Earn Hourly BTC Review – Silly Swindle

Earn Hourly BTC is a two month old investment platform which has been nothing, but chaotic experience for the investors. This platform is operating in an illegal manner and are looting the unsuspecting victims in a new manner.

They promise returns of up to 800% per minute. While the vast majority of the people can recognize that, these claims are false. Unfortunately, there are still people who believe in the narrative that, cryptos are the fastest way to riches.

The internet is full of make money online scams with slight difference in their approach. Read our full review to know how to distinguish them and why you need to stay away from it. Earn Hourly BTC Review

Company, Certificates and Support

In the past, any fund management service operating from London meant it had somewhat of a big reputation. However, in the modern era, the physical location has lost any sort of preference.

The firms which raises money from the public should always be under the radar of their local regulatory bodies. This company claims to be a registered entity and even provides the incorporation certificate.

Most people will tend to believe in those certificates, but the reality is that, they are bluffing. They are not overseen by the FCA in any manner and that puts them in direct violation of law.

Moreover, they only communicate with the clients through email only. Clearly, they are trying to remain as anonymous as possible and that is a huge red flag.

Earn Hourly BTC Business Model

Earn Hourly BTC claims to be an active investor in the crypto sphere. They supposedly have a team of fund managers who analyse the trade set ups and the ICO’s which have huge upside potential.

For a beginner, these sleazy explanation might be convincing enough, but we can easily see through them. For starters, the way they analyze risk and diversify portfolio is unknown.

The kind of parameters they use in their prediction model is also a mystery. Moreover, they have not shown any verifiable trading history on their website. So, on what basis can anyone trust them?

Cryptocurrency is the future of money and the early adopters will be rewarded. However, that does not mean everyone will become rich just by participating. Do not jump onto any platform because of the hype, if you don’t know the basics, then it’s always better to avoid it.

Investment Plans and Capital Requirement

2017 was the year wherein the whole world went crazy over the cryptocurrencies. When the Bitcoin saw a glimpse of $20,000, many people taught, this might be the ticket to wealth.

However, the following crash that occurred proved once again that, trading is not for everyone. Just because the boom of cryptocurrency made many people rich, many scammers use this narrative to lure people in. Earn Hourly BTC Investment Plans

This platform promises investors up to 800% per minute. Through compounding, you can become a billionaire in a matter of 1 hour at this rate. Now, does that sound real to you? No, right?

Affiliate Program

This platform makes most of their revenue from the affiliate marketing model. In simple words, they pay fat commissions to any person who is willing to drive traffic to their website and offers.

Though, there is nothing wrong with the affiliate marketing model in general, these crooks have turned everything to their liking. The main reason behind the positive reviews on this platform is this conflict of interest.

In short, if anyone is forcing you or suggesting you to join them, then they are profiting from misleading you. So, to be on the safer side, never give them your credit card details.

Domain Insight

Thanks to whois.com and alexa.com, here are the details of the demographics targeted by this website.

Domain – EarnhourlyBTC.com

Registered On – 03/04/2019

Expiry – 03/04/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 97,709

Rank in Russia – 16,821

Target Audience – Russia, Iran and Brazil

Fake Testimonials

There are a ton of cheerful comments and testimonials on their platform. The sad part is that, none of them are from real clients. Many scams feature these kind of fake social proof to gain the trust of the investors.

All the user profiles are untraceable which means, there is no proof to support their achievements whatsoever. More importantly, if there were really reputable, then why would they lie their performance?

Remember lack of transparency with no tangible proof are the traits of a scam.

Earn Hourly BTC Review Conclusion

Earn Hourly BTC is a ponzi scam which is going to bite the dust soon. Everything they say is either partially true or outright false. The owner details are unknown and the staff of this organisation are also not on anyone’s radar.

A lot of investors are already regretting their decision and the chances of them getting back their money is very slim. So, stay away from them and do not proceed to interact with any unregulated companies.

Are you a victim of EarnhourlyBTC.com Scam? Feel free to share your opinion and feedback by leaving a comment below.


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