Bitcoin-Finder Review – Can You Trust This Mining Operation? is a pathetically engineered Bitcoin cloud mining operation. The number of grammatical errors found on the site is beyond embarrassing, it is almost as if Bitcoin Finder was created by a band of middle schoolers. While not much information pertaining to this alleged Bitcoin cloud mining operation is disclosed, investors can easily deduce that Bitcoin Finder looks like a shady mining operation.

Throughout this brief yet comprehensive review, we will investigate into the murky depths of the Bitcoin-Finder operation and enlighten you with reason as to why this phony Bitcoin cloud mining site should not be trusted. - BitcoinFinder

What is Bitcoin-Finder?

Nothing of significant value can be found on the Bitcoin-Finder About Us page. Sure they mention a few tidbits about how “this company” was founded near the end of 2014, but no identifying features or corporate entity is ever revealed to us. As with most untrustworthy cryptocurrency operations, the creators behind provide as vague of details as possible and includes more information pertaining to the operational aspect of Bitcoin-Finder.

The only authentic information we are provided regarding an identifying feature would be the email address ( While they provide a company address of 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US a Google Maps search will reveal that this provided location is actually incorrect and delivers you to a Chase corporate building. Contradictory to their company address, below they mention that you can visit their company in Iceland. So now the corporate address is in Iceland and not the United States? - Contact Details

Promises and Features

No ridiculous ROIs or guarantees can be found anywhere on the site. As Bitcoin-Finder’s appearance suggests, this site is simply just a Bitcoin cloud mining destination, but no promises of returns are ever asserted. The only assertion we could find on the site would be how they claim to host over 500,000 people on their site, when in reality last month they didn’t even come close to reaching half that visitor count.

Can I Trust Bitcoin-Finder?

The con-artists behind Bitcoin-Finder are doing everything in their power to remain an anonymous service. Providing zero identifying information about their owners or corporate entity while not bothering to provide a Terms and Conditions page is a serious red flag in our books. Take into consideration the pitiful spelling mistakes and how no mention or guarantees of ROIs are disclosed on the site and it become beyond obvious that Bitcoin-Finder is not a trustworthy operation.

Bitcoin-Finder Complaints is a relatively new and feeble Bitcoin cloud mining scam, which has enabled this operation to fly under the radar. Most cryptocurrency investors with a shred of experience in the Bitcoin domain can infer for themselves that this operation is one that cannot be trusted.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The blatant lack of ownership, predicted ROIs and numerous spelling errors should be evidence enough that Bitcoin-Finder is not a credible cloud mining operation. Providing deceptive corporate addresses while failing to clarify who is responsible for this operation is most ominous of Bitcoin-Finder.

Bitcoin-Finder Review Conclusion

If you are searching for legitimate Bitcoin mining sites to generate real earnings, make sure you only invest with verified and fully transparent operations. Operations such as Bitcoin-Finder are plentiful and will mostly likely just resort to the theft of your deposited bitcoins. Never forget that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and most difficult to acquire back so always invest with caution.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin-Finder is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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