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Alpha Intelect is a new investment firm which claims to enable it’s users to earn 4% returns on a daily basis. They are said to be using some sort of artificial intelligence technology which apparently is the reason for their huge success rate.

Most of the beginners will be jumping onto their platform due to their irresistible marketing skills. However, do not let your impulsiveness blind you.

When we conducted a review on their platform, the number of factors which indicate that, they are a scam went up exponentially. Before dealing with them in any way, make sure to go through our review to understand their actual filthy nature. Alpha Intelect Review

Company, Legality and Customer Support

All the firms in the UK which deals with the money of the public has to be overseen by the FCA. This firm features an incorporation certificate on their website, but do not fall under the notion that, they are legit.

The crooks behind this scam have shown these certificates only to make you place your trust in them. We checked the database of the FCA and as expected, there is no information about this firm.

In short, they are 100% scam and if anyone indulges with them, then he or she will definitely lose their money. The investors can reach the customer support via email only.

Do not expect any special assistance from them, because they are known to handle the customers in the most unprofessional way possible.

How does Alpha Intelect Function?

Alpha Intelect claims to be active in trading and funding new projects. The amount of information they showcase on both the matters are insufficient. We as investors do not know the trading methodology they use or the list of indicators and parameters they employ.

Since they have not shown any verifiable history, there is nothing to back up their statements in the first place. Trading using algorithms or robots is not new. Moreover, using robots does not necessarily guarantee you returns.

Just like all the trading systems out there, even algo trading also has certain limitations. As far as investing in other companies is considered, they have failed to give any reliable data as well.

For starters, we don’t know what criterias they use to judge the efficiency and dollar worth of the business. In short, the business model of this firm is not transparent and reliable.

Investment Plans and Profit Claims

The profits advertised by them range from 2% to 4% per day. These figures at first might seem small. However, do not let those fool you into thinking that it is achievable. 4% per day means over 1,400% returns.

In other words, it is 14 times your initial investment. Check out their investment packages, isn’t it a little far fetched?

Plan 1

Returns – 3% Daily

Duration – 365 Days

Minimum Deposit – $500

Plan 2

Returns – 3.5% Daily

Duration – 365 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3,000

Plan 3

Returns – 4% Daily

Duration – 365 Days

Minimum Deposit – $10,000

Referral Program

This firm knows how to handle their marketing campaigns in an pocket friendly manner. They offer revenue share to their promoters which enables them to acquire clients and increase their customer base without spending a dime. Alpha Intelect Referral Program

Since the affiliates get paid only when an investor makes a deposit, they are creating fake reviews and vlogs to convince the public. In short, if you see any channel with a positive content with a referral link, then chances are he or she is misleading you.

So, always make sure to indulge only with regulated exchanges only and never entertain these type of scams.

Domain Whereabouts

We were unsuccessful in finding the details of the creators of this domain. Nonetheless, here are the details which showcase certain key point to note about their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 07/02/2019

Expiry – 07/02/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 367,456

Rank in Russia – 35,441

Audience Region – Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Netherlands and Ukraine

Fake Statistics and Narratives

According to the statistics counter on their website. They supposedly have more than 4,500 investors. However, note that this information is clearly not true. Alpha Intelect Fake Narrative

Most of the scams feature fake statistics only to seem like a bigger institution in front of the newbies and convince them to send their money. If this firm was truly legit, then why are they so hesitant to share the details of the owners and the employees.

The person who appears on their promotional video is just an actor who is reading a script. Ask yourself, will you trust a company which hides their true identity?

Moreover, think logically, why would they hide so many details from us unless they have something shady going on?

Alpha Intelect Review Conclusion

Alpha Intelect is a fake trading solution which will only make their investors poor. Do not fall for their fancy marketing methods, instead understand that, trading is a real business which requires a unique skill set.

They follow ponzi business model which enables them to pay some of their client base. However, due to the ever present flaw in their work frame, they will crumble very soon.

It is safe to say that we all like to make money without putting in much efforts, but at the end of the day, it is nothing more than a dream. Whenever you encounter offers which are way too good, run for the mountains for your own good.

Have you lost money to Alpha Intelect? Feel free to share your feedback with us below.


  1. Jeff

    Legalcfd a scam site.thieves, scum,they threatened me,blackmailed me into taking down a neg review of them 2 weeks ago.believe me they r nothing more than modern day hi tech lying pricks with no morality.spare yourselves the emotional and financial pain and do not waste your hard earned money by believing or investing with this shit company.dylan grey and co you belong in jail.scambitcoin you need to re visit your review of a few weeks ago and blacklist these arseholes.

  2. Morris


    You’ve just come in time to save me because I had blindly believed in there certificate without trying to find out more and was about to start off with them.

    Thanks so much for the timely info.

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