provide evidence when u didn’t seen to need it. It is black & white, Aionnext are scanners, yes some ppl are financially ruined by of them maggots. If you where happy w Aionnext old keep it to yourself, Aionrats are scammers no doubt about it will numerous ppl hurt. I want them expose them & I felt your where counterproductive.I find it hard to believe ur claim that you made numerous profits with only $700, Aionnext usually put those on small $ on bots but not you. Why did u need any evidence of u claim u to got scammed.I must admit Im confused, claiming I yell is a bit rich. I only yell when I mention Aionmaggots. U do whatever you wish, just don’t get in argument with me, asking for evidence of what? So confused, thx

      1. I had already paid through my credit card for a few months already.Is it possible to get any refund?

    2. I want to thank whoever it was that brought Aionnext bank account details red flagged. I tried transferring 15k via wire transaction to Honk Kong account and my bank stopped the transfer. The fraud department at bank got in contact with me and informed me of their assessment that Aionnext was a bc that account number was flagged after other people defrauded brought attention to it. Kim was furious “they can’t tell you what to do with your money tell the bank you want to send it to that account” . Im no big fan of banks but they saved my 15k from Aionnot scammers. Thanks to those who flagged Aionnot account, and this was at the beginning of this year. Sorry ppl lost money and then saved mine.

    3. Hi everyone

      Just letting you all know that the robot is today trading with all my money so I expect to lose everything by tomorrow invested 5,500USD.

      Be warned if you are thinking of investing in Aionnext you would be better off to put it in a pile and burn it, at least it would be your decision. Evil, callous scammers.

      Let you know what happens tomorrow.

      Graham Kilbourn

      1. Hi Graham,

        Yes you will, i have just lost my money with the robot, i had a bitcoin and then the robot sold it and started trading, what a joke, sorry but you will just have to watch your money disappear like i did,


  13. AIONNEXT I am starting to think the same. Real good bitcoin firms have mobile apps. This one doesn’t.

    My little chat with a broker on AIONNEXT.

    1. Had a chat with a broker from AIONNEXT. First the broker told me in an email intro about herself and her trading profession. “Greed is not welcome here !! ” and I quote from her email.

    2. Few days later,

    She kept saying, ” now , do you want to stay and trade at this level or you want to go to the next level ? I am kinda thinking , ” greed is not welcome here !! ” ”

    Trade with less money , you get a less return ” , she said. What do you want to do David ? ( since the cooling period is gone ), we have locked you in for 3 months.

    So you can’t take your money out. Read the Ts & Cs Dave !!!

    I said, ” do you want me to put more money in to raise my profits ? She said, ” I don’t care how much money you put in , for $500 USD , I can barely help you make a decent profit.

    My time is precious !!! I mean ” WTF !!! ” I even told her to lower her tone several times.

    I hope they use those messages for training purposes.

    3. Okay time’s up Dave, I shall reschedule next appointment in a week till then , we gonna set you on ” auto pilot ” trading. Her tone seems to change from 1 star cust service to ” in your face ” Time is money. Don’t do anything that you don’t know on our platforms otherwise , you can lose alot of money.

    I am thinking of getting a refund because

    a. sweet talk you to deposit money

    b. they wait till the “trail period” is over their tone starts to change . From professional advice to being
    an arrogant salesperson.

    1. Greed in not welcome in investing in Aionnot because it’s a scam/charity and returns no profits to genuine customers. They don’t want you trading because they don’t want you to see there ridiculously high commission’s when you begin a trade. They manipulate the numbers’s and I payed $90 on a loss and 0.03 on a 3 figure profit. When I used it it was $400 commission at beginning of trade. Real trading firms also have a number to their address. They would operate out of Nigera but now that country has a stigma attached to it new scams have now relocated to Bulgaria. The ppl u spoke to just scam and never trade, they don’t want to risk any loss to their 100% profit being money you gave them. No genuine customer has ever had a return to bother reinvesting. Her precious time is more useful scamming more naive victims, there was never a week cooling off period ever, it’s all part of their scam. You think insurance companies cover crytpo trading which is so violatile? The banks have stopped credit cards being used in crypto! Insurance companies don’t insure gambler’s because it never profitable! The economic crash due to stock market in America has stopped b anks lending to each other, inflation and higher interest rates are on their way! Why do you think Btc had been gradually falling? JP Morgan & Wall st bought millions of Btc at 6k, and are the whales. Aionnext is a scam who are an Bulgarian SCAM/charity. Dave u probably spoke to Kim Specter, shes as crazy as a cut snake! and delusional to boot!

      1. How affective do you think their scam who be if where being arrogant? Of course they will say everything and anything and be polite to get your money, until now that they can’t pump you for more $, They where pissed off because they saw your earlier post and know that you weren’t naive to their scam! It’s much harder to make profits on crypto because everyone Tethers there crypto & nobody hodl’s because of Btc declining value!

        1. I wouldn’t be thinking about trying to get refund from this scam, by the time you have thought about it the stock market & currency have fallen and nobody reinvesting in Aionnot will have caused it to close it’s scam. The sooner you decide to get refund the better position you will be before Aionot shut down and rebrand. Email or Aion noot on facebook for advice on getting a successful refund. After all my post’s here I’m in disbelief how few people want help in getting a successful refund, people are probably still in denial stage and are probably live in hope that Aionnot is legit. I can’t help people that won’t help themselves, I wish if I read my earlier post’s I wouldn’t have ever invested, their fake propaganda has stopped because it wasn’t fooling anyone and I drew attention to their BS! Their CEO Steve begged me to stop ruining their scam after he posted under pseudonym Chris for propaganda and damage control reason’s. It’s a 4 month old scam and on it’s last legs. Rot in hell AIONNOT SCUM!

          1. The only real money to be made now is investing in successful ICO’s. Sad the cyrpto market is now pump and dump phase. Until it Btc value stop’s declining I don’t see the type of return’s/profits as earlier this year, the only profit’s made where on the rebound after Btc crashed to $6K. It just hit 9k and whales sold is on it’s way down, hard to for people to invest & profit in a declining market. People losing confidence in market will play into whales hands who buy cheap and sell hight, at the expense of normal ppl money. Ppl don’t buy in greed and hype! I’m in disbelief Aionnot where put that disclaimer in their email, says it all.

          2. Just mean invest all you can in Btc on Binance ect or and not in Aionnot Scam, company before hyper inflation kicks in, interest rates increase ect. This scam isn’t going to have anyone investing with their $500 bullshit scam commissions. Is’t just a room full of scamming the only real trading is done on their own account on Binance. Aionnet sound like there desperate, they trade from Bulgaria where rent is cheap, and money laundry to aviod all taxes, so it sound’s like day trading has worked out for the clown at Aionnot! SCUM scammers in BULGARIA! Worse than BitconnectX, then again BitconnetX & AionX are both SCAMS

          3. Hi all

            Just an update on how I’m doing on the robot.

            It’s 700 up on the day as we speak, not holding my breath though.

            Update again tomorrow.

            Graham Kilbourn

          4. Btw it wouldn’t suprise me if these fools at AionX invested heavily from BitconnectX. AionX invested in another scam would be amusing!

          5. The AionX “robot” sounds more like a pokie machine, it’s just a ploy for them to stall for more time and get your hopes up that you have made a profit. When people have that feeling the more valnerable to being scammed. That their method that they used on people the first they invest. Genuine trader don’t use robot’s or trade without their customer’s authority. Insurance companies don’t insure SCAMs or any other unregulated investment. Graham while you hold your breath don’t forget to invest in Btc, which if you bought during the dip (1 week ago) was 6K and now just hit over 10K!. Make sure you buy it at (coinbase, coinmama) transfer to Binance or other reputable exchange and make some profit’s that you can withdraw into your own personal wallet! If I was yourself I would get the money refunded by the AionX scammers payment platform and invest it, as I know that you won’t see anything at the end of 3 months, that money is suppose to authorised by you to trade & not gamble on bot. Don’t be played by these clowns who will pump you for more money before scamming 100% just before 3 month period of your 100% capital. Make gains that you know are genuine! Take advantage of Btc recovery & not AionX scammers!

    2. All AionX scammers want is your hard earn’t $, after you give them some they want more! When you realise it’s a scam they carry on like retards. Kim is quite delusional and thinks that her imaginary genuine clients are real instead a figments of her imagination, even claim millionaires invest with her before they speak to her! Ppl didn’t become millionaires by giving their wealth to scammers! Kim couldn’t even dial my mobile number correctly after I sent it via email correctly which I now realised was a big hint. I shouldn’t have dealt with scum so dumb that they can’t enter a series of numbers in a particular order and get it wrong 4 times! AionX SCAMMERS NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN, she proved that brains arn’t needed to SCAM!

    3. Scammers tone change dramatically when your onto them & arn’t parting with any more of your money. Glad everyone is onto this SCAM

    4. yes I’m in the same boat they must loose a lot of customers with kims attitude towards customers after she has your money as I nearly recommended them to friends and almost placed another 2000 USD on top of the 1000 already placed all started well but the rules changed mid-flight as I was making good profits I have asked them to keep the 5000 in profits and return my 1000 as I have lost faith that they are above board

      1. Glad ur onto them Wayne. Yeah I can imagine how much worse it would have been had u involved friends or invested more. From 1k to 5k is unrealistic unless it’s ICO! Not daytrading lol. Trust ur faith, it could have been much worse & cost $ & friendships. Yeah I’ve interacted with Crazy Kim, I needed theorpy after interaction. Goes from 0 to Butch in 0.5 seconds. She only happy when successfully scamming, say no & Crazy/Bitchfaced Kim appears. I think she is a junkie & needs $ for drugs. Didn’t u read my comments, how can a scam be above board. Better of gambling in casino cause their commission is so rigged unless u haven’t already noticed. I’m trying to line a few ppl up & get as many refunds possible. Yes AiinX know, they ripped my 3k Btc so I offer refunds at small commission. But do as u wish, ur $. Best of luck mate

    5. That sound so familiar, when I started, I deposited $400 USD instead of their minimum of $250! Can you imagine my surprise when Alexa Zultan can and asked for more money because that is not enough to start anything and she said she have clients that just made millions and are on vacation with their profit. LOL!! She will definitely burn in hell. She make herself into my friend and ask about my life, I guess that’s typical scam artist trick. Here is her first email to welcome me to hell…

      Welcome Sheri

      My name is ALEXA ZOLTAN,
      I’m the floor manager For VIP Accounts in Aionnext investment.
      Your account was assigned under my portfolio and I have been trying to reach several times today but unfortunately you didn’t answer.

      There are very good opportunity especially this time of the year.
      Send me an email when it will be comfortable time to speak, and I would like to show you the manner in which we will be working in order to generate profits on a monthly and annually basis.

      Since my success rate of the previous fiscal year of 2016 is 83%, I have composed a trading plan in order to receive a 28%-31% ROI (return on investment) on a monthly basis.

      As a senior broker and qualified market analyst with over 14 years’ experience, I have created a specialized program to guide your every step towards profits.
      The trading plan is as follows – this will be a 3 up 6 months plan:

      You will invest at the value of one of the TEST account types :

      There are Four necessary rules to work with me:

      1. Every trade is based on an educated decision, never a gamble!
      We work with the latest technology with the upgraded algorithm every day.

      2. Greed is not welcomed – once we reach our target, we stop trading.

      3. Healthy account – funds, money management and risk management.

      4. My name With a huge smile 🙂

      We work on diversified plans in the period of 3-6 months using only 55% of your total capital during a trading session.
      A trading session is Between 3-12 trades,

      By working in this manner, we can generate a return on investment (ROI) of 28%-31% on a monthly basis that compounds on its self-up to the 3th up to 6th month point, (it is Depending on the type of account you choose)
      At this point you will withdraw your investment and work on profits alone in order to place you in the most secure position trading in the Crypto currency market.
      CAGR (Command Annual Growth Rate) – we will work on the account till the end of this fiscal year to receive a total profit in % of minimum 340% of your investment,

      If you ask what is the maximum you can earn?
      Even the sky is no longer the limit 🙂
      In 2017 by now the BTC has risen more than 1000%
      This year we are watching a whole lot more,
      I am here for any question or request,
      Good luck

      “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly (BITCOIN), the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

  14. guys we need to spread it on facebook twitter anywhere that is public every other trading plateform that is LEGIT let everyone know lets make sure we run these guys in to the ground

    1. yes I have been working hard on letting everyone know and leave my email so if they want to see photos of the scam in action I will post them to them kim is one wicked witch she must be the head scammer how else would you keep a job with her attitude

  15. everyone lets get it out there spread the word aionnext must go down before anyone elsa looses money Nicko luzenao or what ever your name your a pethedic excuse for a boy that lives off of other ppls hard earned money

    1. I think that Aionnext is broke, the house of cards is going to crash! All their existing customers know not to reinvest & potential victims wouldn’t flush their money down the Aionnext toilet. I got my refund yesterday but not through Aionnext, hope everyone does the same. Aionnext will soon close down. They will no doubt rebrand and start all over again. There game under the name Aionnext is over. They will be in the same position they where 4 months ago when they started Aionot. I don’t know all the previous names that they have gone by. Sham is that they will rebrand and start this process of scamming again. It’s hard for them to sell bullshit when we have brought attention to it. Bye bye Aionnot, can’t say I’ll miss you. It’s hard to pump something that has a massive hole in it. I told you I’d shut you down by spreading the truth to all investors & stopping future victims to your SCAM! Kim alway’s mad & she wasn’t finacially invested, think she’s on her period 24/7, I know Kim the truth hurts! Imagine the pain your victims have felt. AIONNOT ROT IN HELL

    2. If anyone wants to contact the “CEO” of this scam his email is He’s a quiet delusional and claims the title “Head Broker” of Aionnext (AX) , If anyone wants to contact the number 1 scam head trader in Bulgaria! Yes its a scam, yes numbers can be manipulate,he can charge whatever commission he wishes. He was quite honest to my surprise. He wan’t me to stop ruing his scam, I’m guessing it’s hard to scam people who ask complicated question like why haven’t you a number at address? It was during that conversation I realised that aionnot wasn’t successfully scamming enough $ to remain profitable under the Aionnot name, scamming hasn’t been so successful for them since my reviews and they didn’t have my money (2K Btc) to appease me to stop posting. Instead he offered to return it in 1/2/3 weeks, I said I doubted he be around in 3 days. Next day I hear person post their accounts draining funds. I then realised the dump was on. Account is drained because of massive commission rates, all 100% profit for Aionnot, not due to losses on trades. This scam is done until Aionnot because when the market 5 days ago AX held onto $10k Btc when it dropped and now it’s only worth 8k, -20%! Thats why they are so desperation, they don’t know when to hold or when to teather. All they know is how to SCAM!

      1. because the market crashed 5 days ago* If they had tethered they would be in great profit and not so desperate to extort more funds from their victims

      2. Our CEO Steve is exploiting the unregulated laws of crypto economy, so everything he is doing is fine! The reason they operate from Bulgaria? Well Bulgaria has a developing high underground financial economy. Criminals like Steve starts “company” there because it’s relatively safe there for him to operate. Bulgaria has highly corrupt with their authorities, and don’t have the resources to shut down this massive blackmarket economy. And only shut down easy to prove cases. That’s why Aionnext doesn’t have an address! If Aionnot had an address authorities could pay him a visit! Without an address they wouldn’t even bother trying, following an IP address is obviously more time consuming. Google KYC laws Bulgaria and you will see for yourself. Thats why they use private numbers or fake number’s in victims country. Do you think reputable business do that? Do you think you can proceed with a lawsuit if you haven’t got an address to send the subpoena? Of course not! Sorry to break it to you, that’s why they claim to be in London, because an operation would be shut down because England have the resource’s and aren’t corrupt, Aionnot would not survive in a westernised country, it would be shut down because even with IP address England has resources to find Steve! So it all fits together nicely for Steve being in Bulgaria, and not say London. I hope everyone who reads this understands the situation, and don’t fall for Aionnot’s propaganda about having offices in Bulgaria & London, it’s just Bulgaria. Were dealing with criminal scammer’s. Do you expect them to be honest in an unregulated industry where it’s easy to scam you? Do you own research, sorry if nobody brought it to your attention before. AIONNOT ROT IN HELL

          1. The only way to get a refund isn’t through, banks don’t work with scams like Aionnext and they need a reputable company to transfer funds. That’s how I got refunded, no credit card details required. I hope others follow suit.

          2. Create facebook page showing aionnext scam with screenshots of extremely high commission fees Aion Not Let the numbers do the talking. No one could make a profit unless it’s anionnot

        1. Does anyone know where there office is in London as I’m going over next week to visit familly, I’ll take care of Steve once and for all

          1. Hi Carl, CryptoPremier is now AionRats new scamming site, Premier Rats! I hope you find Steve the P.O.S & his vermin scammers. Their address on Premier rats is also obviously fake, guess his scared. If you used your debit/credit card then a refund is highly possible if you contact me. Best wishes in finding Steve, that rodent is in Bulgaria. Hiding like a little bitch!

    3. I created a Facebook page called Aion Not , please feel free to have a look at the screen shots of their scam commissions. Please before people invest have a look at the scam in the numbers. This scam needs to be shut down!


        Sent with Mailtrack

        On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 2:30 AM,
        hi Alexa. Please can I have the money back to my card which you promised would be refunded after 5 working days on tuesday last week. thanks

        On Monday, February 19, 2018, 12:41:33 PM GMT, Alexa Zultan wrote:

        my skype is
        Alexa Zultan
        Account Manager – VIP Division


        email no 2

        Thursday, February 8, 2018, 2:09:29 PM GMT, Alexa Zultan wrote:


        My name is ALEXA ZOLTAN,
        I’m the floor manager For VIP Accounts in Aionnext investment.
        Your account was assigned under my portfolio and I have been trying to reach several times today but unfortunately you didn’t answer.

        There are very good opportunity especially this time of the year.
        Send me an email when it will be comfortable time to speak, and I would like to show you the manner in which we will be working in order to generate profits on a monthly and annually basis.

        Since my success rate of the previous fiscal year of 2016 is 83%, I have composed a trading plan in order to receive a 28%-31% ROI (return on investment) on a monthly basis.

        As a senior broker and qualified market analyst with over 14 years’ experience, I have created a specialized program to guide your every step towards profits.
        The trading plan is as follows – this will be a 3 up 6 months plan:

        You will invest at the value of one of the TEST account types : t-types

        There are Four necessary rules to work with me:

        1. Every trade is based on an educated decision, never a gamble!
        We work with the latest technology with the upgraded algorithm every day.

        2. Greed is not welcomed – once we reach our target, we stop trading.

        3. Healthy account – funds, money management and risk management.

        4. My name With a huge smile 🙂

        We work on diversified plans in the period of 3-6 months using only 55% of your total capital during a trading session.
        A trading session is Between 3-12 trades,

        By working in this manner, we can generate a return on investment (ROI) of 28%-31% on a monthly basis that compounds on its self-up to the 3th up to 6th month point, (it is Depending on the type of account you choose)
        At this point you will withdraw your investment and work on profits alone in order to place you in the most secure position trading in the Crypto currency market.
        CAGR (Command Annual Growth Rate) – we will work on the account till the end of this fiscal year to receive a total profit in % of minimum 340% of your investment,

        If you ask what is the maximum you can earn?
        Even the sky is no longer the limit 🙂
        In 2017 by now the BTC has risen more than 1000%
        This year we are watching a whole lot more,
        I am here for any question or request,
        Good luck
        email no 3


        Please follow the instructions provided below to login to your account.

        Click on the following link: AionNext

        Email: Put in your email (the one that you received this email on)
        Password: Put in your password (the one you used the last time you logged in)

        *In the case that you have forgotten your password, a temporary one can be generated at your request.

        Dimitri Grunin
        Wealth Manager.
        Phone:442038689927 ext: 2002.
        Link: AionNext

        as just scammed few weeks ago and have requested for a refund from a female staff of theirs called Alexa Zultan but sounded like a male on phone. I was about to pay in but mistakenly gave them my card details which they withdraw money immediatel i credited it for other things without me telling them to take the money ….this is the messages from this people

        1. Lmao Alexa Zultan, what kind of BS name is that? Sounds transgender! Yeah they did that too me with credit card. Don’t believe a word of their BS, they are just scammers who charge $400 commission rates. Yeah superior technology like “bots” that drain clients accounts? Where Kim Specter I thought she was VIP scammer, another accident I hope. Alexa or whatever his name is will never give you a cent of your refund, not how scammers work. When you through with Aionnot I’ll help. Say my name with 🙂 WTF? Aionnot arn’t greedy, they just take all your money, their douchebag scammers based in Bulgaria. If she’s so great at trading why is she scamming $ over the phone? What is she doing in Bulgaria, the Scammers paradise? Yeah I can get u a refund but Alexa will prolly be mad. lol

        2. Ann don’t send these scammers ur KYC details or sign any contract, They just want ur money and will ask for more before draining your account. Because I had a good lol at their email I can help get u a refund without Aionnot authority. What they did to you is nothing new, these are scammers, call your bank and get the credit card transaction cancelled. if within 3 days it should fix it. Otherwise refund through payment platform is possible. Best of luck Ann.

          1. My Facebook page is Aion Noot have a look at $400 commission rate to Aionnot for just trading on their exchange. Don’t bother using thie platform, that way they can blame u for losing all ur money. I hope u have read other reviews and relise this is a scam and the only ppl profiting is Aionnot. Alexa won’t part with a penny. Why didn’t u read this thread before u spoke to them? I can help get ur refunded credit card in 5 minutes, just ask Aionnot. Best of Luck

          2. Every trade is educated not just a gamble? lmao, why put Dave & Graham on stupid bots that lead to them losing all their investment u douchebags. Lying scum Aionnot

        3. Hi Ann, thanks for your great posts, I see Alexia has embraced Sype, can you please skype it & record everything. I need any images of these scamming cockroaches, get as much info possible because it will help authorities find these scammers if they have previous offences & it will also help prosecute them for all violations they are infringing. You only invested $500 usd, tell them if they don’t refund you that I’ll get you a result. But I want any evidence you can record, authorities are keen to audit Aionnext & prosecute them for all violations they infringed while stealing off me. They still have my 3k Btc and with blockchain technology know account it was sent to. Get a shot of Nicko Lucinao too, he scammed more ppl than I can count.Don’t expect Aionnext to give you a refund, they are dumb scammers gambling on crypto market & don’t understand the concept of making a profit no matter whatever they claim. The skys the limit? That statement applies to scammers, as no client has every received a profit and with a unforgiving market it’s ridiculous to make that statement unless ur scamming. Also when I coin pumps, Aionnext then close trade cause who wants to make a massive profit? Not Aionnext for genuine clients! Alexa why don’t u mention cheap $400 commission for using this scamming exchange? Binance is 0.013% and Aionnext is 1000000000% higher fee thats got to be a selling point right? Also 340% minimum profit? Wow quite a statement? Only scammers would make figures like that as if they control the market! The sky is’nt Aionnext limit, the sewerage is! Ever investment with Aionext is def gamble, on which Aionext can’t lose with whatever commission they wish to charge, especially on lost trades. Plenty of people have been put on bots which ended in 100% loss in reality. Where is Kim Specter Alexa, the scammer u replaced at ur BS VIP title? Did she also have an accident? 86% success rate in 2016? Lmao most alt’s from 2016 arn’t around nowadays such BS!. Why if your a genius trader do you spend all your time scamming over the phone? Alleging you would be the most successful trader in cyrpto market, forget Warren Buffet Alexa is the man! Why does such a successful Aionnext with 85% success rate need to steal my 3k BTC??? Alexa must be a multi millionaire & trading guru, yet she just answers the phone to a scam in Bulgaria. Do you blame Ann for not answering phone to listen to this BS!?? Why don’t you release your address number ?? Funny how u claim all these fancy numbers but an address number is beyond your brain capacity! Give Ann her refund, she knows ur scammers and buying Aionnext BS! Let me guess Aionot isn’t good for $500 USD right? Aionnot vermin are so desperate after everybody knows their scamming/criminal behaviour, who wants to do business with scammers??
          Anyone that contacts Aionnext please use Skype & record images, they have your details and you should have theirs! I’m also willing to arranging to pay someone to visit Aionnext, to thank these scammers personally, Skype pics are needed for verification of these scamming rats! I don’t just want them prosecuted, I want them eliminated from scamming period! Good Luck Ann, glad to know ur too smart not to waste your time listening these good for nothing scammers. It’s obvious their current clients are very limited & that’s why they put all this effort in for $500 USD, desperate much Aionnot? Douchebags pls give ur address, your allegedly so successful & have so many satisfied customers, so why hide ur location/address in Bulgaria? Did Nicko have an accident too? One can only hope, karma is real, explains why you can’t make a profit using other peoples money, and why every client gets scammed with $400 commission, and money must be traded so Aionot can benefit from people paying btw $10-$400+ commission, Otherwise the “bot” can zero accounts in days, no gamble involved, its so rigged investors are better of at a genuine casino! Unregulated markets are scammers paradise, especially if their “contracts” are signed, I don’t remember signing that contract never the less you still laundered/stole my money. What chance do those who have actually signed a contract have? Im going to enjoy helping recover refunds on credit cards and scamming Aionext criminals. The fact ur still scamming is shameful! Dumbest scammers who scammed a million USD and lost 4/5 of it, 85% success rate at losing trades otherwise you would be doubling/ tripling millions! Is that the case? Degenerate gamblers at Aionnext can’t read a market and for them it’s not really gambling bc if it isn’t your own money right? It’s money Aionnext scammed & lock up for 3-6 months minimum, at a company with no address or information revealing who these monkeys are. Make all the BS claims to entice honest investors to part with fund ect life savings, and then rob them blind while expecting the victims to smile at the criminal defrauders. No bank in Australia want to do business with you and if it worn’t for that devious payment platform your scamming capability would be eradicated. Only able to scam crypto deposits, like mine.
          Please respond Aionnext if I’ve left anything out, or you disagree to any allegation Aionnext, i know clearing ur name is essential for your scam to continue under Aionnot name. Hope everyone effected by this scam all the luck to limit their losses to these Aionnoot rodents, and recover what they can if they put in the effort. Aionnext Im sure want you to walk away without attempting any recourse. It’s actually karma that Aionext scammed me, which caused me to learn first hand how refund are possible and spread the good word to others who wouldn’t have dreamt of refund on credit cards being possible without Aionnext involvement! Once people start getting refunded beyond Aionnot’s control then this scam won’t be effective and will disappear and rebrand. Watch this space.
          Aionnot to be trusted, should be ur motto
          Pls Skype & record these douchebags, With a decent Btc reward they will be quite famous and endangered. Otherwise with an address authorities may protect them in Bulgarian custody. Aionnext scammers life is cheap and worthless. This scam needs to be shut down, but not before a visit from fellow Bulgarian criminals talented in the act of persuading Aionnext scammers disclose their Btc/Eth wallet address, Binance account’s. Bulgaria is full of colourful characters my Bulgarian friends have great contacts & we have spoken to some who would love the opportunity to find these scamming rats and to persuade these Aionnot rats to find Jesus, Bulgarian style! Can’t say it will be a sad day if Aionnext scammers close’s down because of unfortunate scam related accidents. Aionnnot underestimated my persistence, I worked out refunds are possible to their disbelief, enticing dangerous criminals to visit Aionnot, what they do is not my responsibility, Bulgaria has its own criminal code and if/when Aionnot go running to authorities, then justice can take its course. Genius part of operation is that this will pay for itself, any extra $ will be returned to Aionnot victims. That’s the thing wo KYC details, these douchebags scammers don’t know or care who they defraud, I could be part of terrorist syndicate, drug cartel or hitman. Usually scammers are lightweight criminals, similar to pickpockets with I.P address & can’t handle the blood & violence of standover criminals. It’s coming together, photos required and after results are posted and then Monaro reward will be payed to these wonderful Bulgarian enforces. They have already offered to Skype their work live, isn’t Bulgaria wonderful? Criminals so considerate, unlike Aionnext rats.
          Aionnext stole my Btc, defrauded peoples lifesavings and lead to countless financial misery, any help with identification (Skype ect, Nick & Steve, even tranny Alexa, Kim, Jessica, Liz )(“insert alias here”). Aionnext you defrauding intelligent people with contacts in the country you operate ur scam is karma. Give me a week and you will all be touched. God bless

          1. Bulgaria is such a violent place, human trafficking, money lauding for terrorism, drugs, human organs. Are you scammers in good health? If Btc/Eth ect not recovered there are other ways to earn $!
            You scum won’t missed, the scamming life is full of dangerous people & Bulgarian is no exception! Amazing what $500 USD will buy you in Bulgaria, great conversion rate no doubt, 935 Bulgarian Lev, sounds fancy! As u know my European background is an asset when dealing with fellow europeans. Their is a big diff between robbing a bank (insured) compared to honest people just wanting financial security. You have scammed Bulgarian people & appalled Bulgarian badasses who wish to visit u all. Foreigners u scum (English Poms) Liz/Jessica for her terrible Pommy accent, Nicko Dicko Lucino (Italian/topnotch wanker) ) Kim Specter (Feral Pig) Steve (Docile Ceo). yes authorities are corrupt but Bulgarian Standover men arn’t t. If Bulgarian Politicians are targeted by hit men, I dare say aionnext scammers too wouldn’t be safe, Aionnot Rats won’t make headlines in newspapers though, scammers arn’t an endangered species, especially Aionnext rodents. Serb, Albanians, Kosovos, Croats, Greek, Russians & Bulgarians, Balkans, love the free market!. So many potential contacts that would love this opportunity to find Aionnot personally to invest!, it’s just typical business in Bulgaria. If it’s a crime I’m sure authorities have their price, or too many victims/suspects of aionnext scam, everyone has their price in Bulgaria, life’s cheap and interest is high because of Monero involved, great investment, great team! Im wondering if Aionnext get scammed/robbed/extorted would they go to authorities? Hopefully. lol. Whoever they blame it comes with the territory of money laundering from terrorism, drug trafficking and human trafficking ect. I’m sure there might be a long line of scammed victims arranging the same thing for Aionnext. Great minds think alike I guess. Don’t be surprised when u get a visit in ur apartments. These investors like to do their investing personally, and your scamming BS won’t be as effective, unlike usual business scamming over phone overseas. Return all $ scammed to victims now! I doubts feral rats at Aionnext know anything apart from greed and their greed will be the death of them. Pls say my name with a (: during ur visit, it’s just fair. It takes 4 rats to run 1 scam, answering phone & scamming must be such a talent. Who’s was the genuine who wrote that BS Alexa attached to email? Lmao. No trading involved unless it on scammers personal Binance ect.U know theres no honour amongst thieves/scammers. Aionnot rats financially ruin ppl daily!, Scamming will be detrimental to ur health/life don’t say u worn’t warned, scam the wrong person, take all their life savings and don’t be suprised what ppl are capable off if given the chance. I’m hiring a private investigator to find ur stinking scamming asses. Aionnext need to be held accountable, pls hand yourself into authorities otherwise don’t complain after your visited. When hiring private investigator locates your address. Don’t worry I won’t call authorities, there are better alternatives. Don’t think you can scam ppl in real life without repercussions, u think ur an endangered species? Usually u need a bad ppl to get rid of worse ppl in a corrupt country such as Bulgaria. U scammers are the worse parasites, leaching off others because u all at Aionnot are unskilled douchebags & too dumb for western countries, so off to Bulgaria to scam honest ppl wealth. Make up ur our stats and scam ppl to believe ur delusions of grandeur, make claims that u can make so much money and that’s why ur on the phone begging for money, opposed to not using ur fictional money to trade. Tell ppl u made them 10k them pump them for more! Don’t explain why u can’t reinvest that said 10k bc it’s also fictional! Im so glad that’s where u chose to operate from Bulgaria, so much talent available at cheap rates. Such a dangerous place and when Im informed of ur addresses expect a visit from a satified client,( if one exist) and they want to thank you personally! U lost ppl life saving and then u want them to mention ur name with a smile! Scamming must make 1 delusional, I’m sure they will be smiling when they get hold of you, though I can’t say the same for the scamming rodents. It’s long overdue, I hope some victim uses Monero to make this a reality. The Scamming life should be dangerous, especially in Bulgaria. Aionnot are long over due, soon they will be put out of business, carried by 6 if need be. Whatever it takes it will be worth it, These vermin need extermination as the Bulgarian authorities are too corrupt, under resourced, their are many ways to kill a snake like Aionnext. Put a price on these scammers and let the market do the rest. i don’t usually say things like this but these scammers are evil, callous, greedy psychopaths who can’t scam enough. Every day they ruin someone financially, life saving’s, bank loans and leave in their wake untold misery & financial loses. What comes around must go around, it’s time to stop them spreading misery for their daily $ benefit. Enjoy the money u rats, u will get ur’s soon. Authorities I doubt wouldn’t even investigate these rats if they they meet their demise. You can’t ruin ppl lives daily and expect to be protected like an endangered species. Aionnext is similar to the Dodo, similar IQ & outcome. Unlike the Dodo, Aionnext won’t be missed, plenty more rats to replace them. Aionnext are all rats! Always scamming for more cheese / money! The plague similar to Aionnot needs to be eradicated. Bulgaria is head of EU atm, what a joke the EU is when scum like Aionnext use it HQ as a haven for scammers, glad I’m not part of that EU. A George Sorros Scam destabilising europe and helping criminals like Aionnext to operate from. Lucily private detectives are relatively cheap in this shithole, I mean Bulgaria. lol

          2. Hi Zak,

            I am in the same position mate, i was scammed through Jessica Silver???,

            Is there any way to recall the lost money? Is it worth getting the bank to chase it up through trading company they used Digi???

            Once my money was put into the robot trading they sold my bitcoin and started trading and the money went pretty quickly,

            Any help from you would be appreciated, thanks


        1. Yeah after I got my refund AionRats changed their method of transactions. They have eliminated Digi as merchant name to a random account number. I knew Aionnot was going to make refunds as difficult as possible after my 10k credit card refund, Steve denied to refund a cent, had to break it to the dopey rat that I had already got there with a refund. He then asked me to email him and explain how I did it, what a tool! Wayne I respect all your effort in spreading the word on Aionnot scam that if you email me I’ll do what I can to get you refunded. You too Shaun email me and lets try to get a result without Aionnot disproval! Best of luck guys!


  17. Graham Kilbourn

    Hi Everyone

    Just keeping you all updated on what’s happened since I left my first comment.

    Jessica, who is my account analysist, called me the next day. She tried to explain that I was made aware that after investing 5,000 USD that after one month if I did invest another 10,000 USD silver account or 20,000 gold account, I would be put on a robot. She said if this happens I will lose the money I had already invested. My account (supposedly) is at 11,800 USD, so I said give me my 5,500 USD back and keep the profit. I was told that it doesn’t work like that.

    Was anyone else aware of this because I certainly wasn’t. I wasn’t even aware that after parting with my first 500 USD that I would then have to put another 5,000 USD in for her to trade for me.

    I’m starting to think that the dashboard we all look at is just a load of numbers and mean absolutely nothing.

    Basically on Monday, my account goes on to the robot, I will keep everyone updated with what happens.

    I would appreciate any comments you all have.

    Graham Kilbourn

    1. Dave

      Hi Everyone;

      I’m watching trades transacted on my account and losses accruing as I am typing this message. None of these trades are made by me or authorized by me. It looks like we all have similar experiences. I expect by the end of the day the account will be wiped out. Similar experience with pressure to deposit additional funds.

      Sad times.

      1. Demand they liquidate your account now! Aionnot is clearly manipulating the numbers to
        so you believe your losing money. Email me if you payed using credit card

      2. The sad time was when you invested in this scam, Yes it’s a sad day when you learn you invested in a scam too, but every genuine customer get’s scammed by huge ($400) commission or whatever they wish to charge. You where always going to lose the day you invested. At least when they call trying to scam more money off you tell them where to shove it. Aion Noot facebook, have a look at there scam commissions. Don’t belive you lost on trades, it’s all commission straight to Aionnot. Bulgaria the capital of online scammers! They can’t afford to even make up a number in their address because whoever resides there would be in danger to the victims of this scam! Sad day, even more sadder had you reinvested! The only way to get anything back is if you used your credit card. I got refund and will post the refund approval on Aion Noot. If others did the same at least they would see some of the capital returned. Banks don’t work with scum like this so you go after their payment platform, after threatening with a lawsuit they just asked me to hit reply for a refund. These scambag scammers still have my Btc, that Im sure they lost already. At least I got majority of my capital refunded without Aion Noot even being informed. When I scammed my money back from the scammers, that was priceless!

      3. yes the same has happened to me I have some great photos of it in action losses of 1300 one for 464 in 15 seconds and one for 884 in 28 seconds I keep the photos so anyone wanting to see them contact I sent the photos to support with a please explain ha ha never herd from them again

    2. email me if you want a refund if credit card was used with Aionnot, the sooner the better as this “scam” will soon disappear, I know because I’ve spoken to their irrelevant CEO last night

    3. Whatever they promise is bullshit! It’s 100% scam and the only winner is Aionnot! You think professional traders operate from Bulgaria the capital of the world in online scammers? The commission rate which they can manipulate leaves every genuine client broke before the 3 month limit. Check out Aion Noot on facebook and you can see their commission fees on my account. took screenshots, It’s such a scam run buy manipulative cockroaches like Steve,Nick, Kim & Elizabath! They are SCUM of the Earth! and need to be exterminated asap!

    4. Hi Graham,
      I had the same situation. I signed with them later Nov/Dec with 8K. Since then I had 3 account manager. I received a call from Jessica S saying that my first manager Vicent C had an accident and she was taking over. She called me also to talk about my goals and all that bullshit and saying that she had good news and bad news. Bad news was if no more funds were deposited it will go under a robot and the good news was that she will nominate a Junior trader Steve V. He called me once to introduce him self and since then no more contact. My account went from 10K (made 2K in the booming time of crypto) and 1.3K expecting to be liquidated anytime my account soon.
      I requested to close the account but was told not the way it works. Earliest I can withdraw is March and by then will be dry.
      Watching the account go down is very frustrating. Latest trade was a loss of $1000 buying LTC/USD with an opening price of $259?? and close of $159. WTF?
      Tried to contact the company to get the account closed but no luck.
      Good luck and hope you can come out ok.

      1. Hi everyone, spoke to Jessica today. My account is now on the robot because I won’t part with anymore money (please take note of this if you are thinking of investing) so I will keep everyone updated daily with how it’s doing. As anyone who has already invested with this company knows it won’t be good news.

        Out of curiosity after being told by Jessica that they have thousands of happy clients, could just one genuine person get in touch about a good experience with this company (no Aionnet employees).

        Graham Kilbourn

          1. They will have 1 happy client, the day pigs fly! They are scammers operating in Bulgaria, and are pissed off now that ur onto their scam! Did the she the commisson charged on Aion noot @ facebook. Other ppl though thy had great profits, then the account gets drained with their bogus cheap commission. Imagine being fooled by these monkeys for 3 months?

          2. How do people who have accidents loss there job like this? Steve who in a few weeks went from junior trader to head trader & CEO?
            Only in a scam do people get promoted so quick and having an accident with no additional detail necessary. I guessing it was a work related accident in the scam industry. Hope nobody reinvest! What was the commission during your loss trade? Thats the kicker ED. U will notice that the commission even when you lose $ is extremely ridiculously high, even when u loss during trade. Making only winner AionX scammers!

        1. Hi All

          Lost over $500 on the first day with the robot. Three trades lost and it has now automatically opened three more. No say in the matter.

          Will update tomorrow. What evil, greedy people Aionnext are!!!

          Graham Kilbourn

          1. AionX & Bitconnet are very similar scam! both alleged useing auto trading bot, both are scams! we now what happened to Bitconnect & hopefully AionX will follow suit. Target their payment plaform for a refund if you used w AionX SCAMMERS!

          2. calling them ppl is unfair to good ppl, I would compare those who work at AionX as cockroaches, rats and other vermin. Amassing at how effect that bot is at losing so much money at huge commission to AionX! With todays gains WTF? AionX are greedy SCAMMERS, Im still waiting for 1 genuine customer to report a profit, not holding my breath though. AionX SCAMMERS

          3. I am blown away at the amount of time Zak spends rubbishing the trading firm and all out of suspicions he has regarding the way AionNext conducts business. If AionNext is such a big scamming operation, how come there is positive feedback given on various unrelated but reputable websites.
            I have been sitting back and waiting, watching and I personally do not detect illegal practices and I do believe that you are locked in to a 3 month contract before being allowed to withdrawal funds. This is a contract agreed between 2 parties.
            And I do think that telling the readers that I am not real but just AionNext Propaganda is so far from accurate it is just laughable. Get your facts straight sir, you clearly have too much time on your hands.
            If everyone who chooses to invest in the ability to have managed trades and succeeds, good on them, so long as they do their research thoroughly. Zak’s favorite word everyone is “scammer”

          4. You are so full of shit you guys are a fucken scam you guy steal money from hard working ppl that want to get ahead but instead grt fucked over by scum of the earth everyone there is lots of safe low commision sites to use where you arr in control ofyour money these guus dont even have an app and by now you would think they would have given up so again i warn AIONEXT you will only loose

          5. Peter Bishop is clearly delusional Aionnot propaganda! It took long enough for AionX scammers to just wait and watch. I know their is illegal action happening at Aionnot scam. Don’t reputable traders need KYC details? Because they took my $ violating all those laws and are violating laws ect money laundry, tax avasion, dealing with the proceeds of terrorism money, drug $, ect! I didn’t sign no contact so why do they demand they can keep it for 3 months? Why don’t they have a number to their business address?? In an unregulated industry online scams based themselves in Bulgaria Eastern backward country that’s corrupt and lawless. Didn’t you reply as to a previous post bringing attention to the withdrawal feature not working and you claimed you would bring it to Aionnot attention? Before I even stared posting? Why do positive reviews under fictional names come from same IP address? How much money have you made, cause all genuine customers have learnt the hard way that Aionnot is a scam! They are vermin who authorities need to shut down! If only Idf only I had a number to their address in Bulgaria. Yes I have contacted authorities about Aionnot KYC violations and will prosecute them but without an address it buy’s Aionnot more time to scam. Peter you seem to know Aionnot so well I’m sure, If you are a genuine customer you must be an imbecile and I can’t help mental issues. Funny how your previous reply watch attached to a customer dissatisfied w Aionnot scam. You seem to spend more time here trolling genuine Aionnot customers and sound like Aionnot propaganda or your delusional. I guess my post’s have caused genuine customers to not reinvest in this scam. I guess Aionnot must be really mad, where dealing with scammers/criminals who pretend to be nice/polite/professional whatever until they have your $, then they pump for more! This is just a call centre just scamming, why do they use a “bot” when claiming they have human traders? Who is their “legal dept”? Why can’t people control their own money? Yes Peter keep trolling ur delusions/propaganda and I’ll keep genuine ppl from losing their money down the Aionnot toilet. Aionnot stalling for time costing clients opportunities. Until Aionnot refund my Btc 2k, which is on fire atm and I’m not seeing any action bc of Aionnot scammers. Graham must have asked for a refund and Aionnot & you want to stall for time for your scamming agenda! Peter respond with details to your delusions! Do you know the address number? That would be helpful exposing this scam!

          6. Peter Bishop did you actual endorse AionX scam?
            Margain trading at $500 commissions Facebook “Aion noot” proof!
            Other commissions don’t make any sense. Margin trading with no leverage and getting charged more when I lost money. But when I lost money that’s when their genuine commission ect $10. It only make sense if it’s a scam! Aionnot inflate commission on their losses trades and charged me $9 in Aion noot. Every trade I started would begin with minimum $10 up, my last trades where $500 commission and I shut it down. No loss on trade and only $500 commission for using their trading platform. Jordan client of AionX was charged $200 & brought it to Nicks attention who erased it. Only a scams would charge those rates. they seem to only charge next to nothing on their profits. I guess it hard to convince ppl had huge profit if you don’t include massive commission to Aionnot. I wasn’t margin trading as I only invested 10//k . $500 commission with $10k account is 1/20 value and that’s why people account get drained so quick. When I spoke to AionX “CEO” Steve V about the extremely high commission he he defended himself by the “unregulated laws” and he could charge whatever he wants in commission and hide behind the contract. Thats why after I contacted Aionnext payment provider was refunded in 2 minutes but only on credit card transactions. I know how it feels being embarrassed in myself for investing in AionX before I got refunded I felt far worse. AionX still has my Btc unlawfully. I told CEO until I got refunded I would expose this scam. 101 scammers usually post positive reviews & pose as genuine satisfied customers. AionX has already been exposed doing this until my post.What is your agenda Peter, all genuine customer hate aionX. AionX scammer/Peter using personal phone bc other IP exposed no doubt! Yes Aionnot are as genuine as there address number. Reputable business have those, even CEO Steve couldn’t answer that question. Only a scam would operate this way. What is English office address? which address they pretend to be instead of Bulgaria the capital of internet scams. “Peter” ur scam has been exposed so bounce out of here you joke! Aionnot exposed as a scam should be on google search engine auto predictor so other victims alerted. With no new clients & current ones aware of this scam which sooner or later would be exposed. Will u scammers need to move address when that happens? I’m guessing not, as nobody knows your current address right? AionX been around under diff names same scam, so long as that name and game isn’t exposed. AionX is 4 month old name & scamming game exposed!

          7. Hi everyone

            I’m on the robot and when I started I was on $11,800 now on $22,900. Still think that when it comes to being able to withdraw money it will show a big fat $0.
            Will carry on updating you all.

            Graham Kilbourn

          8. guys its a scam they show you want everyone wants to see money but is it really money NO IT IS NOT its a bunch of number on a computer screen and you will never get your money

          9. AionX is similar to Bitconnect wo 1% per day return, AionX also like Bitconnect also had month lock periods. Bulgaria’s version was far less successful but same structure. But have similar outcome / pyramid scheme. I signed no contract, no KYC details so Peter tell me why is ur reputable business violating laws? Yes Aionnot can scam people if they sign’s a contract covering Aionnot ass, but not the case here.

          10. Peter pls advice me the names of these websites that have positive feedback regarding AionX & I will correct the situation, thx

          11. Hi Graham, glad you aware of the situation. The numbers on yor dashboard seem to have magically doubled despite no correlation with cyrpto market during the day of post. No crytpo coin when up 200% in binance, kucoin ect. Can you have a look up the trade details of the trades in Aionnot profit and compare them on coinmarketcap. Every other client is demanding refund and if you wait for lock in contract you will see nothing. They don’t want you asking for a refund because everyone else are. Sadly on money processed with AionX payment provider are only capital that is able to be refunded as I found out. AionX wasn’t involved because AionX will always stall and never give you nothing but excuses. I was refunded wo Aion being informed, Steve called and denied my refund, when I informed him the name of he’s payment provider he was shattered, he tried to lying saying he hadn’t heard of the trading platform then gave me his email & asked for details about how I got refunded . Yes it went down like that

          12. Admin 
            Warning: The comment by Peter Bishop might be a fake because similar positive comments were posted via the same IP address and with different names.

            February 7, 2018

          13. Im quite sure there is no “bot” these are scammers and that would be out of their budget. Unless AionX can scam 1 a bot lol. No it’s these scammers that are opening trades. Notice how the commission is more expensive when u lose money, rather then when in profit? They probably noticed u where online and opened some more trades just out of spite. These scammers manipulate numbers so they can say, wow look I’m so great I’ve made u whatever. Now they say ur on the bot bc when they dump you won’t blame them personally, their hoping that you will blame “bot” for losing your money instead of the truth that these morons are the ones trading. Their bad gamblers who seem to get smashed by the whales & then call again pumping for more $. These nits at AionX wouldn’t be able to afford a HFT either. It’s 2 scammers operating out of a house, or similar. Ask if you can Skype them Graham so u can see the “bot”. Hopefully Dave was successful in obtaining credit card refund, hoping he posts his result. You would need to hire a private detective in Bulgaria to find these rats. There rates are prolly cheap & if thats the case that might be worth it to get their address. That way u can pay someone to pay them a visit too.
            If they put their usual commission of $400 then it won’t take long and you account is zeroed. Hope u used credit card so u can get a refund through their payment provider, because them bastards are broke & they won’t return nothing, Aionnot rats are good for nothing. I’ve already saved 1 guy investing, and Aionnot scammers aren’t going to be pleased that they won’t see his money. If u used credit card get refund asap. listening to their BS is not worth the headaches, or the therapy after dealing with these scumbags. Aionnot I know ur reading this so I better be polite & tell u that ur putrid gypsies & despite all the money u scam (crowdfund) & not 1 genuine client has seen a profit to reinvest. I know through blockchain my Btc was used on Binance account. Hopefully that information with ur KYC details will be enough for authorities to find you scam operation & shut u down! Aionnot rats never prosper!

          14. Gidday Zac,Could you please show me how to get onto their payment platform,because I have never needed to get money back from my credit card before.All new to me.
            All the best and thanks for your time.

          15. I have tried to get my money back from AionNext and I have been told that I have to wait 3 months. Now am connected to a robot. Surely I can do something about this .

            Hi Peter,

            The options are either that of a managed account or a robot to trade on the account – It must be traded as this is not a savings account as your know.

            If you do not want to make the necessary investment for a managed account I will connect you to the software.

            All the best

      2. If you used credit card go after their payment platform thats how I got a refund, If enough ppl do the same they will shut down! just got to know what to say email aionnextscam if you need help. They begged me to press reply for a refund in 2 minutes. lol

          1. Their payment platform, just got to know what to type, it’s on the net, They might play games & say words to the effect of” we’re just process payments aren’t connected to Aionnot”. Hit me up if you have any drama. Hopefully u should be right

          2. Their platform should be on ur credit card statement it’s Dig something. Have a look. Best of luck

      3. LTC never lost $100 in a day recently. Quite the opposite $150 to $220.
        Clearly these Aionnot trader maximise their losses despite the market activity and price. No doubt a huge commission to Aionnot scammers.

    5. yes the same has happened to me and I also said keep the profits and return my 1000 USD did you ever get a refund I’m not holding my breathe that’s for sure as their attitude changes big time once they have your cash anyway let me know if you got your money back thanks wayne

  18. I don’t know, I’ve had a good experience I’ve invested and withdrawn my investment as well as profits 🙂 My broker is also fantastic and has made me great profits over the space of 13 months that I’ve been with the company

    1. I do know actually that this comment is aionnext propaganda! Who is you “broker”? How much where your profits? Aionnext hasn’t been around for 18 month so you sound delusional. Only Aionnext would refer to their scam as a company. A scam company!

      1. Ive worked with two brokers here, Ive earned over 20% in profits on my investment. Ive been with them for 18 months.. why do you say they haven’t been around that long, sounds like your the delusional one.. ? Obviously you had a bad experience but I have had a different experience than you have clearly…

        1. “I’ve with two brokers here” clearly this in Aionot scammer who claims that their the only one here making a profit. I’ll leave it to the genuine investor I guess which one of us is delusional? Aionnot is dead

          1. Your IP is the same as Aionot too, you know I got a refund without your CEO’s approval, he seems to be quite irrelevant

        2. Chis / Steve how successful are you as head CEO of a SCAM? , That’s for your IP address, how is this scam going now that it’s exposed? You still think you will be around for another 3 weeks? Your so successful at losing peoples money, only in Bulgaria do criminals like you call themselves CEO, in the west we would refer to you as an oxygen thief, got blow Nicko, That’s why ur “Head” broker because your on your knees giving head!

    2. Chris, you must be m*therf*cker Steve or Nicko alias!!! Guest what? You and all your impersonated names are going to burn in hell! Say hi to your darling Alexa Zultan. You are not fooling anyone here, we all know you’re not real and as you all rob innocent people from their hard earned money, so shall God wrath is going to be all of of you, Amen!!!

  19. complete scam Nicko is a professional scammer always pressuring you into put more money in i invested close to 8k usd and had turned it into 26kusd in the past couple months in that couple months there were definitely some things that i thought weren’t right this morning i opend two trades what i always trade and some how the trades got closed it says i opened them at an amount i never opened them at i lost all my money and NICKO tells me if i invest another 50k he can give me my money back complete scam they need to be shut down ASAP

    1. I and many other genuine victims of these scammers agree that this needs to be shut down. People please before you send money & KYC and signing contact to cover their ass please KYS (Know Your Scammers). Get their information and that way when Aionnext scam you you’ll know where to find them. Im sure if people had that information it would be detrimental to Nick Luciano and Kim Spenter well being. And if that was the case then these scammers wouldn’t still be in the scamming business.

    2. This is from Alexa when I tried to confirm if they are legit. I tried to withdraw $4,000 from $37,000 virtual profit dollar on their screen and the “Withdrawal” page went into “Processing” mode without any explanation and Alexa got back to me a week later because she was planning to stiff another $20,000 USD out of me! Everytime she introduced this great deals such as Buy Bitcoin, join PAMM group, all of a suddenly she trade me a trade that make $700 profit when in fact I calculate the time spent and date and I know it was impossible for her to make such a profit because I was constantly making record of those pair. God knows I suspect them right then and told my spouse about how this woman make impossible trade especially when I traded the same pair and the chart doesn’t even have such record of a price spike when she open-close the trade, which is by the way less than a minute or two. Just manipulated for sure. I will post some replies from her below:

      Hi darling
      How are you?
      How did the weekend end?
      I’ve seen you try to pull $ 4000 …
      The money is in a 3-month plan that means that 3 months’ money is closed as I explained in the first conversation.
      If you need money and get stuck, then there is no problem I ask the manager of vip department to withdraw the money. you can withdraw up to 1000 USD.
      The idea of closing the money for 3 months is because there is a trading circle here for money management and account risk.
      This work of analysts is daily and every touch of the account Violate
      its balance and then the analyst cannot know the final goal of how to conduct and how much to trade with in order not to make losses
      let me know when i can call you…
      and i see that you making fantastic trades, you are one of my smarts Clint that i have!!!
      happy for you you are about to change you life!!!

      Alexa Zultan
      Account Manager – VIP Division


      to Alexa

      So, what you’re telling me is that you have a circle of Money management team that trade with all my money for a minimum of 3 months without arranging a percentage profit cut to me? That’s not right! I have other trading platform and they always straight forward with their intention and agreement are layout on how they intend to pay me off for using my money for trading. Also, I have to agreed on the % of my interest for them having access to my money.
      Alexa, your company is very fishy to me right now and maybe I need to look more into this, what do you think?
      By the way, I just read your first email to me. There’s nothing about circle of money management team using my money to trade nor the fact that I can’t touch my money in the first 3 months. Your email specifically stated that you will work with me as my broker for the next 3-6 months but I have to select an account, which I haven’t select yet.
      Please you need to be straight with me because I don’t function well when there are signs of misguided information and non-transparency.

      to Alexa

      I don’t even have a phone number to call you at?

      Alexa Zultan
      Jan 30

      to me



      to Alexa

      Alexa, tell him (Steve) to call me now because I will be going to another lecture in 9 minutes

      Sherifat Ogunye
      Jan 30

      to Alexa

      Hey Alexa,
      I have been trying to deposit the money thru my credit card I gave you but it kept denied it. I check the credit card transaction & balance online and saw that all transfers I made to it today have not reflected yet. So, I’m guessing it take sometime to reflect so I can use the card for tonight. I will check tomorrow again before I try to withdraw from it.
      Also, what’s going on with you and the guy John Kuruma’s email about you withholding his fund?
      Secondly, send me your direct phone line in case I have to get hold of you instead of waiting for your calls.
      How are you feeling now? It’s the weather that’s making you sick?

      Alexa Zultan
      Jan 31

      to me

      Dear Sheri
      You have to understand me I have 90 clients and if I have a line I will be on him all the time and will not be able to engage in my profession as a broker but I will become a secretary.
      I give you my private Skype and contact me whenever you feel comfortable.

      Sent with Mailtrack

      Inbox x

      Alexa Zultan
      Jan 31

      to me


      Alexa Zultan
      Account Manager – VIP Division


      Sent with Mailtrack

      Sherifat Ogunye
      Jan 31

      to Alexa

      Good morning Dear,
      I understood your email and I support the protection of self because there are crazy people in today’s world.

      I have bad news though. My credit card company called me this morning to explain what’s going on. They said that they have freeze and canceled my card because of the someone tried to access my account from another country. I told them that I was aware of it but they said I broke the Privacy and confidentiality rules by giving out my PIN, so they have canceled my card.
      This is bad for me because I have transferred all my money to this card. They will be issuing another card but will take 10 business days before I could get the new card.
      I won’t be able to join the PAMM group now. This is really bad and I feel so bad because my gut feeling was telling me yesterday not to do that.

      Sherifat Ogunye
      Jan 31

      to Alexa

      By the way, I can’t talk on the phone because I’m in class for the next 4 hours.

      In the week of Jan 31 to Feb 3, here is a guy that sent out his complaint to this large group about his money been frozen for false accusation, which is not even possible on their fake MT4 platform.
      VeralynWilson Honetana
      Jan 17

      kuruma John
      Jan 30

      to VeralynWilson, Alexa, me, dhancox15, IT, jayax09, heath, praxissm, Lance, w.taylor, Ettiene, melanvance54, Scott, Fouziemoussa, Manuel, Shaun, Dallas, leonard, Lukiemchughy, nabohj, Arnold, gabrielsmau, Luijindy, corey, Francis


      My 445,000 USD balance in my account you fraudulently blocked .

      My lawyers are requesting for your physical address- last time you told me that your office is in London , while it reads Marshal Island , currently your

      websites reads Sofia Bulgaria .

      I sent you and Steve email requesting for your physical address but there was no reply and no body is answering my calls either .

      You will recall that I insisted that you stop trading for me with your automated machine which made me loss 8,000,USD in one trade , that I prefer manual trading .

      I have traded manually without any ones help for several weeks and I managed to built my balance up to 445,000 USD before you made the false allegation that

      I am a robot hence you blocked my account , I have offered to trade with your screen and prove to you that I had no help or even come to your office and trade

      while you watch me trade but all my suggestions you ignored .

      Well I have no choice than to take you to court so you can prove to court how you arrived at your allegations.

      If you are not scam – give me your physical address so that my lawyers can file this case .

      eric mashau
      Jan 31

      to kuruma, VeralynWilson, Alexa, me, dhancox15, IT, jayax09, heath, praxissm, Lance, w.taylor, Ettiene, melanvance54, Scott, Fouziemoussa, Manuel, Shaun, Dallas, leonard, Lukiemchughy, nabohj, Arnold, gabrielsmau, Luijindy, corey

      Scary staff

      Alexa Zultan
      Jan 31

      to me, dhancox15, IT, Abas, heath, praxissm, Lance, w.taylor, Ettiene, melanvance54, Scott, Fouziemoussa, Manuel, Shaun, Dallas, leonard, nabohj, Arnold, gabrielsmau, Luijindy, corey, Francis, taipan4, Florence, Trevor

      Foremost this email was sent to a group of traders not so that this format can be abused by members. We have nothing to hide – as the large majority of traders here are happy with our services and the profits which are being made on their behalf – I believe that a few members even in this group can attest that they are profitable and happy.

      I would like to address in this format the email which was sent by John Kuruma. This trader had 15000 US dollars invested in the company and in the space of a few hours he “traded” the account up to over 400k. This appears to be done fraudulently and as such his account is under review. The clients funds have been sent back to him.

      It is no secret that without supervision the automated software is not the ideal method of trading but this trader insisted that he does not want a managed account and he would rather do the trading himself as he himself said. We believe now that he did this knowing that his intention was to attempt to rob the company – again this is still under review which is the reason he has not received daily correspondence – His calls are being accepted and moved on to the relevant department.,

      In reference to our address. Our company is located in London in Ludwig Hill. We do not accept walk ins. The reason is simple – not all members of society are sane individuals and we prefer to protect ourselves. Did you know that there have even been instances where an individual was so mad he did not pass his drivers test that he shot the driving inspector… Since then the results are never given on the spot but rather at a later point. Below I have included a piece of an article which should illustrate the exact reason we prefer to protect ourselves.

      “A SHOCKED America plunged into renewed agony over its violent gun culture last night after a disgruntled trader killed 12 people in Atlanta – amongst them his wife and two young children. He was later found dead in his car in another part of the city.
      In the second multiple shooting in three months, a middle aged man, Mark Barton, stormed into two brokerage companies in the city’s business district where he opened fire with three handguns, killing nine people.”
      The full story can be found in the link below:

      Sent with Mailtrack

      THEY ONLY NICE WITH YOU WHEN THEY WANT MORE MONEY FROM YOU AND THEY DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO INFLATE THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT, TO GIVE YOU CONFIDENT THAT YOU’RE WINNING (but reality is that those money figure are virtual, non-paper money, a zero value.) The only real money they make is the money you keep sending them to buy BTC, PAMM, over losses on your trade. I lost over $22,000 in a period of less than 3 days and Alexa begged me to close the trades but I refused. She then promised to retrieve all my losses if I could send in another deposit of $13,000 USD. I straight up told her that these losses had made me sick already and I have no money anywhere else to use. Then she felt sorry for me and said she won’t ask me for any money for now because my health is more important to her. I actually believed she got a soul but I guess she does like the kind of relationship and trust she had built, only that she’s in a shitty, mean world where other people’s life means nothing to them!

  20. Hi it is a complete scam i put just about 8000usd in turned it into 26k this morning i opened two trades what i usually trade at 2.19 and 2.49 it told me i must leave my tade open for an hour so i waited and second before i could close the trade i lost 45k it now shows in my history that i opened the trades at 8.19 and it auto closed them at 2.51 i have contacted NICKO and he tells me that no you opened it at this and i never did he said he could give me a bonus so i coiuld get my 45kback but insisted i invest another 50k for this to be done he gave me 60seconds to think about it and then hug up complete scam I’m interested in doing whatever legally a guy can do anyone that’s interestred email me at

    1. Sorry to hear Jordache. Yeah crypto market only rebounded 50% after crashing yesterday, not over 300%. I’ve used their “trading platform” and when the trade started I was already -$500 commission!
      I didn’t send them my KYC details and they can’t defraud me without them, otherwise they break
      money laundering laws even in Bulgaria. After seeking legal advice I know my position and their’s.
      I told them to expect a subpoena and asked to speak to there said “legal team”, they then offered me
      a refund after I send my KYC account. Don’t trust these scammers, and I won’t give them KYC details
      even if I was terminally ill. Im sure they lost plenty of people’s lifesaving, causing some people’s to commit suicide after dealing with Aionnext. Im guessing scammers lives would be in danger had they put a number to their address. I hope they don’t have your KYC details otherwise I don’t see a happy
      ending, meaning you won’t see that money again. I withdrew a $1000 from these scammers under
      the pretext that I need them to earn my trust after my bank stopped my wire transfer because their account was red flagged. I never reinvest because I knew they were scammers! They have a routine they follow, they make people believe that they have some magic gift making extreme profits but that’s
      fake, them number’s are as fake as John review in this forum. Shut these scammers down!

      1. Everyone please use Binance where you control your own money and the trading fee
        is .005% instead of $500 commission so instead of flushing your money down the Aionnext toilet. Their claims to have millionaires as clients is also a joke! Notice how
        eerily quite it is in the background? Claim to be in London when in fact their operating
        from an address in Bulgaria, they can’t spell properly or have a address number. I’ve
        checked it out on google maps and it’s not pretty, they wish they where in London but
        for legal reason have based themselves in Bulgaria where the laws aren’t as westernised.
        They give Bulgaria a bad name and suggest everyone report their behaviour to Bulgarian
        authorities to shut them down and put them in a jail cell where they can’t same anyone else.

  21. I invested £500 and I was been pressurised by account manager who was really pu pressure on me. he day I said I don’t have more found to invest, the following day, my account balance which has built up to $840 and after $600 and $400.

    They are callous and not trust worthy set of people. I am so happy that I did not invest more than that. The most surprising is that I was persuaded to borrow money from bank, what would have been my fate, but my saving grace is that I did notI invested £500 and I was been pressurised by account manager who was really pu pressure on me. he day I said I don’t have more found to invest, the following day, my account balance which has built up to $840 and after $600 and $400.

    They are callous and not trust worthy set of people. I am so happy that I did not invest more than that. The most surprising is that I was persuaded to borrow money from bank, what would have been my fate, but my saving grace is that I did not

    1. Sounds like Aionnext under a different name, glad you didn’t financially ruin yourself Olu. Scammers
      are callous vermin like my experience dealing with Aionnext. Unless I’m terminally ill they won’t refund
      my money. Say’s it all doesn’t it?

  22. Graham Kilbourn

    Invested 5,500 USD in this company and it is now showing over 11,000 USD after one month. Looks great, but now being told to invest another 20,000USD so that I can keep my personal analysist trading for me. If I don’t hand over the extra 20,000USD, then my account will be passed over to a robot. I know that if this happens I will lose everything. I have not been able to draw any money out because of the three month restriction put on your account.

    Very suspicious of this company, will keep you all posted on what happens.

    1. I had the same experience, I made the investment – Ive been with Aionnext for 8 months and Ive already withdrawn my profits twice and about to withdraw a third time. No complaints from me. Let me know how it goes for you

      1. Warning: The comment by John might be a fake because similar positive comments were posted via the same IP address and with different names.

        1. Yes Admin Its Aionnnext at their best. They make their own fake reviews too.
          They sound desperate because the market crashed and their broke.

          1. Yes Graham please let John/Aionnext how it goes for you. They are in damage control and want to pump you for more money cause the figures on dashboard are fake. Just like Johns review right Nicko Lucino?

      2. “John” is Aionnext propaganda. This post was sent from the same IP address as Aionnext. These scammer’s aren’t genius’s. They thought that they could post a bunch of positive comments and pose as genuine customers without any detection by all using the same IP address? Admin on this site is already onto these scammer’s, they post numerous positive reviews using bogus names. Aionnext propaganda sent by scumbag scammer’s posing as genuine customers. Say’s it all dosn’t it?

      3. well john your full of it I have some great photos of their scam in action after the fake trades came onto my platform I contacted support with the photos and guess what dident hear from them again the rouges

    2. So you should be this is a scam run in Bulgaria without even a number to its address so don’t believe
      the numbers on your account are true. I’ve invested and can’t get my capital back. Im looking at lunching a class action lawsuit if I don’t get my funds returned.

      1. Graham unless your terminally ill you have no chance of seeing your money again. According to their email thats the only reason that would happen. How many terminally ill people invest in a 4month old scam? Try not to laugh. lol

        Good Day, 

        I understand you wish to withdraw your funds and I would like to be able to assist you. 
        You are however in breach of contract of our terms and conditions which state that the first week after your last deposit is a trial period and thereafter you are not permitted to withdraw your investment for a contract of three months. Which you were informed of in advance.

        You have decided for no reason which is of any substance that we are fraudulent – I have discussed this with my legal team and this is not a reason which we are able to release funds – In the past we have had clients who have become terminally ill and they needed the funds prior the three months, so we sent them their funds. But this is not the case with you – you simply woke up one day and made an assumption about our company. You lost one trade – *by the way* you are a few thousand dollars in the green… so I am not entirely sure the exact reason for your assumption. 

        We do have alternative solutions  – we MUST schedule a time to talk via the telephone. Please find a time and make yourself available and advise me as to when that time will be so I can introduce you to Nicko. 

      2. DR. IRENE BONNEY FAULKES (RevIrene)

        Zak, I am in Australia and can see the same thing happening to us. SEC in USA is already on to them apparently, but how that goes will possibly do nothing for what they have already done.
        I am trying to make withdrawals of ETH and cash but no reply yet. Strange that:(
        I should have seen through this but must have had blinkers on. And was not informed of the 3 months withhold period
        Keep posted on class action.

        1. Hi Irene
          Yeah that 3 month withdraw period is akin to a Ponzi like Bitcconnect, and sure if you got in early you might have made money, but Most 99% of people got scammed and lost everything. Ppl where complaining for a refund back in Nov & they got lucky bc they got a refund while Btc was 5k-15k they market was on fire everyone making money except AionX customer! They got a refund and lost any gains made in the market, all they had to do was Hodl. Only after posting here they got refund. Now the market crash from 20k to 6k and recovered now to 10k What do you think happened to the money we couldn’t touch? We couldn’t touch it cause it was in the market and from the numerous other clients claims of getting defrauded it makes total sense and Bitcoinscam review on this scam. BitcoinScam review concluded wouldn’t go near it and we all should have done the same. They scammed me and I don’t want others to loss their money. Don’t hold your breath on seeing a return in 3 months, they empty account purposely with their exaggerated high commission. Another review summed up it up best about Aionnot. Scammers at their finest bc they emptied account that had extreme profits, they invested 8k usd and got $30! what a scam Aionnot. Don’t bother with class action get a refund through their payment platform as I did. I was successfully refunded in 2 minutes because Banks don’t register scams as “businesses” even in Bulgaria! They don’t even follow KYC laws and can launder terrorism money, drug money or whatever, Aionnot is a scam and is just playing you for time, if you wait the 3 months refunds they will no doubt declare bankruptcy and rebrand the scam!

    3. Graham, please keep your money in in your bank account, 1% interest rate pa is a the better option than investing in Aionnext and losing 100% and waste your time. How desperate does top notch scammer Nicko Lucino sound ringing you trying to pump more money out of you?? I sent them a message in my email wondering if you’d call them tomorrow. You then get Aionnext propaganda from John/Nicko. Please don’t just be suspicious, it’s definitely a scam! Tell Nicko where to shove it. My email is zakkrst1@gmail if you need any more evidence. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    4. They don’t honour the 3-months contract! I am there right now, way pass mine 3-months and immediately I mentioned or ask them how I can withdraw my principal money, they all went dumb, including their!!! Please, call your credit card and tell them you want to dispute the amount. Their name on my credit card is, check your card and dispute all. Aionnext is using the 3-months lock up tactics because they knew credit card only give back money within the 90-days of purchase, anything after, you have to provide proof. Don’t wait on their lies, call your credit card company and get your money back. Don’t be fool by the $$$ figures on their platform, it’s not real! Even these people have zero knowledge about trading, Steve doesn’t know the meaning of Spread and he’s there all-in-one guy. Their IT department, CEO, and so on… all garbage.

  23. Michael
    Aionnext is a complete scam. Never invest a cent. They promise you of high return and once you are in they ask you to invest more like in my case $500 for registration and then $5000 for trading. A random person name claim to be an account manager called Nicko Luciano luring me by trading for 15 second with a return profit of $2000 usd and then promise me after 3 months he will make it $35-40k and then can withdraw all the money or re-invest. Then the next day rang up asking for another $5000. I smell something fishy here and I said no to him and ask him to buy 6 Ethereum instead of trading. He bought 6 Ethereum and to my surprise without my consent he sold half of it and started trading for me which ends up a loss of $3000. Then again the next day he sold the other3 Ethereum for trading and empty all my money which is $5500. He ring up the phone is never answered. So for all of you guys. Please be careful before you invest in AIONNEXT. ITS AT TOTAL SCAM.
    Comments on 29/01/2018

  24. i have been trading with Aion next for the past 11 months i can say that during the most part i am very satisfied from the investment portfolio I have.

    1. shon is a Aionnext propaganda. Notice the bad spelling & grammar. It also makes no sense. Kim Spector or Nick Lucino wrote this. Aionnext hasn’t been around for 11 months. And none of their
      victims have ever seen a return on their investment because scammers don’t work that way. Let alone
      reinvest. Its a 2 person show and only have a few victims on the hook all times, that’s why they try to
      pump more money from them right Nicko Lucino. John & shon are Aionnext propaganda reviews on themselves. If innocent peoples money wasn’t involved it would be amusing but this is all damage control. Aionnext scammers that share the same I.P address address in Bulgaria.

  25. Is a scam !!! Drained my account the day before I was supposed to get my money back and opened trade without my knowledge or calling. Very rude and unprofessional. I put 7000 AUD in this company and now have $32.00 left one day before my 3 months ends. Scammers at their finest !!!!!

  26. Hi, similar experience, although there is a Withdrawal for one to click it appears with a “form” and nothing happens. Wanted to just try a withdrawal part of the equity, nothing happened.

    1. Further to my earlier input of AOINNEXT about the withdrawal: the fact is that there was no confirmation when you withdraw until you go into another page to see that withdrawal is in progress. So I have informed AIONNEXT about this glitch and they said they will something about it. I am presently dealing with a top notch accounts manager by the name of Nicko Luciano who approved both my withdrawals and the money was in my bank about 3 days later on both occasions. When Nicko says he will call me , he does keep his word which is is a good practice to keep. I am seriously thinking about depositing more but in small amounts. I have informed them that if someone does write bad about your company you take action to clear your name.

      1. This guy, you are a bloody lier, Aionnext is a complete scam.

        I invested £500 and I was been pressurised by account manager who was really pu pressure on me. he day I said I don’t have more found to invest, the following day, my account balance which has built up to $840 and after $600 and $400.

        They are callous and not trust worthy set of people. I am so happy that I did not invest more than that. The most surprising is that I was persuaded to borrow money from bank, what would have been my fate, but my saving grace is that I did not.

      2. More Aionnext propaganda, only a scammer like Nicko Lucino would write this bullshit.
        Your a top notch scammer Nicko! Great at losing peoples money and then blaming the clients for losing their own money. Your a joke, I told you Bt would drop below 8k & you believed it was going to recover back to $15k. Guess your top notch dumb ass lost it all. Did you trade it all on your Binance account? I know this trading platform is a scam because I was being charged $500 commission before trade started to using my own money. You are such a professional scammer, I hope you come across a victim in real life so they can thank you personally. Same with the Kim Specter & any other aionnext scammer. It’s a backyard 3 person scam operation, and Nicko only call’s to demand more money for his victims. Top notch con artist!

      3. Heads up, this is clearly Nicko Luciano pretending to be “Ray Nair”, clearly they take notice of every post on this website and then pretend to be their own customer. It get’s old after a while. Yes scammers usually want to clear their name! Otherwise future victims don’t bite!

      4. Nicko with fake Italian accent was screaming at me on the phone because he wanted me to go withdraw all my life-savings including any retirement saving and send them to him because he asked me “how much interest rate my current financial investment portfolio is giving me annually?” and I said I don’t know? He scream at me on the phone and said “How could you not know? I’m going to give you homework right now. Call your investing company, ask them how much annual interest rate you’re getting! I’m sorry, but how could you not know? Are you that stupid?” Then he said “Ciao” and hang up. It was my Account Manager (Alexa) that asked this idiot guy to call me without forewarning, thinking that this guy can convince me in closing out my entire savings. I kept telling him that my savings are all lock-up for a long time (how ironic it is that he of all people didn’t understand that especially when they’re scamming people’s money with the 3-6 months lockup contract) but he was furious that I said the same thing even though I didn’t even know they’re scammers at the time.
        Here are more proof… Aionnext is a Scammer

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 4

        to me

        Hi Cherry We received a 10% lower price bitcoin for the company.
        since you are dealing with currency exchange, it seems to me that it will interest you.
        These are Bitcoin, which was bought at $ 872, so the company still makes money on them after they been transferred to the company and you also earn $ 1,500 in the exchange.
        If you want to buy it is a new investment.

        just hurry up there is no bitcoin in the market to buy spacial not in this price.
        biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly
        (BITCOIN), the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking

        Alexa Zultan
        Account Manager – VIP Division


        Jan 4

        to Alexa
        Yes, I am interested. Buy a lot for me please & thank you 😊!

        Jan 4

        to Alexa
        I have deposited $4000 just now with my credit card.

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 4

        to me

        Sent with Mailtrack

        Jan 4

        to Alexa

        Great, thanks for the update.
        Thank you so much 😊!!

        Jan 4

        to Alexa

        Darling, can you open more trade for me? I don’t like money sitting around 😄😏!

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 5

        to me

        Hello Darling

        Remains to be completed to continue Bitcoin payment.
        We bought it at $ 14,900, minus 10 percent equal $ 13410.
        you already deposit 4000 dollars remains to complete 9410 dollars

        sheri bit is up as you can see and i am thrilled for you!!!🌷🏁
        lets keep making money on the wonderful cripto market.

        Jan 5

        to Alexa

        Hey Alexa,

        What will happen if I let my open trade wait for awhile? I put in a Sell order against 2 other Buy order of the same pair and the open price for them are huge 😐!! I have to close the 2 other Buy orders because they’re gaining while the Sell order was losing! So much confusion and I just got learned something new but now, should I leave the Sell Order until it gain positive or should I close at a lost maybe below $50-60 Dollars.
        I opened and closed 7 pairs already with $440.59 profit total.
        Can you check my trade and tell me what to do with the losing strike! I want to go to bed but am afraid to do so because I’m not familiar with this kind of overnight trading. I didn’t set a Stop Lost or Take Profit and this is bugging me now.
        I will wait for your reply.
        Thank darling 😃!

        Alexa Zultan Jan 8

        to me

        PROFIT $478.32🌷

        Jan 8

        to Alexa
        What 😀? How is that possible on one trade? Oh my God! You have to teach me 😲! That’s amazing!!! Awesome, thanks!

        Jan 8

        to Alexa

        It took me a while weekend scraping $10 here and there to make $670 something profit and lots of trades 😄☺️! That’s why I want you to teach me gurl. Thank you 🙏🏽 again, you’re the best!!

        Hey Dear

        Alexa Zultan Jan 9

        need to deposit the rest of the amount…

        Jan 9

        to Alexa

        Hey Darling,

        I just got of phone with credit card scam department letting them know I’m the one using my card.
        This is all I can do now, I have exhausted all my credit cards just to buy bitcoin. The last money I sent now is $2000, please remember this is not part of my plan, so if those amounts are not good enough to buy the bitcoin, the rest of the decision is up to you now I’m done.
        Let me know how it goes whether or not we’re buying bitcoin 😄. I so much in credit cards debts and credit cards exchange rate are too high. This is why you see me trading all the time now because I don’t have the money like I said my real savings investments are not liquidated right now, I’m locked in forever.
        I hope you understand my situation. Starting next week I’m going back to school to finish my last year of my Degree, so I may not be available to trade with you. Also, I’m getting tired of these currencies pair with Forex Robot on my side to enter and exits the market. If I get out of the current 6 Trades, I think I’m done doing these trades manually without technical tools.

        Okay, I’m going back to bed now. I hope you have a better day than me 🤨
        By the way, the email about your Company you sent to me was empty (blank, no content).

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 9

        to me

        And my favorite :


        Jan 9

        to Alexa
        Hey Alexa,

        Can you ask Niko to call me now, I have answers to his questions.

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 10

        to me

        let me know when you are available to talk

        Jan 10

        to Alexa

        I’m very busy right now and your guy Nicko was very rude and shouting in my ears yesterday! Is this how you guys conduct business? How did he expect me to closed up my Retirement Investment for something else like Bitcoin that have no value associated with it except speculation? He treated me on the phone as if I’m dumb! I’m not dumb at all and I don’t even know you guys, and he expects me to just jump because he said so! Look at the price of Bitcoin now? Way lower than the deal your company is trying to sell.

        My dear, I like you but you have to build trust first before you can asked people to jump when you said so.

        Talk to you later and by the way, I’m no longer interested in buying Bitcoin for now. The one you bought is dropping in value so fast!

        Alexa Zultan

        Jan 11

        to me

        Dear sheri, I am really sorry to hear that this is so shameful.
        You knew me a little and understood that my conduct with my clients is a process of trust.
        I will contact you as soon as you send me an email that you are free and together we will try to correct the account by trading correctly while teaching you.🌷

        ALL BS!!! I think I now know what a scam look like! They built trust, they act like they know you, they become your friend and said they’re there to make you comfortable. All lies..

    2. Hi Ray, I am considering investment options with Aionnext. Can I ask you, Did you end up with a successful withdrawal in the end?

      1. I made an investment and I am very pleased I both managed to invest smoothly as well as withdraw my profits at the end of the three month waiting period. I made very good profits on my investment.

        1. Warning: The comment by Devante might be a fake because similar positive comments were posted via the same IP address and with different names.

        2. Again another fake review from Aionnext. If you read their reply email that I posted above unless your terminally ill you can NOT withdraw any funds unless your terminally ill. Are you terminally ill in the head Devante? Aionnext propaganda, all genuine victims bloody well know this ponzi/pyrimid scheme doesn’t withdraw money and give it back to their victims. Scammers gonna scam, and then pretend to be a satisfied customer. Aionnext is a scam and the only people who withdraw funds work for Aionnext. So I assume Devante is another Aionnext scammer either Nicko Luciano/Kim Specter or Elizabath. They are a scum of the earth and need to be held to account for their criminal behaviour activities. Scamming people is their specialty and then pretending to be satisfied customers. Yes it’s that bad!

      2. Warning: The comment by Peter Bishop might be a fake because similar positive comments were posted via the same IP address and with different names.

      3. Peter Bishop is another Aionext propaganda, hey I just heard you just got scammed and was wondering weather I wanted to get scammed too, that’s why I’m here too. These scammers don’t have half a brain if they think that is kidding anyone. LMAO
        Listen to genuine reviews like Olu, their advice will save you a lot of financial hardship.

      4. “Peter Bishop” is Aionnext propaganda, any comment’s recommending is most definite Aionnext propaganda, alway’s pretending to be a satisfied customer, using the same IP address as Aionnext. Admin has also notice this and brought attention to these bogus posts, they where written by Aionnext scammers!

      5. Here’s the scammer “Peter”/Steve Aionnot are vermin, scum of the Earth. Are you still waiting and watching? Wanting to troll? No doubt u scammers are. Giving up your fake review trolling? When are Aionnot going to clear their scamming name? Guess that’s now impossible that everyone invested is onto your scam, and future victims are warned off doing business with you scammers ! Aionnot. Yes clearly a conspiracy that everyone gets scammed Im sure. Your motto Is “greed ain’t welcome with scamming scum ” I hope that karma gets you all in the near future. Aionnot are just sad losers, glorified pickpockets, can’t get a real job and still can’t make a profit in high end Bulgaria!, for scammers in this game have you ever had a profitable day?. With all them desperate phone calls pumping victims for more $? Kim didn’t you say it was going to be a great year when u thought all the $ was being wired? Yeah now I know why you where so certain it was going to be great, bc your a scammer! Didn’t you think after the bank told me you where scammers that I’d reinvest? I’m sure Nicko & Kim scammed Steve my last crypto transfer. Kim VIP scammer, Nicko account scammer. Nicko doing unauthorised checks on my bank accounts, top notch scam accounting! Kim ur a VIP scammer, all ur successful clients are figments of ur imagination. You carry on like a goose when ur called a scammer because the truth hurts. How long until you donkeys shut down? I’d ask Steve but I’m sure he’s prolly busy on his knees again “head” trading Nicko! AionX gypsy rats arn’t going to be successfully defrauding/ scamming anymore decent people. Exposing Aionnot scammers was the right thing to do, sounds like ur whining that I exposed your scam, my favourite word regarding Aionnot is scammers! Scammers don’t enjoyed getting called scammers! Go figure. Aionnot a cesspit full of vile, evil, greedy SCAMMERS! Flush Aionnot sewerage!

      6. you are full of it PETER BISHOP I have photos of their scam in action and will show them to who ever wants to see the contact I sent the photos to support with a pease explain yer guess what never herd from them again your a FAKE

        1. I would like ton state there full of shit they manipulated numbers and trades and i lost 27k usd DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY you would be better to burn it atleast you would get the satisfaction of watching it burn lol

    3. Ray as you probably well aware that withdrawal tab is just for show. If it actually worked there would be a mass exodus of all their current customers. They can’t manipulate the figure’s on the dashboard if your able to withdraw the funds. Sorry about all the money you lost to these scumbag scammers.

    1. Dear Rudra and every client in general,

      We will no longer react to our clients in this forum.
      We Ask all our clients to contact us via the appropriate line of communication.
      Client who wish to reach us kindly contact our Support or compliance team: or

      Best Regards
      Team Aionnext

        1. Scammers can’t even write english, look they can’t spell “react” or “forum”! Do you wish these fools to invest your money? Look how bad they are with spelling, now imagine their math!

  27. As a customer with AionNext my experience with them is great sofar. I have both credited and debited my account with them multiple times via different routes: USDs both via bank transfer and credit card and BTC directly to and from my hardware wallet. Substantial retrievals from your account may indeed take a few business days which is in line with their terms and conditions and I have no problem with that. The website can certainly be improved and I do understand the ‘red flags’ that the author above sees, but I repeat their service has been great so far for me. They are also improving their website and communications and they keep me up to date very well via email notifications.

    1. Here is more Aionnext propaganda. Once again in damage control and trying to pretend to be a genuine customer. The only issue is that Aionnext never has any satisfied customers. It’s Aionnext scammers pretending to be their own customer all using the same IP address from Bulgaria. These scammers are scum of the Earth! Please don’t invest to all genuine potential and current customers, as an existing customer this I say to save future victims to these’s scammers, who need to rot in jail

      1. It’s not so black and white Zak. My name is Peter indeed and not the Peter Bishop elsewhere on this blog. I am a genuine person and NOT a scammer from the ‘same IP address’ for sure NOR ‘scum of the Earth’. When you start an account with AionNext you agree to the fixed period where you cannot make withdrawals, that’s a contract. During this time you can trade by yourself of let an account manager trade with or for you. For those trades I insisted to be there with them on the platform and watch what they were doing. I checked all trades life against the actual Poloniex Bid and Ask prices which is their data source. Everything matched 100% and I made decent profits in nearly every session, thanks to low commissions and some leverage that the trader and I agreed upon.
        I’m quite sure that you will try again to call me part of ‘the scam’, but I am definitely not. I’m not sure what you know what I don’t know but your loud shouting way of communicating and many repeats on this blog doesn’t help. Please come with facts.

        1. Peter Bishop
          I am blown away at the amount of time Zak spends rubbishing the trading firm and all out of suspicions he has regarding the way AionNext conducts business. If AionNext is such a big scamming operation, how come there is positive feedback given on various unrelated but reputable websites.
          I have been sitting back and waiting, watching and I personally do not detect illegal practices and I do believe that you are locked in to a 3 month contract before being allowed to withdrawal funds. This is a contract agreed between 2 parties.
          And I do think that telling the readers that I am not real but just AionNext Propaganda is so far from accurate it is just laughable. Get your facts straight sir, you clearly have too much time on your hands.
          If everyone who chooses to invest in the ability to have managed trades and succeeds, good on them, so long as they do their research thoroughly. Zak’s favorite word everyone is “scammer”

          Peter Bishop
          Hi Ray, I am considering investment options with Aionnext. Can I ask you, Did you end up with a successful withdrawal in the end?

          January 20, 2018 Reply

          Warning: The comment by Peter Bishop might be a fake because similar positive comments were posted via the same IP address and with different names.

          February 7, 2018 Reply

          wayne biela
          you are full of it PETER BISHOP I have photos of their scam in action and will show them to who ever wants to see the contact I sent the photos to support with a pease explain yer guess what never herd from them again your a FAKE

          As a customer with AionNext my experience with them is great sofar. I have both credited and debited my account with them multiple times via different routes: USDs both via bank transfer and credit card and BTC directly to and from my hardware wallet. Substantial retrievals from your account may indeed take a few business days which is in line with their terms and conditions and I have no problem with that. The website can certainly be improved and I do understand the ‘red flags’ that the author above sees, but I repeat their service has been great so far for me. They are also improving their website and communications and they keep me up to date very well via email notifications.

          December 15, 2017 Reply

          It’s not so black and white Zak. My name is Peter indeed and not the Peter Bishop elsewhere on this blog. I am a genuine person and NOT a scammer from the ‘same IP address’ for sure NOR ‘scum of the Earth’. When you start an account with AionNext you agree to the fixed period where you cannot make withdrawals, that’s a contract. During this time you can trade by yourself of let an account manager trade with or for you. For those trades I insisted to be there with them on the platform and watch what they were doing. I checked all trades life against the actual Poloniex Bid and Ask prices which is their data source. Everything matched 100% and I made decent profits in nearly every session, thanks to low commissions and some leverage that the trader and I agreed upon.
          I’m quite sure that you will try again to call me part of ‘the scam’, but I am definitely not. I’m not sure what you know what I don’t know but your loud shouting way of communicating and many repeats on this blog doesn’t help. Please come with facts.
          march 22-3-18

          March 22, 2018 Reply
          wayne biela
          YES I can back ZAC on this one it is PETER BISHOP is fake I have photos of their scam in action so your full of crap peter if anyone wishes to see them bielawj@hotmail is my contact I sent the photos to aionnext support with a please explain and guess what never herd from them again

          Dear Peter Bishop

          Not so black & white? What is there some grey area I’m unfamilar with? What are the chances AionRats have 2 clients named Peter Bishop who has been trolling/promoting Aionnot here for so long? Anyone who promotes AionRats is a scammer period!
          What AionRat Trader are you referring about? None of AionRats have a trading licensed, AionRats aleded trading license’s have been investigated and don’t exist for any of the clowns at Aionnot! Please check yourself on Bit Trader Aionnext. No Western country has any documentation to give Aionrats any credibility. Another fact is $10-$400 isn’t low commission to use your own money at the start of trade, Aion Noot @ facebook, evidence on my account proves this. In 5 minutes I had lost $1500 just in commission to AionRats! What did AionRat do to deserve such exaggerated commission fees that you describe as low at the start of a trade I conducted myself, no leverage but massive commission making any profit impossible!! I stated before that I didn’t sign that joke of a contract, I knew it was to protect AionRats so they can defraud people then hide behind “rigged contract” as CEO Steve explained to me. He can charge whatever he wish’s, Why bother trading with risk when AionRats can just charge $400 in “commission”?? I noticed you went in depth with details of cross checking Poloniex, very strange that the only person that had faith in Aionnot went through all that trouble! You seem to be very familiar with AionRats, I doubt Aionnot have ever done that cross checking with any other client. I asked you for AionRats address number before but it seems that you don’t seem worried that you don’t know or care where your funds are located, It seems your an astute investor NOT! CEO Steve told me the numbers on AionNot can be manipulated, do you know something he dosn’t? doubt it!.
          So your basically gambling with AionRats ( unlicensed traders, with a high risk scam assessments evaluated by Bitcoinscam & Scam Trader!) You made money with AionRat? without low $400 commission? Seems like you have had a diffrent experiance to every other genuine customer, reg flag? And because you claim that you have made profit because your manipulated dashboard says so? I’m guessing if your genuine client you have never have had that said profit in your hand, as others have experienced/learnt the hard way? It’s beyond me that you claim I don’t have evidence despite other Aionnot victims having exactly the same experienced but not you?? Who was your unlicensed trader that made you decent profits? How much did you make & what was the commission charged? I asked you to inform me where you seen positive Aionnot reviews so I could correct them? I haven’t found any positive review that was genuine. I called you a scammer based on your rhetoric and have other genuine client agreed. To refresh your memory there are numerous posts by other clients defrauded by AionRats.

          Wagam, Wayne, Greg, Nisar, David x 2, Anabelle,Shaun, Graham, Jordache, Ann, Ed, Van, Hailey, Olu, Dr Irene, Micheal, Emeliano, Max , Basant along with myself, all genuine clients have all had similar experienced but I guess you missed every post but mine! I know AionRats have lost a lot of potential money they could have scammed if it wasn’t for me, am I suppose to feel bad about myself?
          I’m guessing Peter Bishop will be AionRats only client the way things are going Lmao. I don’t care if you wish to get scammed yourself, you have expressed how clever you are dealing with unlicensed traders who charged me $400 because they knew I wasn’t investing more. I’m sure if you keep stupid enough to reinvesting more than you withdraw then AionRats will string you along for as long as possible. AionRats don’t even have an address but I’m sure that isn’t a problem if your employed there, which I dare say is the case.

          My loud shouting a problem too? You do realise that you read my words & not hear them, but logic dosn’t seem to be your strength Peter. Nobody has ever made a similar comment about my shouting. Yes emotions affect my behaviour because AionRats stole 3k of my Btc. I’m sure your still watching my posts and its taken months for you to respond? AionNot is a scam & anyone endorsing it is scammer, probably Aionnext propaganda agin!
          I’m guessing you address me because I’ve exposed your scam and everyone is quoting me & asking for refunds. If thats the case Im happy to deprive AionRats of defrauding further victims. Please post your profits Peter & commission charged. Is you think that your going to discredit me despite evidence on Aion Noot Facebook & also Wayne being able to show AionRats defrauding on low commission. Just wait till other client learnt to look up their trade history & see where their $ they lost was commissioned to AionRats! Didn’t you hear AionRats derauded a client of $4k in just minutes yesterday? Sounds like AionRats want to escape the sinking ship, maybe you should join them Peter Bishop! I’m sure CEO Steve head trader will reward you for your propaganda after he finishes with Nicko. Just say his name with a (;, Im sure he will have his knee pads ready. Enjoy xx

    2. YES I can back ZAC on this one it is PETER BISHOP is fake I have photos of their scam in action so your full of crap peter if anyone wishes to see them bielawj@hotmail is my contact I sent the photos to aionnext support with a please explain and guess what never herd from them again

      1. Nice one Wayne, Peter is AionRat propaganda. Yeah after I found the low commission I spoke to CEO after the clowns on the scamming call where talking out of their ass. I spoke to CEo Steven Vulcan who thought he was so clever saying he could charge whatever he wished in commission, in an unregulated industry and a contract signed he thought he was bulletproof. Problem was I didn’t sign nothing nor send my KYC details. He wasn’t so confident then and was asking why I didn’t sign the contract. CEo Steve was butthurt that he thought he was right to rip me off without doing his research, namely learning I signed no contract. I have evidence on Aion Noot @ facebook, Wayne has screenshots, please explain how genuine customers are able to make a profit with these exaggerated commissions of $400 at beginning of trade? The only winner are AionRats. And you can take that to the bank, I mean that statement, not money to deposit to AionRat because accounts are constantly flagged for defrauding clients! Do you want screenshoots from the Commonweath Bank explaining that AionRats are fraudsters? Im only too happy to help clear any grey area, AionNot are SCAMMERS, who defraud clients on a daily basis. No AionRat employee “trader” has a trading license registered in any western country. Bit Trader has investigated AionRats and found NO license to call themselves traders exists. Verifying my belief that AionRats are degenerate gamblers with a -85% success rate. Peter is so astute businessman he dosn’t even care to know the address this scam operates from. Have you spoken to Ceo Steve about the commission he charges? You should he’s quite proud he can rip anyone off for any amount in commission and hides behind the contract. Keep scamming with AionRats Peter, who knows u might be their only satisfied customer/employee. I got charged $400 without leverage, I’d imagine a $4000 commission with leverage. Your not too smart if your using leverage, especially with AionRats. In 1 trade you will probably loss all your profits and end up owing AionRats money. Trading using leverage using unlicensed traders is the dumbest thing an imbecile can do! U can be wiped out in 1 trade! Peter good luck with your scamming methods, I’m sure u will be a millionaire in no time, scamming with AionRats.

  28. Hi to all. I’m Max from Australian. Above I made a comment in regards to my dissatisfaction over the software and subsequently made a request to have my money returned. The full amount was returned to me with in 5days.✌️
    The CEO made personal contact with me and wished me all the very best.
    Therefore I wish all Clint’s the very best with their own experiences with this company.

    1. Max you were spot on with your earlier post that these scammers need to be shut down ASAP.
      Again another satisfied who only after posting on this website did he get a refund. Aionnext made sure Max made amends for his earlier post so other their other scamming victims weren’t affected. Also wishing (CEO) Clint the best with his endeavour to scam more victims is poor form. It wasn’t much fun when it was your own money on the line Max, you don’t promote a scamming company. I’m sure Aionnext strongly encouraged you/ or made it a condition to getting a refund that you distant yourself from your original post where you wished to shut these scammers down.You wished Aionnext all the best in scamming other victims just for a refund. Poor form to promote scammers, when ur money was concerned you wanted to shut them down, then u got fortunate with a refund. A refund is the best result any of their victims can receive. I’m guessing you also didn’t reinvest. Enough said. Aionnext only refund victims if their investment isn’t much and future victims aren’t scared off. Thank bitcoin scam for your refund, that would be genuine.

      1. Hi

        Just letting everyone know that within a few hours the robot has just lost me $4,500.

        No surprise, as predicted.

        Beware anyone who’s thinking of investing in Aionnext DON’T DO IT!!!
        Complete scam.

        Waiting for my niece to come home from Australia, she works for the FSA so hoping she can steer me in the right direction.

        Graham Kilbourn

        1. Sad to hear that Graham, Have a look at the commissions you paid on your losing trades. I knew they where playing you for time as your 3 months lock in contract was due to expire. I can help you recover any losses that you transfered through ur credit card wo any details, as payment platform already has those. I bet Aionnot tried to discredit me and you learnt the hard way. Email me as Aionnot is watching this forum and I don’t want to give them the head up. Ur daughter can email me as I I reside in Australia.
          Best of luck mate

    1. Again another client that got full refund,We have a withdraw policy that 99.9% of our client are happy with.
      You where fully refund on this date :08/12/2017 16:10:52 470.00 Accepted
      Refund takes normally between 5-7 working days.
      We ask you to be patient and remember you can always contact us any time, 5 days a week.
      Good day

        1. Basant if these guy’s are really genuine you would have reinvested right? You got lucky are just very fortunate their other scamming victim’s money was used to pay you only because you mentioned it on this website. Just because you where an early investor and where making noise was the only reason you got anything, if they were genuine why did you have to post here? Sounds like Aionnext made sure after you got payed that you were expected to give a positive review feeding these scammers more victims. Aionnext genuine because you got your $500 back? Sad to see people sell out for Aionnext scammers, every other person wasn’t as fortunate, so don’t exaggerate the truth, other people lost plenty more than you and haven’t seen a penny. Aionnext are genuine SCAMMERS!

  29. It is a F__King scam ‘NO’ doubt about it in my mind. Close the F___kers down before many others end up losing their money.

    1. Dear Max,

      If our guess is right you are Max G from Australia.
      Withdraw went out on 4.12.2017(Created by Compliance Department at 04.12.2017 14:33:29 GMT
      Emailed client WD was approved)
      Yet again another bad review with no reason…client not patient enough…and obviously thanks to the “Amazing Review” that is above clients are getting paranoid.
      Dear client our support team is always for you 24/5 at
      If you have any decency Max, upon receiving the funds kindly have the courtesy to correct your comment.

      Thanks and Good day
      Team Aionnext

  30. Aionnext look like scam. I try to withdraw money out but I can’t. I put claim to department too many times but no answer. How can I get money back. Please advise me. Thanks

      1. This is a bit rich for Aionnext to claim their victim’s arn’t “genuine” and “honest” Im assuming Nguyen only got refunded after his post of bitcoin scam. Only after this occurred did Aionnext refund Nguyen. Yes the withdrawal is for display purpose’s only. It’s now February 3 months later and the withdrawal tab still is for show. At least Nguyen to his credit didn’t endorse or promote Aionnext scammers! Notice only the early investor’s got a refund, at the cost of later investors. Aionnext propaganda tried to put a spin on this post by claiming that the scammer’s are the genuine and honest which is a joke considering that they are genuine scammers, they haven’t an “honest” bone in their body. Can you be an honest Scammer? Doubt it!

        1. All these refunds are tiny amount of $500 just to bait other people in and for sure anyone can see that they forced these people to re-write their comment before getting paid, knowing the facts that these people are no good for them to sniff more money out off since they already know through this website that Aionnext is fraud and scammers. I just wish I had found this site on time before starting with them in December. There tricks paid off because those tiny refund of $500 fish they a lot of golds from other unaware victims like me.

          You can also tell from all these comments above that Aionnext scammers are reading this website everytime and trying to do damage-control in November 2017, which by the way was 2-months into their operation. Now, they don’t care anymore because they have plenty of fishes they’re dining with their money right now.

          1. joseph deguerre

            I have scaled o the bone I’m a pensioner they took everything they processed range VIP manager they got 226000.00 us dollars the minute I tried internets im n debt _17 $ w

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