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Agro Power is a new type of investment program which as the name suggests revolves around the agricultural world. They claim to generate around 2.1% returns per day up to 6,000% after 30 days and they even guarantee it.

If you have any reasonable interaction with the markets or the economy as a whole, then you can already sniff the fake narrative a mile away. Unfortunately, there are a lot of innocent newbies who believe in these deceptive platforms and learn the lesson after a heavy financial loss.

Join us in this review wherein we will show you the exact way, this fraud scheme operates along with the persuasion tactics they use. Agro Power Review

Legality and Customer Support

Any firm which raises money from the public should adhere to the local laws and they should hold appropriate licenses. This company claims to be based in the UK and as such they should be under the radar of FCA.

However, there is no clue about them on the database of the Financial Conduct Authority. So, it clearly means that, they are against the law and are using fake stories regarding their whereabouts while looting the public.

The funny thing about their customer support is the fact that, the only way to reach them is via their support form. Ask yourself, isn’t it strange for a company which allegedly generates 6,000% to operate without providing basic telephone assistance?

Looks like these crooks were on a skimpy budget.

Agro Power Operational Model

Agro Power claims to make money via modernisation of the agricultural sector. In their About Us section, they talk about the fertility of the soil and the effects of effective optimization. However, they have completely left out the part which explains the cash flow.

We do not know the location of their farms or their chain of buyers and sellers. Since, they are a new company which began its operations couple of months ago, there isn’t any social proof as well.

Agriculture without doubt is the backbone of every economy, but it is certainly not as profitable as these crooks portray. Online investing has become a major concern in recent times due to the number of frauds present.

So, to be on the safer side, always deal with exchanges which have proper documents and leave a trial of positive testimonials on the web.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 6 investment plans currently on offer at their platform. As a rule of thumb, to make higher returns, they push the investors towards spending more upfront capital.

Have a look at their popular plans, isn’t it nothing short of a miracle?

Plan 1

Returns – 3.5% Daily

Duration – 55 Days

Minimum Investment – $20,000

Plan 2

Returns – 1,000%

Duration – 60 Days

Minimum Investment – $20,000

Plan 3

Returns – 6,000%

Duration – 120 Days

Minimum Investment – $200,000

Referral Program

The sole reason why many scams thrive in the online world is because of affiliate program. Owners of this organisation are paying enormous amount of commission to the promoters to bring more investors on board.

Since, revenue and the number of investors always correlate, both the parties will make money at the expense of the clients. If you encounter any positive review about this illegal platform, then chances are you are being misguided and led to believe in false narratives.

In short, the promoters are making money by causing a dent in your pocket.

Domain Insight

Here are the list of key details regarding this domain. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 20/03/2019

Expiry – 20/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 804,499

Rank in Brazil – 53,953

Audience Geography – Brazil, Venezuela, India, United States and Russia.

Ponzi Scheme

On the homepage of this platform, there is a section which shows recent transactions. At first, it might make you believe that, this whole operation is legit and transparent. However, the actual scenario is completely different. Agro Power Fake Statistics

These crooks feature withdrawal screenshots only to appeal to the investor community. Some of those transactions might have been processed, but it does not mean they are a reliable firm.

The only way they could afford to pay some clients is because of their ponzi operational model. They are heavily reliant on their capability to find new victims to fuel their scheme to last for long. Eventually, one fine day they will flee away with all the investor’s money and leave nothing but misery to everyone involved.

Agro Power Review Conclusion

Agro Power is yet another high yield investment program with a slightly different narrative. They are anonymous and are capable of making the best out of newbie’s greed. Their explanation is vague and the only ones to fall prey for that will be the most gullible of people.

Making money fast is a dream for many of us, but whenever those kind of offers are put in front of you, make sure to analyze before you take any action. After all, the online world is full of cheap get rich quick schemes.

If you have any experience with Agro Power, We invite you forward to share them with us below.


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