Review - Scam Review is said to be a registered investment company which supposedly helps people to earn steady revenue from the markets regardless of their experience. They state that they focus on cryptocurrency trading only.

This company apparently belongs to a person named Jacob Wittz but honestly just like other scams which try to appear transparent, this firm also follows that path and there is no details about this imaginary person on the internet.

The scammers behind this firm are exploiting the public interest in cryptocurrency and are looting them in day light as the regulation around cryptos are full of loopholes. Before you become another ignorant victim of their hype, go through our review which will prove the actual reality of this firm.

Company and Support

Most of the firms involved in offering financial services like brokerage platform, investment plans and mining contracts are all regulated. Of course they are a few unregulated firms as well but they do not get much customers as many people prefer to work with regulated counterparts only as the number of scams and losses caused by fake platforms are skyrocketing. represents an ICO which raises funds through crowdfunding for trading multiple cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. The company issues tokens of certain face value which gives the right to collect specified amount of profits to the investors after the predetermined time period.

When we were checking whether this firm is legally competent to operate in this way, we could not find any factor giving them the authorization to play around with the money of the investors.

The investors might get confused by seeing the registration details put up by them but do not believe anything blindly. Unless and until this company is overseen by FCA, the regulatory authority of the UK, they are operating under the radar of law for sure and are bound to face prison when caught. Here are the contact details they have provided on their platform:

Address – 63 – Murray Street, London, NW1 9RE, United Kingdom

Email –

How does work ? states that they focus on earning Bitcoins only through trading the markets. They claim to be involved in all sort of activities revolving around the crypto sector such as arbitrage, lending and leverage trading. Markets are complicated and requires constant monitoring and adaptation to the changing structure of the economy.

The narration put up by these criminals are very basic and diabolical. Investors are not briefed about the way of how this firm carries arbitrage trading and the profits they incur from them on a consistent basis. The leverage used by the fund managers is not mentioned and their liquidity source is unknown.

There is no information about their day trading strategy. Other factors like risk diversification and money management methods are not discussed, without these two factors there is no way of gaining an edge over the market. Considering everything we have discussed till now, we hardly believe that this is an actual investment firm.

Investment Programs

All the plans offered by this service is very exiting to say the least but one has to be either a beginner or irrational to believe them. The costliest programs is capped at 9% per day and the validity of the contract is forever which means you are guaranteed to become a billionaire by signing up with them, ask yourself isn’t their offer miraculous ?

Plan 1

Returns – 5% Daily

Validity – Forever

Min Deposit – 0.002 BTC

Plan 2

Returns – 7% Daily

Validity – Forever

Min Deposit – 1.001 BTC

Plan 3

Returns – 9% Daily

Validity – Forever

Min Deposit – 5.001 BTC

Affiliate Program

The perfect partner which makes fake schemes a grand success for the crooks behind them is the marketers. Remember just like any other business, volume is the key to gaining more profits in this sector.

There is a multi-level referral program similar to the pyramid scheme wherein every affiliate gets heavily compensated for their efforts whenever they bring people on board. For some skillful online promoters who know how to get huge traffic and are willing to work for them will be promoted to a regional representative level allowing them to get more commissions. - Affiliate Program

As you can already see everyone will be making money except the unfortunate investors who are getting slaughtered metaphorically.

Domain Insight

We failed to trace the details of the owners of the website but from the information we gathered from we know that this domain was registered on 17/11/2017 and it expires on 17/11/2018.

According to Alexa Traffic ranks this website has a global rank of 133,091 and it ranks 23,840 in Russia. The regions where the majority of the users landing to this site reside are Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Iran.

Is a scam ?

A monstrous one,

Apart from a few basic topics everything else on this platform is either false or outright deluding. If this platform was the one which does wonders in the wall street then to push their revenue and grow their client base, they could have offered demo account so that the public can have faith in what they do but we know that will never happen as that is not what they do.

Browse the comments from the victims of this scam shared on Beermoneyforum :-

Deposited btc 0.002, and after confirmation of credit to still waiting to see any change in deposit history. Hopefully my 0.002 btc gone 🙁

Are you still interested in them ? We hope not. Review Conclusion

This firm is a simple ponzi scheme which is rumored to have paid some clients for a while but recently even the HYIP monitoring sites also have stopped trusting them. Given the history of how every ponzi scheme ends, there is no distinctive factor to save this platform from getting doomed.

If you happen to come across any blog or video promoting this filthy scam understand the facts that they are feeding you with lies and greed while getting paid for it. Never chase ways of making easy money as they are very rare to come by.

Do you have any experience with We invite you to share your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Juls

    I was one of thy victims I lost my hard earned money working abroad.

  2. J

    hhahaha scan it is…they are no longer releasing any payments.. Site suspended. 🙁

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