Gold China Pro Review – Fancy Scam!

Gold China Pro is a new Bitcoin mining platform which seems to be getting a lot of traction on the web. They showcase an incorporation certificate on their site and allegedly have insurance in place as well.

The participants with little to no experience in the financial sector might find their narrative extremely convincing. However, the truth is entirely opposite and terrifying.

Amount of misinformation on their platform is mind blowing. So, to know and understand their real intentions, go through our full review. Gold China Pro Review

Company and Support

All the firms in the UK are required to be under the radar of the FCA. The law governing the financial sector is strict and there are no exceptions to it. Nowadays, the number of online investing scams are on a record high.

So, it is the duty of every investor to make sure that they are dealing with entities with proper legal certificates. This platform has put up some sort of registration certificate on their website. However, that does not mean they are legit in any way.

We ran a background search on them and found out that, they are bluffing about their legal status. The only way this firm interacts with the public is through email. Ask yourself, have you ever seen an investment fund operating without having a proper customer service in place?

The reason behind them maintaining anonymity is obvious, they just want to avoid criminal prosecution.

Gold China Pro Business Model

Gold China Pro claims to be a part of major financial markets such as forex, cryptos and stocks. They are supposedly experts in trading short time horizons. The exact strategies they use are unknown and there are no trading history to shown their previous performance reports.

Since they focus on different asset class, the information about their liquidity providers should be put up on their site, but even that is missing. Markets has brought riches to many traders. However, without knowing the correct parameters and skill set, the odds will be against you.

Trading short term charts are lucrative, but it is not an easy task that anyone can do. Moreover, if they were truly legit, then why don’t they offer a trial period or a demo account?

The answer is simple, they do not have anything which brings value to the investors.

Investment Plans and Profits

There are a wide range of investment plans on offer at their website. Just like most of the scams, they push their clients towards spending more capital for higher and quicker returns.

We can all agree that, everyone wants to get rich quick, but the question is, is it really possible? The top hedge funds till date rarely achieve more than 25% ROI per year.

If the trading professionals can’t sustain any number bigger than that, then they are statically impossible to reach it. Have a look at their plans, aren’t they simply a fantasy? Gold China Pro Investment Plans

Affiliate Program

This program offers an opportunity to earn commission to anyone who is willing to drive traffic to their website. The promoters are given huge incentives along with perks every now and then.

Affiliates working for this firm does not have any ethical values and will use any way to trick the public into depositing their money. So, the conflict of interest is obvious and that is definitely not the way any legal entity would work.

If you come across any positive reviews or comments about this scheme, then do yourself a favour by ignoring it.

Domain Details

Take a look at the kind of demographics being targeted by the owners of this firm. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 12/06/2019

Expiry – 12/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 651,288

Rank in Iran – 24,484

Target Audience – Iran, Brazil and Canada

Fake Profiles and Narratives

On their homepage, these so called geniuses have featured the details of the employees. Transparency is a key element of every business. After all, the amount of trust the public has in a company is directly in correlation with the fund raising for the ventures. Gold China Pro Stock Photos

All the images shown on their platform are stock photos and are attached to bogus user profiles. They are clearly creating a false reputation around themselves which is unjustifiable.

Ask yourself, why would they lie about their employees unless something behind the scenes is happening? There are a few withdrawal screenshots on their website, but those are all fake too. So, do not give them the benefit of the doubt and stay away from them for your own good.

Gold China Pro Review Conclusion

The world of blockchain is developing rapidly and undergoing mass adoption. At the early stages of every implementation, price of the assets will be volatile and profitable for the people who position themselves early.

However, the only key to make money over the long term is skill and education. If anyone promises you otherwise, then you might not want to indulge with them.

As far as this ponzi scheme is considered, do not take the risk of sending them your money. They might pay some of the clients in the initial days, but eventually will leave you high and dry.

Have you lost money to Feel free to share your opinions by commenting below.


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