AirBit Club Review ( – Obvious Fraud

AirBit Club is an alleged high frequency trading institution which is going viral in certain regions of the world. Their presentation is top notch and that might have been the reason as to why many investors fell prey to them.

They claim to be holding all the necessary licenses, but that is a false claim. The world of finance is ever growing and the newbies might often tangle themselves with firms like these who offer a royal road to riches.

So, to save yourself from a ton of regrets, go through our review to find the truth about this organisation. AirBit Club Review

Company, Legality and Customer Support

Firms which offer high risk investment products to the retail clients are subject to strict regulation all over the world. Usually, a registration certificate from the UK is a sign of reputation.

However, that does not guarantee you the safety of the funds. This platform claims to be lawfully under the radar of the FCA and even have the courage to provide an incorporation certificate.

We ran a search to validate their claims and the end result is concerning to say the least. They are not under the radar of the FCA and to put it in legal terms, they are frauds. The only mode of communication between this company and the clients is through email.

Isn’t it strange to see a firm operating in such a mysterious manner? Seems like these crooks couldn’t afford to offer telephone assistance. Here are the contact details of this company.

Address – 78A, Fouberts Place West Central, London, United Kingdom, W1F 7PQ.

Email –

AirBit Club Operational Model

AirBit Club supposedly makes money via trading cryptocurrency and investing in blockchain products. To many people their narrative might be convincing enough to justify investing money with them. However, they are not showing you the complete picture.

First of all, they have not shown any track record of their accomplishments. Usually most reputable firms feature the details of the fund managers and trading history in order to remain transparent.

This firm has done nothing like that which means sending money to them is just like gambling, the chances of you getting them back is too little. High frequency trading uses quant trading strategies.

The use of high end computers and specific algorithms is present and not everyone can profit easily from it. In short, nothing in the world of trading guarantees easy money and if anyone is promising you otherwise, then it’s time to get away from them. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Investment Plans and Profits

There are 4 investment plans currently on offer at their website. The returns range from 9% per day to 250% after 5 days. These numbers might sound exciting to the newbies. However, every professional knows that, these type of numbers are unsustainable over the long run. AirBit Club Investment Plans

Think for a minute, if their claims were indeed true, then why would they offer it for free? Moreover, if you pull out the compounding calculator, at the rate they allegedly generate returns, anyone can invest with them and become a billionaire within a year. Does that sound logical to you?

Referral Program

The main source of new clients for this firm is brought in by their referral program. The owners of this platform gives huge incentives for the affiliates to create hype by publishing fake and positive reviews.

The commission percentage depends upon the number of people they bring on board. Remember, they are known to use unethical ways of marketing to get more sales. In short, they will go to extreme lengths to convince you into making the deposit.

Moreover, if the promoters outperform, then they are given special bonuses and perks as well. Due to the clear conflict of interest present, stay away from anyone working for this institution.

Fake Testimonials and Payment Proof

Testimonials are the online business way of proving themselves. After all, customer satisfaction is important for every firm. This platform features a lot of favorable comments on their homepage. AirBit Club Fake Testimonials

Unfortunately, they have not put up the links to the social media profiles. So, there is no way to verify the existence of those people. Moreover, a simple google search will reveal that, all the images shown are stock photos.

Ask yourself, why would they put up fake comments on their own service unless something shady is happening behind the scenes?

They also showcase payment proof in the form of withdrawal screenshots. Almost all of the transaction shown by them appears to be from bogus profiles. In short, do not blindly trust any information on their website.

Domain Details

Below are the generic details of their website and domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 26/09/2018

Expiry – 26/09/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 56,031

Rank in Japan – 2,209

Target Audience – Japan, Iran and South Korea

AirBit Club Review Conclusion

AirBit Club is a fancy trading related scam which is looting people in broad daylight. Since the creators of this firm are unknown, the chances of them getting caught is low.

Moreover, as they are not under the radar of the regulatory body, they will flee away once they have made enough money. So, regardless of what kind of narrative they might come up with, be in your senses and say no to them.

If you ever indulge with them, then know that at the end of the day, only they will get rich and not you.

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