Luxearn Review - Scam Review
Luxearn ( is supposedly an ultimate investment solution which promises to make its users literally millions of dollars within months. They offer returns of up to 25% on a daily basis. They claim to be actively involved in forex and stock trading.

This service has been active for around 3 years as of July 2018 and has managed to loot thousands of inexperienced investors. While we were investigating this service, we found a lot of misleading information, fake profit claims and other mind boggling things which makes us believe that it is nothing but a ponzi scheme on steroids which is guaranteed to run away at your expense.

Continue reading our comprehensive review to find out why we urge all our readers to stay away from this monstrous scam.

Company and Contact Details

There is no information about the creators or developers behind this platform. Their is no contact details put up by them. So basically these faceless scammers have maintained anonymity. Will you send your money to a stranger?

Companies which offer financial services to the general public have to be regulated by certain authorities depending upon the location of the firm. Simply put Luxearn is an ICO which raises money from investors for trading purposes and depending upon the initial contribution they are promised a certain dollar figure.

Since this firm has not featured any type of registration or incorporation documents on their website, we believe they are operating illegally.

If you have any query the only way to reach the support team is through a contact form provided on their website. Isn’t is strange an investment firm which does not reveal any contact details of the firm?

How does Luxearn Work?

This firm claims to be trading forex and stocks but does not provide enough information as to how the funds raised are utilized or allocated. We do not know about what factors create a trading bias and the money management techniques followed by them.

There is no information about risk profiling and a major red flag is that the names of the fund managers are not revealed. Looking at all these inconclusive factors sending money to this firm is more like gambling not investing because there is no edge whatsoever.

What kind of returns are offered by Luxearn?

This firm literally promises you millions of dollars within weeks. Any one who has traded before or has any experience in the financial markets can easily spot all the lies sprinkled on this platform.

Here are the investment plans details:

Plan 1 – 5% Daily for 100 Business Days

Plan 2 – 5.5% Daily for 80 Business Days

Plan 3 – 6% Daily for 60 Business Days

Plan 4 – 6.5% Daily for 40 Business Days

Plan 5 – 7% Daily for 30 Business Days

Plan 6 – 0.5% for 356 Business Days

Plan 7 – 1.1% Daily for 100 Business Days

Plan 8 – 1.25% Daily for 80 Business Days

Plan 9 – 2.25% Daily for 60 Business Days

Plan 10 – 2.75% Daily for 40 Business Days

Plan 11 – 14000% After 100 Business Days

These are some of the most popular plans apart from these there are 15 more investment plans which claims to generate returns of more than 1500%. Don’t be gullible enough to trust them.

Referral Program

In order to maximize their revenue these scammers encourage individuals to refer more people on to their platform and provides them attractive incentives for doing so. The affiliates are paid a percentage of deposits made by their clients. This firm also offers custom referral commission if you can generate enough volume.

It is not mandatory for the affiliates to be an active investor in order to get their commissions which is why many HYIP sites promote this fraudulent platform. Simply put at the end of the day they mill make money, not you.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $25 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $.10. The e-currencies supported by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.

We do not know whether there are any transaction fees applicable on withdrawals. They state that the withdrawals are processed within 7 business days.

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 12/09/2015 and it expires on 12/09/2015.

This website has a global rank of 692,398 and it ranks 84,759 in Iran according to

The majority of the users coming to this website are from Iran, Mexico, United States, Turkey and Ukraine.

Is a Scam?

Most definitely,

If this platform really works then why don’t they offer a demo account so that the users can test out their effectiveness across various financial markets where they claim to make huge profits?

The sole reason they are not offering any way to try their platform is because they have no skill to present in trading.

Luxearn Review Conclusion

Looking at the kind of outrageous returns claims featured on their platform along with the fact that they are unregulated are some of the main reasons why we are debunking this rotten scam.

If you luckily got a payment then don’t think you will become rich by repeating the process again and again. This platform is a ponzi scheme which will start out by paying people to build good reputation but once they have made enough money or they can’t pay old investors they will disappear and there is nothing you can do to get your money back.

Do you have any experience with Feel free to share your opinions with us by leaving us a comment.

60 thoughts on “Luxearn Review”

  1. If you don’t want to lose your hard earned money, don’t invest with these guys. They’re doing selective payment. Yes, that’s right. Since December of 2018 they scammed, saying its the holidays thats why their understaffed and can’t process payment, so we waited until January 2019, but nothing!!! Then they emailed March 2019 asking to deposit $350 to activate old account?!?!?!? How you guys sleep and feed your families with stolen monies!!!

    1. Buongiorno sono anche io iscritto a Luxearn Proprietary LTD, non so se è una Truffa, anche perché il ritardo di pagamento nei miei confronti e solo di 10 giorni, e stata mandata una persona a constatare la reale esistenza di Luxearn a Sidney :
      Nonostante bisogna prendere appuntamento per visitare la Luxearn lo hanno ricevuto ugualmente, a lla domanda perché non state pagando gli hanno risposto che ( gli amministratori delegati a confermare i pagamenti sono ora in ferie), questo è tutto.

      1. Sono italiano anche io e spero davvero che sia come dici te del discorso ferie. Il che torna in quanto è come luglio/agosto qui gennaio in Australia. In più la compagna esiste realmente ed è approvata dalla SEC australiana (tipo la nostra consob).
        Anche io aspetto prelievi da metà gennaio

  2. Luxearn paid 3,721.09 Bitcoin. That is so amazing! Thank you very much! Right now, I am rich now! . Date 1/4/2019

  3. Wilbert Malinao

    I have made 3 withdrawals from Luxearn. From plan 0.5percent daily and plan 6.5percent daily. It took for 1 day to completely transferred to my wallet. Thanks to Luxearn. For me, Luxearn is great!

    1. How much is your withdrawal request?
      I will be thankful to send me the evidences if possible.
      Because it will be great for all new users like me that started to invest in this site.
      Please do that for me
      Thank you
      send mail me :

  4. Luxearn is official Scam! Dis con mẹ nhà chúng nó, chó đẻ. Tao mà thầy thằng chó đó là tao giết chết con mẹ nó!

  5. ” Direct and intermediary cryptocurrency trading at the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange systems is one of the most promising and profitable areas of our business. This market segment is very popular and competitive. Therefore we apply special techniques for processing trade requests, using high-tech programs and algorithms for building trading sessions. Thus, we boost cryptocurrency trading efficiency, reinforcing the success of transactions using technologies that are capable of predicting the behavior of the exchange rates of major cryptocurrencies in the immediate future. These are unique programs created by our cyber specialists. These programs have no equals anywhere in the world. Using all the available technological and human resources to the maximum possible degree of efficiency, LUXEARN was able to achieve impressive results, currently occupying one of the leading positions in the crypto-trading market. ”

    That is the source of profit. I do not know that is scam or not. I got it from Chat Box and message on website. I want to proof for big amount something like that

  6. Big Warning: I tried to withdraw big amount more than 1 million and the batch is empty after 48 hours. I asked them and they said you will send a half of price to get that. It means somewhere 500 thousands dollar. That is big Scam guys. They will not continue next year! F**king scammers and liars of this company and wasted my money/time.

  7. Luxearn did not pay big amount. I invested 550$ on 14% compound 80 days and now they did not pay big amount at the end. Just scam video to encourage and convince you to deposit in here

    1. Michael Ichatte,can you convince us by sending an evidence to prove your claming?
      Because i talked with the supporter of the site and they never accept except showing the proof and details!
      Please send me them on Whatsapp:

    1. Look like Luxearn is a scam platform. Not paying since 25.12.2018… but you can join this one is paying but at a smaller rate and you can try this link

  8. i will thanks to you if you help to me and give me this software or programs to help me in trade
    I am on WhatsApp

  9. to my surprise luxearn is listed on austrilia sec website:

  10. Hi Sir, I’m Mr Justin from DRC, Could you please guide me and provide me more informations related with FOREX EA which you are using? Kindly guide me in FOREX whattsapp is:+243993810749

      1. hi,
        how much did you invest in Luxrean?
        didnt you report this website as a scam to stop it?
        whould you please guide me.
        It is my Whatsapp number:

        1. I tried to invest 550$ to big amount for long-term after 3 months. They did not pay and they ask me to invest more 50% of this return. The batch is empty!!!

          1. I will be thankful to send me the evidences if possible.
            Because it will be great for all new users like me that started to invest in this site.
            Please do that for me
            Thank you

        2. Thank you for your answer my friend.
          Did they tell you To invest half of your benefit to get the profit or they never pay you out and just said you have to refund on your own again?
          So,finally did you take your money?
          Why is this company working yet?
          Havnt you informed the HYIP monitors about what happened to you?
          Do you have any evidence to show them?from your conversations or emails or your plan.
          Thank you again🙏🏻

  11. Hi There, I have been part of the 1.1% per day program on and have been getting it regularly. I also see that there are 78 HYIP which are reviewing this website. I have never seen any thing like NOT PAYING rather all the monitoring HYIPs are telling PAYING 93 and Waiting 1

    However i appreciate your review as well where the long term profit promises are high like 1400% per month. My answer to that is because i am using a small FOREX EA which has made me 15000% in 18 months and i havent changed the lot size of it as well. I could have done that but i did not . Therefore the high profits are there and it is possible

    1. Hi Sir, Can you please guide me and provide me information related with FOREX EA which you are using. I have been through a lot of scam websites which proves to be a failure. Kindly guide me in FOREX EA.

    2. hello my friend
      I am Mojtaba and trying to find a trustable company to invest in.
      is Luxrean really paying?
      I want to choose the %21 daily 40 business day plan(Minimum investment is $600).
      do you suggest me to do thst?
      Thank you
      it is my Whatsapp number:
      please he;p me in this

      1. hello Mojtaba i don”t advice you to invest in this platform since there alot of redflags which shows this website is really not worth investing. Yes its possible to make good profit in this trading world but most certainly not with crypto related percentage hyip companies and looking at the volatility in the crypto market makes it imposible to guarantee such returns. i am an investment advisor as well as a trader and i have comed across alot of such platforms which at the end scammed me, am into other programs now yielding me stable and consistent profits for two months now and i have another oftware which gives me upto 400 percent some months. yees there are good programs and EA out there but you just need to be well directed

        1. That is kind of you my friend,
          Thanks for your advise,
          How can you help me in this?
          Can you redirect me into those programs you talked about?
          It is my phone number:
          I am on WhatsApp
          Thank you

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