Review - Scam Review is a financial firm which claims to replace your salary if you choose to invest with them. They state that majority of their client soon after starting to invest with them quit their 9 to 5 jobs and are supposedly enjoying their lives without any financial restraints.

We have seen soothing scripts like this one before and decided to investigate their platform to find everything we can about them. After we were done with the investigation, we can boldly say that this platform is a sales page in disguise and is guaranteed to loot the clients whenever they please.

To save yourself from losing money and to know how fraudulent schemes like these work continue reading our full review.

License and Support

Trading is a risk aggressive venture wherein the potential risk is more than the reward if an individual is not careful enough. In the past many people have lost their savings and funds to the market which is why government authorities started to regulate these type of activities. is an ICO, this firm raises money in an efficient manner by creating mutual benefit for both the parties. They trade using the investors money and mine cryptocurrencies. The investors are rewarded based upon the contract they buy.

The major red flag found about this service is that they are not registered by FCA thereby we know that they are in direct violation of law. In their promotional video the narration says that this company is registered but fail to provide any details to verify that, he was obviously bluffing.

Usually fraud companies do everything they can to convince you into sending them money but never let your greed control you and use common sense as a moment of patience will save a lot of money. Here are the contact information provided on their website.

Address – Suite 11012 South Bridge, Edinborough, Scotland, EH1 1DD, United Kingdom

Email –

Phone – +44 7441393068

How does work ?

This platform supposedly covers all the major financial instruments. They claim to be involved simultaneously in cryptocurrency trading, forex trading and bitcoin mining. It is a well known tactic of scams to feature more assets which have little to no co-relation so that they appear appealing to investors of all kinds.

If you scan thoroughly their entire website then also you will not have a slight clue about what they are planning to do with the funds or how it is allocated between the 3 sectors. Any plans regarding their trading strategy is not discussed and as we could not find any trading history of accounts handled by these so called professional bankers and traders, we can’t believe anything they say.

Also the investors are not told about what makes this firm to be unaffected by the risks of the markets. With regards to mining, all the important details are kept confidential which makes things even more suspicious.

The location details of the data centers and the specifications of the machinery they employ are not mentioned. Is it worth taking a chance with them after seeing all the above factors ?

Profits Advertised

There is only one investment plan offered on their website. They claim to generate returns of 10% each day using auto-traders. In the volatile markets like cryptocurrencies and forex, it is impossible to achieve progress as they advertise. Let us assume for a moment that by some means hook or crook this company is capable of generating 300% ROI, why would they offer it for free to the public instead of keeping the technique for themselves ? - Referral Commissions

The simple logic behind their narration is that they are trying to emotionally sell you their service. No one has made money with them except the people running this scam and we are certain that you do not want to join them.

Domain Whereabouts

A search on revealed that this domain was registered on 02/07/2018 which means this service is relatively new and it expires after one year. Due to the fact that their website is new, we do not have the required amount of data to draw any bias as to what regions they are targeting but thanks to we know that this website has a global rank of 7,257,009.

Can I trust ?

We highly discourage that,

On what basis does these fraudsters deserve our trust or even qualify for benefit of doubt. They have their hidden agendas behind everything they have shown. Even thee pleasing testimonials on their website is fake and these user profiles are all bogus.

How can any reputable service justify putting fake comments on their website which intentionally is done to earn the faith of the potential investors ? Review Conclusion

We are now seeing the strongest bull economy wherein everyone wants a piece of the action. Before you start investing or trading any instrument which you like do not rush things instead spend some time on getting knowledge about that. Always there will be scams in the online world and despite what governments do the loophole is too big.

So avoid interacting with unregulated firms and whenever someone promises you mystical profits which according to them will make you quit your job instantly, be calm and walk away because without putting any efforts nothing will happen.

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  1. gavin

    they are n scam they let you make money on the first 5 trades then they don’t pay you out and they don’t answer on the chat site.they block you

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