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Bit Train advertise itself as an ultimate solution which enables you to make money on complete autopilot. However, they fail to provide any tangible proof to support their statement. They claim to generate returns of up to 832% returns in a couple of years.

These numbers might sound intriguing, but do not let the fantasy world and greed blind you from seeing the truth. In addition to all these miseries, the details about the owners are also unknown.

In short, investing with them means, the chances of getting back your money is very slim. If you are considering to indulge with this firm, then we highly suggest you to go through this review to know everything about them.

Bit Train Review

Company and Support Team

Every firm and ICO has to hold proper legal documents before it becomes operational. Though, this firm claims to be regulated and has its own coins to offer to the clients, their claims are bogus.

We ran a search across all the major regulatory authorities and the results were disappointing. This firm is not overseen by any government authority which means they can manipulate the prices along with carrying unethical practises.

If you need to contact the support team of this firm, it can be done via email only. Most of the legit investment firm ensure to give the top most service for their clients which includes all the perks like live chat, telephone assistance, etc.

With regard to this platform, the only reason for them to communicate using email only is to stay anonymous. Here are the contact details put up by them.

Address – 456 Tirana Business Park, Rinas Road, Tirana | Albania

Email –

Bit Train Operational Model

Bit Train is allegedly active in cryptocurrency and forex trading. Cryptocurrency is the new asset class which is quickly gaining immense popularity and has already made a lot of people rich. However, it does not mean that, everyone will make money by trading or investing in them.

This company claims to use some sort of artificial intelligence software in their decision making progress, but fail to provide any proof to enhance their credibility. We do not know any of the statistics of their so called expert trading software.

There is no information available about the employees or the traders working for them. In addition to all these things, there is no trading history shown by them which means there is no sort of hard data to support their claims.

Trading has bought fortune to many individuals, but for the majority of the people it is the other way around. If you encounter any firm which makes exciting claims like these and doesn’t have anything to show for it, then please stay away from them.

Returns Advertised

The profit they allegedly generate is said to be ranging from 8% weekly to more than 800% every 2 years. If their claims were actually legit, then they surely wouldn’t be going around the web, asking for other people’s money.

Moreover, think analytically for a moment, if they were so confident about their system, why aren’t they offering a demo account? Most of the transparent and legit platforms offer free trial so that customers can get used to their interface before committing with their capital.

Take a look at their investment plans, isn’t it ridiculous? Bit Train Investment Plans

Referral Program

Ponzi schemes and marketing always goes hand in hand. After all, the more victims they are able to reach, the more revenue they will make. The owners of this organisation clearly understand the world of online marketing and have used it effectively.

They pay the affiliates high commissions for every client they refer to their platform. Naturally, in order to make more money the promoters create fake reviews and channels to create hype and attract the public.

If you land on any website which has positive content about them, then it clearly means they are fooling you.

Domain Insight

Though, we were unable to find the details about the mastermind behind this operation. Below are the key details about their website which we found using and

Domain –

Registered On – 05/07/2018

Expiry – 05/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 234,160

Rank in South Africa – 2,415

Audience Geography – South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Swaziland and Botswana

Fake Narratives and Anonymity

This platform claims to offer their own coins and even have a road map as well. For the unsuspecting eyes, this might make them seem legit. However, the facts suggest otherwise.

The things shown in the road map are completely vague and are not any kind of notable accomplishment. There is a section on their website wherein they have linked out to the owners and founders of their organisation. Bit Train Alleged Founders

Unfortunately, there are no social profiles in the description section and there are no images of these personalities. Given their nature of operation along with lack of transparency, it is definitely a huge red flag.

Bit Train Review Conclusion

Bit Train is nothing more than a ponzi or pyramid scheme. They do not have anything in common with the markets. These type of crooks creative convincing narratives and collect money from people by promising them huge returns.

While they might have processed some withdrawals, for the vast majority of clients, these criminals will leave them high and dry. If you were lucky enough to get back your money, then never dare to gamble with them again.

It is just a matter of time before their scheme will crumble to pieces.

Have you lost money to Bit Train Ponzi Scheme? If yes, then feel free to share your experience below.


  1. Bri Bry

    I’m making good $$$$$$$$ in BitTrain…
    I invested $1,000 and I make 24,000 in 9 weeks…
    I got SCAM
    S sure
    C cash
    A and Continuously
    M making $$$$$$

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